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What is Sanguine, Choleric & Melancholy?

Let’s Have Fun With Popular Sanguine

The lift of joy in times of trouble
The touch of innocence in a jaded era
The word of wit when we’re weighted down
The lift of humor when we’re heavyhearted
The ray of hope to blow away our black cluds
The enthusiasm and energy to start over and over again
The creativity and charm to color a drab day
The simplicity of a child in complex situations

Let’s Get Moving With Powerful Choleric

The firm control when others are losing theirs.
The cut of decision for foggy minds.
The grip of leadership to head us to the good
The willingness to take a chance in a doubtful situation.
The confidence to hold true in the face of ridicule.
The independence to stand alone and be counted.
The road map to life when we’re gone astray
The urge to ‘take arms against a sea of troubles and, by opposing, end them.’

Let’s Get Organized With Perfect Melancholy

The depth to see into the heart and soul of life.
The artistic nature to appreciate the beauty of the world.
The talent to create a masterpiece where nothing existed before.
The ability to analyze and arrive at the proper solution
The eye for detail while others do shoddy work.
The aim to finish what they start.
The pledge,”If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.”
The desire to “do all things decently and in order.”

And…let’s not forget another personality trait…

Let’s Relax With Peaceful Phlegmatic

The stability to stay straight on course.
The patience to put up with provokers.
The ability to listen, while others have their say.
The gift of mediation, uniting opposite forces.
The purpose of peace at almost any price.
The compassion to comfort those hurting.
The determination to keep your head, while all around are losing theirs.
The will to live in such a way that even your enemies can’t find anything bad to say about you.

So..which one suits you most?

**Many thanks to Florence Littauer,”Personality Plus” (1983) & Kak Ruziah for this book.**

November 28, 2008 - Posted by | Personality in Anything


  1. I’m not sure about the “the talent to create a masterpiece” but yup..i think i’m Perfect Melancholy..!

    Comment by SOHO Mama | December 2, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hi there! Thanks for dropping by. About yours personality trait, hemm..sometimes it can be a mixture of other traits as well. If you’re interested to know more, can try to find the book

    Comment by Hanz | December 3, 2008 | Reply

  3. hanz, thank for the book reference. will try to find & read it later… still 'struggling' to finish my latest book. izinkan saya meng'quote'nya dalam blog saya boleh? bab melancholy….

    Comment by nelcyndana | May 18, 2009 | Reply

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