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MBP Review for TheHoneyBunch (hanz’s blog)

My turn to be review by Moms Bloggers Planet.

As expected but least expected it will be so soon…(or have I dawdling too much lately?..) Surprise, surprise..he,he..

Here’s the verdict…he, he, cam kat makhamah pulak! 😀 Read on ya..or just hop over to MBP…

Update as of 16th July, 09 @ 6pm:-

Content & Sidebars Colours has been changed from Bright Orange to Lavender.Am in the midst of changing font colour of content to black, formerly white. Thank you to Mama Emma for her assistance.


Charm Chameleon Chatterbox, that’s the tagline written on the header when I visited TheHoneyBunch blog for this review. The header is rather big but nicely decorated with the tagline and pictures of cloth diaper, baby wearing, homeschool, two cups of coffee and the owner breastfeeding her baby.


The owner used a Blogger Template by Lena Toews (based on Douglas Bowman’s Minima).The blog layout is a 3-columned with two sidebars, with a middle content. On the left sidebar, there are a milestone for Hanafi, rss feed button, contest and other banners, awards, link to mommy bloggers, homeschool advocates and online shops, mybloglog widget and google ads.

On the right sidebar, you can find a a milestone for Hambali, some information about the owner, her reading, facebook badge, a shoutbox, labels/categories, archive and recent comments.

For the overall background, the owner uses a multi-coloured pattern and for the content background the owner selected a cheerful orange with mostly white text.

The selected color-scheme fit well with the overall background pattern. But, I would suggest to change the content background to a lighter pastel color and use black text instead. The best is to use white background for content.

Content wise, the owner is doing good for activity by keeping regular posting although it’s not on daily basis. The owner writes about parenting, homeschool, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, early childhood education, her kids and everything that circle around her life. All blog posts are also accompanied by relevant pictures, and more than one in most cases which adds to the interest and appeal of the blog.

I’m giving this blog 4 star rating out of 5. This blog get an excellent for content and above average for uniqueness. Activity, appearance and navigation get average scores. Being a strong supporter of homeschooling and early childhood education, the owner has written really well on these topics. So, if you’re looking for information and guidelines on homeschooling and early childhood education, this is a great blog to refer to.

  1. Content 1.0
  2. Uniqueness 0.8
  3. Activity 0.6
  4. Appearance 0.6
  5. Navigation 0.6

Here’s a suggestion of thing that I think the ownner could do.

  • If the owner would like to add a more professional clean look to her blog, it’s advisable to change the content background to white or lighter pastel color with black text. The owner could keep the multi-colored pattern background, just change the content background only.
  • Navigation could further be improved moving the Archive and Label/Category further up on the sidebar and consider replacing it to “dropdown” style.

That’s all my review on TheHoneyBunch! What do you think about this blog? Leave constructive comments here for Hanz.

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And, for Hanz. Keep up all the good work and happy blogging!

Popularity: 3% [?]


Well? What say you? I’ve been thinking to create another blog to compile all about ‘serious’ stuff I shared such HS, Early Childhoo Education, etc., to separate with my personal life…should I make a poll to see what you favour most out of this blog.

In terms of colours, is it too bright for you? Few people have been telling me, & I really appreciate all your constructive comments. After all it is for you & for me ===SYMBIOSIS..

Please let me know, Chit-Chatters…errr…if happen I have Silent Reader, please emerge yourself..I love to get to know you. Thanks!

And not forgetting Ros aka littlemama of MBP for your very constructive review. Really appreciate it!


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