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Beautiful Baby Search Contest : Looking for beautiful Prince & Princess

Sometimes I wish that my baby will never grow up.
Sometimes I wish that I can freeze my baby
and let me see him smiling like this all the time.

What could possibly the best way
to capture his beautiful face?

Probably my wishful thinking
has it beautiful ending by joining this contest?

Hope my baby’s beautiful face is printed on
t-shirt, fridge magnet, keychain & poster
See the sample as picture below. Great, right?

This moment is to applause Papa & Son’s bonding…

Baby Model : Hambali bin Hasrat
Date of birth : 12th June, 08
Picture was taken when baby Hambali was 10 months old, busily cruising about.
Location : Home Sweet Home

Papa’s name : Hasrat Adnan
Picture was taken when baby Hambali almost 13 months old.
Location : Taman Tasik Seremban

This great contest is organized by Mea Myra @ Gugu Gaga Mea Zara . Contest ends on 31st of August, 09.

For more details, please click the banner.

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~Jom Main Air Bersama….Contest by Kakyong ~ : Double Water Fun

Q : What do you get when you put one hot mama and a cheeky toddler into one small kiddies pool?

A : The answer is DOUBLE AWESOME FUN!!

The Hot Mama : Hanz
The Cheeky Toddler : Hambali (aged 1+)

Read : The Mama was trying to persuade the curious yet scared toddler to enjoy the water. Luckily, Mama had this ideaa bubble pump to the rescue!

To those Mama or Papa out there who might having some issue on getting your kids to love water, here’s some idea that might be a solution. All these ideas applies to either toddler or preschooler or both:-

  • Make bath-time fun by getting some bath toys for your kids to play with
  • Bubbles – lots of them. Give your kid to try different medium to make bubbles such as sponges of different sizes, varieties plastic pots to fill with and even wooden spoon so that your kid can reduce the bubble foam to water again by stirring.
  • Empty shampoo and washing up bottles with lids so your kid can work out how to get the water in the bottles by squeezing it and letting go, then have fun squirting the water out.
  • Explore floating and sinking – Have many items even natural materials such as sticks, barks, leaves and pebbles and ask your kid to predict which will sink and which will float.
  • Washing stuff – Any toy that needs a wash can go into the water for a scrub. Your toddler even your preschooler will enjoy doing this important work. He can use a washing up sponge or soft brush.

Be alert however parents that water, how cheapest source of activity and easily available can impose danger to your kids. Safety precaution must be taken note as listed below:

  • Younger children shouldn’t be left unsupervised around water even if they know how to swim.For toddler, he could drown in a few inches of water in a few minutes!
  • Put old towels on the floor under your kid’s water-play area. This will prevent him slipping and also aid cleaning up.
  • Do not let your child play around any water (lake, pool, ocean, etc.) without adult supervision (even if he is a good swimmer).
  • Don’t allow running or rough play around the water.
  • To those who has swimming pool, childproof your swimming pool with a fence around your backyard and a fence (at least 4 feet high) around the pool, with a self-closing, self-latching gate. Also consider having a phone poolside and learning CPR in case of emergencies.

Hanz’s Note : The chat above is for sharing & our submission for the contest organized by Kakyong. For details, just click the banner below, also available on this Chatterbox’s left sidebar.

A peek on contest gift sponsors…..

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Yatie Chomey’s Giveaway – Kisses of Love : Brotherhood Love

Dear Adik,

How are you? Abang is fine and doing some sums. Mama is busy with office work and Papa has already went out to meet some clients.

Have you had your breakfast, Adik? Mama bought cheese stick for Abang and Abang drank Milo too. Yummy!

Do be good in the Nursery, Adik. Abang miss Adik so much. Abang knows Adik miss Abang too. Next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Abang will be with Adik again. Only two days Abang can’t be with you because Abang wants to learn many things with Mama.

Take care, Adik. Love you so much. Here, Abang give our picture that Mama has taken few days ago so that when Adik think of Abang, Adik can look at it, ya. Oh, Mama said she loves this picture because it shows how much her boys love each other and she is confidence that we will take care each other well.


Abang Hanafi

Hanz’s Note : This ‘letter’ chat is Hanafi & Hambali’s Mama’s submission for Yatie Chomeyl’s Giveaway – “Kisses of Love”. For details, just click the banner below.

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