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Baby Hambali & Mama in MyChild Magazine!!

“Our family loves the Baby Sign Program! It’s not just a way to communicate with our 10-month-old baby but it’s a game for our 5-year-old boy too. Additionally, my older boy is also learneing the ABC signing, which I know by heart. We started off with words like Papa, Mama, milk, sleep, more, where, lion, come, eat, bye-bye, play, love (sayang) and cannot.Hambali signed ‘milk’ at 7 months and ‘bye-bye’ at 9 months! I think he signed ‘eat’ to his Grandma the other day and though Grandma was unsure of the signing, he did stop making a fuss once he was fed. For the rest of the words, he understands what they are. He’s also already saying ‘Papa’ and ‘Mama’ clearly, and he’s defintely not just mumbling because he does know who he is calling. We’re adding more words to his signing vocabulary like book, car, moon, fan, bird, cat, butterfly and water.

Hanz’s Note : Those are what was written in the former mag edition June/July 2009, specifically when baby Hambali was 10 months old. Update on Baby Sign: Hambali can sign more, lion, cat, fan, rabbit, salam(shake hand), sayang(love-he will lean forward & planted a kiss if you say sayang) along with nen-nen(milk), eat & bye-bye and understand the sign for come, sleep, cannot, book, ball & car. More sign we added is happy, angry, bath, drink & dirty.

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Picnic at Bungalow Damai Tiny Tapir

Last Sunday, we went to great event hosted by Tiny Tapir along with Doodlebugs. Picnic…traders opened booth-can find New Stylish Tokyo selling bento gadgets, which I managed to ‘steal’ 2 gadgets (errr….coax hubby to purchase it for me, he,he..), Bella Posh Bowtique Cloth Diapers, Ibu Family Org..

And also some demo classes…Bento-making by Christine, Ring Sling by Chin Nee & Syaz Jumpsac, Baby Sign by Jamie…hemm…I can’t stay long though so I missed out the Scrapbooking, Cloth Pad making & maybe plenty more. Awaiting Millie who stayed behind for more reviews..

Pics I can’t snap much, blaming it to the fact I’ve forgotten to check the some I ‘steal’ from Azza, he,he..

Anxious to reach there on time coz I don’t want to miss Bento Sifu, Christine@Allthingspurple in action!

She said her ‘workstation’ is in the mess, no worries Christine understandable as you are in different surrounding, anybody will get that ‘feeling’ also..he,he..

Some of Christine’s creations.Thanks Christine for making it ‘clear’ somehow coz I really don’t know where to start. Huhh! Semangat2 nak mula ni! 😛

Candid pics by Azza…steal some newly launched Cloth Pad by MamaPatch. Reviews soon…

Azza could’nt stay long & here’s me, Azza & Millie

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Cooking Exposure for the Juniors

Want to introduce cooking to your lil ones?

The following are some guidelines how cooking can be done based on Concepts and Skills for each age group.

For 2 years old

* Explore food will all 5 senses
* Possess short concentration

* Active & learn by imitation

* Get frightened easily
* Require plenty of freedom to explore

* Parents should choose recipe for food of various colours

For 3 years old

* Want to take part physically, eg. kneading, stirring, rolling, etc.

* Parents should provide children with enough practice in pouring, stirring, chopping, measuring, etc.These help to develop children fine motor skills.

* Parents should start introducing the different types of food & utensils to the children

* Parents should choose recipes that facilitate sharing & cooperation among children to enhance their social skills

For 4 years old

* Recognise opposites, dry & wet, soft & hard, sweet & sour, etc.

* Like responsibilities

* Aware of the surroundings – parents can relate food to people or tell stories of the origin of certain food.

* Understand time – parents can begin teaching children how to use the timer

* Begin to understand parts & whole cut food into half and quarter

* Parents can use recipe cards to help children to develop sequencing skill

* Cooking will build confidence & foster independence in children.

For 5 & 6 years old

* Learn about food shapes
* Enjoy using measuring & weighing device

* Able to keep graphs & charts

* Proceed by include other earlier age groups

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