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Bad Customer Service from Online Business(es)

I am one of those frequent maybe addicted online shopper. Reason : Convenience, plenty to choose from, I simply love to browse and clicking ‘buy now’ button in that particular sites found me really make my day.

For years I have been doing this and throughout those years, I did encountered few bad customer service(s). I found those I have listed below is unethical and should never ever done by any online business. Unintentionally not to condemn any store(s) or business(es) but simply wants to relate to you these had being experienced by me causing my hesitation to do any shopping to those store(s) anymore.

Here goes…

1. Your inquiry on certain product that you curios about got lost somewhere. After some time, if you willing to double check the status of your inquiry, you would be disappointed to receive the news – they never received anything from you. Then, you wonder why they have the ‘Contact Us’ form in the first place?

2. You called the business owner, no answer. You emailed the business owner, no answer. Err..if you have a business and people find you difficult to contact, why you want to open a business?

3. Failure to update product status and product stock regularly. Resulted customer’s disappointment when later on they found the desired product is OUT OF STOCK exactly after they had placed an order.

4. Receiving your purchased product ALONE. No receipt, no brochure / pamphlets, no business card.Warranty card? Just in your mind! Well, some would email the receipt but wouldn’t it be nice to receive that by ‘hand-form’ receipt as well? And, distributing your brochure / pamphlets is very important to boost customer’s confidence in you.

5. Late delivery and no notice beforehand that delaying would likely to occur. You have to call the business owner asking your purchasing status, there & then you received the bad news.

6. No free gift after you spend quite an awful lots. Don’t expect you bought one product, you will receive free gift unless being informed so, most probably relevant with the huge amount of money you spent.Yes, some offered free delivery but some did goes extra-mile by putting in ‘surprise-surprise’ in the package. But, there are some stores, you received none at all. Yes, it happened to me after I spent awful lot. Sigh…

7. Don’t know who is your customer. Some customer could be one in a lifetime, so this thing if it is happen, it is still tolerable. But, how about regular customer? You have been there quite some time frequently, talked in the telephone few times & even emailed each other, but the business owner seems have no idea what is your name? Bad, isn’t it?

Well, these all I can remember of at this moment.

If you are frequent online shopper like me, would you like to share your experience as well here? I love to hear it!

August 25, 2009 - Posted by | Hanz's Feelings, Hanz's Muse


  1. kena take note nih, mana tau I serious nak bisnes yukata tu ke pasni heheheheh..berangan tul, baru org kirim barang sikit dh berangan nak bukak online biz blog gitu kui3xbtw, i takkan beli brg kalau emel i tak berjawab..i gi cari shop lain yg iffer brg yg sama regardless if the prie is a little bit least I feel secure sebab ada response.

    Comment by yatie chomeyl | August 25, 2009 | Reply

  2. Saya pernah kena yg no 1 tue. Dgn 2 owners sekaligus. Dah laa mase tue baru2 nak involve dgn CDing world. Lenkali xyah laa letak "Contact Us" tab ataupon ruangan chat etc. Patah hati tau! Ekeke.

    Comment by ar.nie | August 25, 2009 | Reply

  3. i kalau owner tu lembab sgt reply email mmg malas la nak beli..

    Comment by Farah | August 25, 2009 | Reply

  4. carik jek tempat lain..tapi ntah2 owner tu ade intenet problem ke, tak pun masuk spital ke, takpun balik kg takde internet line ke..wat evalah. Tapi kalu dah shopping internet ni mmg addicted lah. senang sangat plus ade certain2 tempat yg offered murah dari market price. Tu yg suke tu.

    Comment by MiszMama@Haslinda | August 25, 2009 | Reply

  5. for the first time I dah kena.. same owner..TWICE!! dia buat kat I, kes beli CD rr.. dah buat n3 pun pasal servis o9 shop dia.. I xkesah kalau antar lambat whatsoever.. tp kena update status.. informlaa xleh antar sebab pindah umah ker.. ada kursus ker…

    Comment by Rozy | August 26, 2009 | Reply

  6. me setuju sangat hanz! memang me ni online shopper tegar. dah beberapa kali terkena tapi different seller la.. yang stok takde tapi tak update kat kita (email tak, call tak).. kita lak yang follow up kenapa belum dapat barang, rupanya no stok.. angin satu badan!pernah jugak beli barang dapat setahun kemudian! me dah give up follow up sampai rasa nak report polis sebab beli barang ratus2 gak… dari sebelum izzah lahir sampai la izzah setahun lebih… baru la dia deliver… sungguh bangang sekali tuan kedai itu.

    Comment by littlemama | August 26, 2009 | Reply

  7. Yatie – yes, Yatie take note tau.ekekekek…Arnie – Faham sangat2..rasa macam putus cinta, kan? ekekekeFarah – memang…tempat lain ader, kan?Haslinda – online store competitive, itu sebab customer service kena jaga, kalu idak, customer lari! :PRozy – that's whay people said, don't mix business & personal, although SOHO or WAHM sekalipun..just maintain profesionallism, x gitu?Ros – teruknya kedai itu! setahun?!! kena i camtu mau gi face-to-face ngan owner kedai itu & give him/her a piece of my mind!

    Comment by Hanz | August 26, 2009 | Reply

  8. pernah terkena beli Cd dengan owner nie… dah la lambat lepas tu salah colour dan barang yang order tak cukup, kita dah bayar delivery selepas tu suruh nak bayar lagi sebab nak hantar barang yang dia tertinggal.. malas nak layan.. sorry la kalau service tak bagus nie the first and last la jawabnya

    Comment by nadnye | August 26, 2009 | Reply

  9. Salam singgah hanz ^_^, i pon addicted online shopper gak. Pernah terkena, beli TR scarve direct from oversea, tapi brg tak dpt, the owner ckp dah post, nak masuk 3 weeks pon tak dpt gak. Last2 dia ganti yg baru, tapi design tak brapa cantik. Yg hairannya…2nd curier sampai plak brg tu, mcm mana yg 1st bley tak sampai. Hhmmm..

    Comment by fiza | October 29, 2009 | Reply

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