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Parenting Toddlers & Parenting Preschoolers Book Review

Getting a good bargain of long-searched items feels like getting a windfall. The moral value of the story, always believe in your sixth sense! You will thank your hunch for that! It did mine last night. šŸ˜›

These two books was such a ‘steal’. Correct me if I’m wrong but most of the time, you found parenting books usually thick and dull. Always put you off despite you desperately needs some guide in your parenting job.

Just about 100 pages for each books, written by our truly Malaysian, nevertheless she is someone very well-known in Early Childhood Education and parenting matters, our dear Ms Ruth Liew. She sounds familiar? Of course! She has her own column in Star newspaper.Does ‘Childwise’ that appears every Wednesday on that national daily rings a bell? She’s a regular columnist on that for over ten years and these books was published in year 2003. Long ago but the content is not outdated, you know.

I have been looking for this book for ages and in fact I highlighted my frustration to her via FB (add her in my FB community), she did promised to let me know where I can get a hold of her ‘baby’ but guess she’s just forgotten about it.Can’t blame her, she is very busy with many things. I met her before as I attended one of her workshop which was Montessori Beginning Maths Workshop years back.She got ‘spunk’ style, I tell you. Full of confidence.Splendid workshop indeed. Strongly recommended if you want your kids to be whiz in maths, you may consider Montessori approach. Very systematic and step-by-step, important for concept grasp excellency.

Back to her books. I managed to read one chapter of each book few hours ago and boy I’m glad. I simply love how Ruth made those question knots unfolds. Ruth is a US-trained child developmentalist.Besides being a Montessori course trainer, she is also Early Childhood Care and Education Consultant.She is also one of regular contributor writers in Parenthink magazine.

Briefly inside Parenting Toddlers, some of topics being exposed are Bedtime routine, feeding, toilet training,tantrum (the terrible two’s), siblings issues, separation anxiety, discipline, suitable activities, guidelines on nurseries & playgroups and time-out for parents and there’s more.

Then, about Parenting Preschoolers, some points to ponder are preschooler common behaviour, discipline, tuning in to the preschooler, moral guidance, how to choose the right preschool, building self-esteem, home-made games ideas, learning math at homes, healthy and fun cooking, homework, difficult behaviour, personal safety and..gosh lots more!!

All these years, I love to collect Ruth’s Parenting articles which I think might benefit me some day and yes, it has proven its reward as from time to time revisiting those articles provided me some assistance.

Who said parenting job is easy?You will never stop learning. You grow together with your child, aren’t you?

Hanz’s Note : Those who live / work nearby Kota Damansara, go to the Giant Store fast if you keen to get the hold of this book. I strongly recommend it. Plenty still available in the bookstore beside the post-office. Plus, the bookstore is on sale and these book is 12% discounted!

August 19, 2009 - Posted by | Hanz in Reading, Just Preschooler, Just Toddler, Parenting in General


  1. hi there! Ni first time comment sini..kalo mintak tolong beli boleh ke? Saya dok jauh nun di bangi..-ida

    Comment by AppleCrux | August 19, 2009 | Reply

  2. haa dekat je tu ngan umah i..ade kedai buku ek sebelah pejabat pos tu..tak pasan la plak selama ni.

    Comment by Farah | August 19, 2009 | Reply

  3. hurm, bagus buku ni coz we need to know everything about toddler's tuntrms, toilet training, bedtime and so on.Being a dedicated mother of toddler is not as easy as people see….. =)

    Comment by ummu_abdullah | August 21, 2009 | Reply

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