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Booster for Nursing Moms

I remembered sometime ago I read Sha a.k.a MamaDhea(.D.H.E.A.S.Y.A.)
posting on the new Magnolia Milk with Oat that she had tried…& when we went for our usual monthly grocery shopping at Tesco, I grabbed it while recalling her post. Taste great! Suits me well…

Then, Kakyong (Catatan Ibu) shared that she like eating IKO biscuit & resulting abundant production of Mom’s Precious. Again, at Tesco, recalling her posting on this, I grabbed 2 boxes of that, one is Pumpkin Oat & the other one is Muesli. Yet to be consumption by me. (Errr…I kept forgetting)

Additionally, cashew nut & sunflower seed (kuaci daa) for it before that it aids milk production well, actually most seeds & nuts good for nursing moms. But, please take it moderately…(apa-apa dalam dunia ni pun kena bersederhana, kan?)

Anything to boost the milk production….

P/S – Thank you to Sya & Kakyong for your sharing!

May 14, 2009 Posted by | Breastfeeding, Hanz is up to... | 10 Comments