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GOOD Customer Service from Online Business(es)

Yesterday, I (we) chatted about bad customer service from online business(es) (referring to blogshop also,ya).

Today, let’s chat the other side of the coin. The best part. The one that made you keen to visit that particular shop (although just to browse) often. I had my fair share on this and let me relate it to you…

1. You are just about to convert or try something new and you are in total zero in terms of product knowledge. Having your Qs being answered in details with few options and alternatives for you to ponder, don’t you feel great about it?

This truly happen to me when I was about to get to know cloth diapers. Having to mull the terminologies of CD-world, nevertheless the budgets, I was very thankful with this one online shop for being very helpful. That business owner had explained and made few suggestions and upon receiving my initial purchase, I was in leap joy to receive few more titbits.

On top of that, let’s say there are people simply ‘drop by’ and made few inquiries on your product, advisable to be as much assistance that you can manage despite in the end, that ‘people’ did’nt even purchase a single thing from your shop, just treat ‘anyone’ equally. A word of mouth is very influencive.

2. Understand the customer’s situation. Sometimes, customer’s has a change of mind or heart and it might happen right after ordering took place. Don’t get work-up about it. Listen when the customer explained. I did this once and boy, was I grateful the business owner was very understanding. In fact, the business owner had ‘a heart of an angel’ as I received extra stuff as a token of gift due to my circumstances last time.

3. Speedy delivery. Who does’nt like it,huh? I encountered this many times too.

4. Honest and truthful on the product’s quality and performance. I think you should not hiding the truth about the products you carry. Some products might have few hiccups here and there, let your customer know this. Leave the decision to the customer. If you create ‘something’ that is not there, in other words, empty promises, imagine how does it look when customer found it later?

I saluted this online stores whereby the business owner was responsible to the tiny faulty of one product.Though the business owner lose ‘some’ in monetary form, actually the business owner have gained trust and loyalty from the customer.

5. Offer several alternative and solutions. Customer comes in many forms. Let’s say the budget is an issue yet the customer likely to make frequent purchasing, perhaps you can suggest a low price of another brand or probably offer some installment plan of some sort. I said this after observing few blogshops and even online stores has come out this installment plan in example cloth diapering. I think it is a good move since we want to encourage people to lead ‘green’ living, right? As long as you are not in the losing end. Confirm win-win situation for this before you carry it out.

6. Value-added services like having a workshop or just a simple get-together. In example cloth diapering workshop, babywearing workshop, just to name those and I’m pretty sure more has been done. Creating a forum too is a good move and many people appreciate this and so having a blog, an extension of your store. The business owner not only able to update the stock but for many benefits for both parties.

7. Again, on responsive time. Perhaps you are unable to answer call or emails or in shoutbox inquiries immediately, but returning calls and do reply emails / shoutbox inquiries although how late it is, customer (to anyone actually) will thank you for this.

Alright, these only I can think of at this moment…You, out there (Yoo-hoo!! Chit-chatters…), care to share your side of story on this?

August 26, 2009 - Posted by | Hanz's Feelings, Hanz's Muse


  1. me suka yang speedy reply and speedy delivery.. ada tu pagi order, pagi tu jugak dia pos laju, petang i dapat..ho..ho sukanya macik!btw, hanz.. ada tak kedai online yg u tau ada jual white board with stand for kids.. nak ajar izzah conteng2 white board pulak..biasa la me malas nak pegi cari kedai offline.. oder online senang..ha..ha

    Comment by littlemama | August 26, 2009 | Reply

  2. salam..good boleh apply kat my online business..maklumlah org baru..byk nak belajar :)..tapi mmg sy anggap customer/client = friends …lagipun most of my customers are my friends ..i'm glad we have their support in our business…tq so much & love u guys!p/s: after all..CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT! 🙂

    Comment by kedaigambarkami | August 26, 2009 | Reply

  3. i suka yg speedy delivery, pastu bg discount card, pastu follow up tru emel & emel kite dengan product2 baru dia. sebab tu i suke test dulu beli brg murah dgn satu e-shop ni then if servis memuaskan memang ulang balik beli aaa…

    Comment by azzamoro | August 26, 2009 | Reply

  4. kakyong tak pernah lagi shopping via online nih… the main reason is no money to spend off.. kalo ade, lain le citer nyer..

    Comment by kakyong | August 27, 2009 | Reply

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