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Toddler Monthly Notes: Your 14-Month-Old

Water world

Are you looking forward to entertain your toddler? Well, this time toddlers need to empty & fill so that they begin to understand properties of things & practice their fine motor skill. Here’s the unique advantage of water for you: It’s easy to clean up! The following is the simple approach to water play.

Step 1: Place a stepping stool in front of the sink

Step 2: Throw into sink an assortment of plastic spoons and cups

Step 3: Turn on the faucet & fill up the sink, about a third of the way

Step 4: Position your child on the step & over the sink. Observe your child yearning to empty & fill. Cheer his efforts and of course, you’ll need to stand behind him or close by so he won’t topple backward or forward.

There are plenty of other ways to help your toddler experiencing emptying & filling. You can substitute water with rice, breadcrumb, sand. Caution: Don’t leave your toddler alone.Close supervision is a must!

Art Smarts

This age also is a great age to introduce your toddler to non-toxic art mediums such as crayons, paints or play dough. Adding fun through sound such:“Dot!Dot!Dot!” while you show your child how to make dots with a crayon. “Whoosh,whoosh,” you might say as your child takes his swipe with a paintbrush. Just be prepared to patiently redirect your child in case he put his art tool somewhere it is supposed not to be like his mouth or nose and gently persuade him to get back his art tool back to the designated work space.

Too much stuff?

Toys, toys, everywhere toys. With toys all over the place, your toddler may feel over causing him too much & overstimulating play environment may resulted short attention span.

Try rotating toys by putting some away in a closet and spare a few for a week then change with few others for the following week onwards. This way, like missing some of his toys for some time will create his interest to play the same toy over & over again rather you keep buying new toys for your toddler! Another way, try to distribute his collection of toys to different corners of the room so your toddler is not so overwhelmed by playthings all in once.

Hanz’s Note : Hambali is going to be 14 months old next 12th of August, so I simply up this note for availability quick reference.

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Toddler Monthly Notes: Your 13-Month-Old

I believe I have many blogger-friends having a toddler like me now so, from this months onwards, I shall share Monthly Notes on Toddler, extract from my former subscription with (Associated with Sesame Street). Afterall it is for my reference too & if I did’nt post it up here, no surprises to me knowing where it will be ended up, back to those boxes I tucked away in the storeroom! LOL. 😛

I have collected this monthly notes when I became mother for the first time for my firstborn, Hanafi. And now having another boy, this collection of aplenty will always come in handy. The only thing I must do is to be ‘rajin’(effort) to dig those notes in those many files & folders! Okay, read on…

It’s Toddler Time!

It’s time to buy the shoes. Sesame Beginnings suggests you keep these strategies in mind:

** Make sure your child is well fed & rested before you go for shoe hunt.

** Go in the morning to avoid your child getting cranky needing his afternoon nap & collided with other shopper’s mad rush hour.

** Be sure the salesperson understands little feet. First shoes is particularly tricky, so experience does count. Stand your child & ask salesperson to measure both feet. The width of the shoes is important too as it should accomodate enough space for pads of fat that a typical 13-month-old still has. Also, request a lightweight shoe with a flexible leather lining, so your child’s foot can ‘breathe’.

** There’s no need to buy more than one pair unless there is a sudden growth spurt, most toddler don’t outgrow their shoes for about three months. Besides, you want to make sure, the next one properly fit too.

More 13-month-old tips:

** Let your toddler eat by himself. Don’t do like what moms mostly do, follow the child around with a spoon in a mad quest to finish few more bites. The truth is that, at this stage, some toddler will have his appetite slowing down a bit so it is pretty normal that your child is eating less. And, at this stage, your toddler will ready to chow down on an array of finger foods, so let him practice with his own toddler-friendly fork & spoon.

(Kalau kita orang Melayu, bolehlah mula ajar anak makan suap dengan tangan)

** Double-check your childproofing.Cabinets must properly lock, floor must not be slippery, every nooks and crannies can be his playground, so be alert!

** Enjoy cuddling and chasing after your little cherub. He will love it!

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