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Love to read : Techniques on instill a love of reading

  1. Encourage speech. Talk to little babies, even before they can respond. When young children want something, let them ask instead of rushing to do their bidding immediately.

  1. Starts with storytelling. Looking at a book together can be a pleasurable experience even when a child is very young. Choose a time when your little one is in the right mood. Make it pleasurable. Hold the child close and make the session short. When he has had enough and loses interest, stop at once.

  1. Provide a good example by reading yourself and always have books in the house.

  1. Buy books that small children can handle, such as cloth books and board books.

  1. Expect your child to learn to read by looking at the pictures first. Even this simple activity is quite complicated as the child has to associate a flat picture with a real object, the written word with language and to learn that a book starts from the beginning and goes from left to right.

  1. Good early signs are when he looks at a book spontaneously for a minute or two and when he turns the pages.

  1. If the child has been reading with parents, the child may start to tell the story. Don’t worry if it is not what is written down. The child is beginning to associate language with writing.

  1. Memorising is another early pre-reading stage and is another way to reading.

  1. With young children, always let them set the pace. If a parent pushes and a child senses pressure and anxiety, it will cease to be a pleasurable experience and reject the idea.

  1. Resist the temptation to compare with siblings and friends and be judgmental.

  1. Read regularly with your child, preferably for a short time each day.

  1. Build up confidence and manipulate the situation so that the child succeeds.

  1. Early reading contains a lot of repetition to give the reader practice. Don’t be surprised if your child can recognise a word on one page and not on the next.

  1. If a child cannot read a word at all, get him to read the end of the sentence and then give a guess. Your child can also look at the beginning letter for a clue and look at the picture. If he can’t get it, tell him the word and carry on. Stop now and again and ask what he or she thinks may happen next in the story. Prediction will show that he understands the story line and increases the enjoyment and suspense.

  1. As with any learning experience, consolidation at each stage is essential. Children need to read widely at each level.

  1. There is no hurry. Encourage a lifetime love of reading and they need to assimilate a wide vocabulary and common sentence patterns at each stage. Progressing too quickly leads to poor comprehension. As the books become more difficult, the story becomes more complicated and the child needs to understand and enjoy the storyline.

P/S – Topic to chat on this subject next :- Reading to preschooler

Happy Reading to your loved ones! 😀

April 3, 2009 - Posted by | Early Childhood Education, Hanz in Reading, Parenting in General


  1. Sometimes in the afternoon, after the kids' lunch, when Zuleyka (and sometimes Armand) are napping, kalau I ada nk menghabiskan buku (like lately, Confessions of a Shopaholic..LOL!) I ajak Amsyar & Izzo baca2/tgk2 buku they all sekali..but my efforts are waaayyy less than yours..!My husband was an avid reader..but that was before he got busier with work..and busier with 4 kids hhaaa haa..

    Comment by SOHO Mama | April 3, 2009 | Reply

  2. I wonder if Arianna will be an avid reader? I read all the books in my mom’s place when I was younger, including encyclopedia back to back.I have lotsa kiddies story books (start kumpul dr student days haha), only now I’d have to buy suitable ones for her eg board books.DH isn’t the type to read much -think he rather reads online. Let’s see how LO will turn out.

    Comment by Hanim | April 3, 2009 | Reply

  3. I have made a mistake before, put Ibrahim with loads of baby books and let him look at them himself. RESULT: he screams and screams and screams.Then I realized that he wanted me to read for him (of course, he’s only 10 mths old)..and when I do that, he smiles at me, he looked at the books and thepictures with interest, and sort of repeating what I’ve read topic: Hanz, I’d like to give you a sample of Crazy Momy CD, for u to try and review, any room for improvement. If u r interested, kindly email me ur fulname, adres and fon. Thanks

    Comment by maryaaa | April 4, 2009 | Reply

  4. Millie, U are just right on the track & insya-Allah, your kids will love to read pretty soonHanim, my hubby hates reading, even official letter also he asked me to read it for him! So now he wants me to influence our kids to read, so I just put books everywhere! LOLMaryaa, over-exposed? LOL..he,he..nowadays, so many types of books available & they can be one of kids toys to choose from. I will buy more these toy-books for bb Hambali. Will chat about types of books soon

    Comment by Hanz | April 6, 2009 | Reply

  5. wah bagus ni tipsada beli board book untuk Ziyyad,tapi bukan bace..ade gi gigit plak..saya nak Ziyyad ada sifat suka membaca..

    Comment by Anasfadilah | April 6, 2009 | Reply

  6. Welcome Anasfadhilah. Thank you that you find it useful. Biarlah Ziyyad gigit2, janji dia familiarise himself with books, biar je dia sepah-sepahkan buku…kalau dia dah boleh mengoyak, bagi majalah lama..slowly tanpa marah ajar dia camner nak jaga buku baik2.. :>

    Comment by Hanz | April 6, 2009 | Reply

  7. Good info..Dulu, ada problem jugak.. beli2 buku, abang2 nie koyak.. koyakkan sabar jea la. Geram pun ada.. Tapi lately sejak dah besar, Uwais (my eldest) memang suka pada buku. The second one nie..Uzair memang susah skit..

    Comment by nadnye | April 7, 2009 | Reply

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