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HS504 : Optics exposure & learning lenses purpose

I am getting more Science learning of late, carefully planned for Hanafi eversince his previous Kindergarten failed to expose Science in their syllabus (one of the reason we stopped his schooling).

Hanafi (even baby Hambali) always fascinated with his (their) parents wearing glasses. I told Hanafi that both his Mama & Papa is far-sighted (rabun) & it is very crucial for us to wear a SPECTACLE so that we can see better. As for his Mama, daytime wearing CONTACT LENSES of course which already being explained to him the functionality still the same like Spectacles. This point onwards, I told him that it is important for him to takecare his eyes well so habit like watching television very near and reading in the dark is a complete No-No.

Later, I found a great idea from Mommy2H on using MAGNIFYING GLASS, so I printed out those magnifying pictures from the former site & gotten a cheap magnifying glass.

Here’s what Hanafi been doing exactly following what featured in the Mommy2H site. There were 2 sets of pictures, one is the normal pic & the other is microscopic size, so what a child must do is to use the magnifying glass to peer at the tiny pic & find the same pic by the normal size. Match it!

We moved on to BINOCULARS function and from our recent outing, Hanafi managed to grasp the idea of using a binoculars.

Next is KALEIDOSCOPE. I think this is the apparatus Hanafi enjoyed most in the Optics group. We got the Kaleidoscope from one shop selling Early Childood & Educational items in The Summit.

Lenses are everywhere & have a pupose. Ask your child if he can figure out what lens is use to…

1. Show a big picture on a screen?
2. See things that are far away?
3. See very small things?
4. See in the dark?
5. Capture images of things to see later
6. Correct poor vision?

Answer Options:
a) Telescope
b) Night vision goggles
c) Camera
d) Projector
e) Glasses
f) Microscope

As always, find every opportunity to expose Science learning for your lil one.

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My Evaluation on this year Resolution

Exactly few days before my birthday on December 24th last year, I had listed down 10 Resolution for this year right in this Chatterbox.

We are already in the second half of this year and before you have much thought about the remaining months…2010 is just around the corner & it is time for you to say goodbye to 2009.

Guess it won’t hurt for me to evaluate on my own whether I have accomplished the self-initiated resolution now.

Okay, here we go…

2009 Resolution Checklist Evaluation:-

1.Love myself more – allocate time to be on my own just to do stuff that I love such as reading novel, portrait sketching, listening to music simultaneously sing along & dance like nobody is watching so I be less stress in juggling roles in my life.

Well, I’m back on track in reading as each month, I make sure at least I buy one book for myself. Am enjoying music & have been on likes of few albums, yet to sketch any portrait though..

2.Spend more time with my eldest son – I admit that since the born of my younger son, I’ve been neglecting him..I used to read to him, homeschool him daily for about 2 hours touching many subjects & he always tag along when I’m out on my own…(sigh..)

Homeschooling him now & having him around me every Thursday & Friday in the office so I can teach & spend time with him, yes..I am accomplishing this..from time to time I plan allocate time over the weekend for outing with him since our 1st date recently.

3.Increase frugality in our financial maintenance.

Hemm….no more dispos for the boys, always buy refill for items like shower foam, growing up milk for Hanafi…buy our boys apparel during Sale & utilising the membership & accumulated points as much as we can, always lookout anywhere we can obtain voucher or lower price in many ways…teaching Hanafi to save money (Menabung), Hubby took the Al-Rajhi progamme & am have been surveying to teach again part-time…

4.Start recycling project in our family despite the fussiness & hassle for the good of mankind.

I’m guilty as can be…the closest we are doing now is reduce plastic bag usage by bringing our own shopping bag & cloth diaper lil Hambali.

5.Be the social bug like I used to be – meet up more people & get myself involve in any good cause activities.

Social bug, not so bad…good cause activities? Hemmm…need to be work out more on this part.

6.Pray & read Quran more & be thankful of what we are having.

Again, guilty as can be…just average to rate me on this manner…nevertheless we are thankful with the rezeki & gifts of the past months…

7.Take up new skill & attend more workshop or sign up classes…what I have in mind is to take language course.

New skill? I will start my Bento project very soon….

Attend workshop or sign up classes? Language class still pending due to lack of fund & time constraint…oh there’s one upcoming next month, perhaps could take up that as new venture…I still did’nt materialise this Arty-Crafty idea of mind though I have been haunting few Art Shop around..where can I slot the time to focus on this? Sigh…

8.Keep on reminding hubby & myself to hang on tough in times of turbulence & support each other.

Oh this one, all the time…

9.Get closer to the people that I love & serve them more.

Just so-so when it comes to both my side & dear hubby’s side of family..

To our family, we are ongoing bringing up our two boys the best we can manage & spending & doing things for them is forever the Saturday & Sunday always be Our Family Time, no compromise on that!

10.STOP PROCRASTINATING & go back to No.1 to 9 & do it without any excuse as well as for Lillahitaala.

Ha!Ha! I am procrastinating in ‘some’ in the list, am I?

So, how do I rate? Do you care to share your point of view, my Chit-chatters? 😛

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