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Love to read : Reading to Preschooler

This time round, specially dedicated to read to preschooler. Please take note that reading never stops, even if your child has already independently read, keep on read-aloud to your child. This is what James J.Trelease advises that you can even still read-aloud to your teenager. And, before there is an existence of tv, people read for amusement, news & entertainment, right? Internet is there, but you are still doing what it had been done right? Exactly!! READING my ‘Chat’. ;P

Here is an excerpt or summarisation from one of the topic inside the book by Rachel Goodchild, “The Joy of Reading”.

By now, your child will have enjoyed listening to your reading books to them. They will also experienced many things for the first time & heard thousands of words spoken around them to them. This is the first pre-reading skill your child must have.

What to do?

1) Let your child be surrounded by new experiences. Take them to museums, plays, farm & such. This is a thirst of knowledge that will be fed by books.

2) They will begin to want to read themselves. Tell your child that he or she is a good reader. Confidence is essential for your child to succeed in reading with enjoyment.

3) Show them the letters in their name within the stories you read. At this age some children will begin to identify common words or notice words that start or end the same.

4) Play games like ‘Find the Punctuation Mark’ or ‘Find the same word’. Show your child an example & then ask them to find all the rest of them on the page onwards.

5) Read plenty of rhyming books (macam buku pantun)

6) If a child starts to read you a story, let them do it, incorrect or not. Praise their independence.

7) Familiarity. Practice patience when reading a book for the hundredth time.

8) Books with detailed pictures. These are great way to pull children into concentrating on books. Pictures holds a thousand words.

9) Reasoning. They are able to ask to understand that actions have reactions. This is a good time to begin to extend your child’s comprehension. For example, ask your child how they would feel if they were part of the story. Ask also what action would they take in that circumstances. Question & Answer session can trigger their heart & mind & this leads to both IQ & EQ intelligence. If they don’t know how to answer, give them a range of options rather than just one.

Happy Reading to your Preschooler!

April 8, 2009 - Posted by | Early Childhood Education, Hanz in Reading, Just Preschooler, Parenting in General


  1. hi hanz – thank you for visiting my blog. i’ve added you to my blog roll so i won’t forget your site…i enjoy reading your blog ^_^

    Comment by mye | April 9, 2009 | Reply

  2. Hey Mye, Thanks adding me up. I’ve enjoy reading your too.

    Comment by Hanz | April 10, 2009 | Reply

  3. Good info Hanz! Izzo pun agak slow membaca, especially English! nasib baik jiran I, pengetua tadika dia, nak buat one-on-one tuisyen tiap2 hari Sabtu (lebih kurang sama mcm Amsyar dulu..tapi Amsyar laaagi slow).So I bought him a picture dictionary, where the alphabets are large and have a lot of pictures of things that start with that alphabet. “Homeschool” 🙂

    Comment by SOHO Mama | April 10, 2009 | Reply

  4. salam Hanz..good article sharing.. kakyong pun tengah penin menangani Fikri yg baru 3 tahun ni.. dia ni tak leh nak stay focus on book.. nak main jer, spashly his copter & plane..

    Comment by kakyong | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  5. Millie, bagus ada one-to-one tuition tu, kena cari buku pasal cars, komik pun ok jugak sebenarnya as long they read! :>Boys has the tendency to lack in reading, masa jadi Cikgu dulu, susah betul nak suruh anak murid rajin membaca…budak perempuan senang jer, rajin baca buku cerita…kajian pun dah confirm, girl more to language, boy more to hands-on..LOL

    Comment by Hanz | April 14, 2009 | Reply

  6. Kakyong, cuba cari buku ber-aktiviti pulak, banyak dah ada la ni…huh, rambang mata..contoh pop-up book, lift-the-flap book, wipe-off book, touch & feel book, funny-shaped book.Ed's notes :- insya-Allah, I'll 'chat' on types of books with lotsa pics for mummys to knows that there's more available nowadays than just the standard book. :P(I love 'oogling' at books)

    Comment by Hanz | April 14, 2009 | Reply

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