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Hambali’s 1st Birthday Picnic with June Babies

Thank you to Chin Nee for her invitation & it was Millie aka SOHO-Mama who informed about the Mass Birthday Picnic specially for June Babies.

There were 11 families with June babies ranging from 1 year old to 5 years old. Not all in the above picture though. Actually, we had this Birthday Celebration sort of like a Picnic at the TTDI Park & everybody brought their own food & cutleries.

Hanafi was really enjoying himself playing water & sand in the shallow stream & goodness it was a lovely weather to stay & enjoyed the scenery.

My Beloved Boys

The Birthday Brownies, thanks to Millie.
It’s too pretty to be eaten but once you had a bite,
you would go for second helping as it was delicious!

All the June babies gathered facing the ‘Birthday Cake’ & we sung 3 versions of Birthday Song -English, Malay & Chinese.The candles was only for decorations since we’re unable to lighten it up. Meaning that all fathers were non-smoker! It was bad of me forgetting to prepare the flag stick of Hambali’s name to stick inside the brownies..sorry, Adik! Hu,hu.

How docile Baby Hambali look among other June friends...

Initially, Baby Hambali was reluctant to be walked in the stream as the water was cold but soon he’s getting the hang of it. He even diligently walked by his Mama on the grass.

No wonder they refused to look at the camera when they were supposed to, they were actually ‘looking’ at each other. If only the Mamas can get into both Zuleyka & Hambali’s mind so we both know what they were ‘talking’ about.

Me sempat posing before we’re headed home. Both boys getting grumpy. What to do, they were exhausted. I had to admit I was de-stressed after spending time with my boys & good people. Told dear hubby that we should do this kind of activity often for stress reliever.

We had lunch at Pizza & once we reached home, we just off to bed till 5 in the evening! EXHAUSTED but we had a WONDERFUL time!!

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Farah, Azza, Me & World War

Don’t get fool by my gimmick. Ha! Ha! Farah, Azza & me did’nt get into any brawl.

But, seriously there was a World War Exhibition done by Cempaka School students.

I went out early morning headed to Fabulous Mom first as I had to pick up my order the other day…tempted with colourful array of newly ordered cloth diapers…

As planned, met the gals at The Starbucks at The Curve in noon. Farah treated us drinks. Thank you Farah! Boy, I should have worn high heels as I was too short compared to them & errr…I seriously need to get back to my exercise routine, bet I had put on kilos just looking at how chubby I look in this pic!

The three of us, gals…he,he…both of them brought along their kids but me had the chance being single-mingle on that day while dear hubby had to work (again) & my boys at their Opah’s house. Great meet & chit-chatted.

Farah & her lil Afif

Azza & her lil Airyll

Later as I was still haunting The Curve (patiently waiting dear hubby to fetch me) thought wanted to catch some movie but I was’nt too sure the cinema location…so there was I got some stuff for myself & for the boys..then stumbled the World War II Exhibition

I was soooo exhausted once we’re home sweet home but I still need to prepare some goodies for the next day Birthday Bash

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Charm Striking-Mission-Accomplished Header

I am FULLY SATISFIED! Thanks to Mama Emma.

If you feel like giving some face lifting, eh silap, I mean blog lift-up, contact Mama Emma kay. She can provide satisfying cun punyer makeup blog. 😛

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