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Last day for MySuperKids Special Aidilfitri Giveaway

Ehhh…sempat lagi nak join..just make sure, sebelum pukul 11.59pm malam nanti, kay.

Ni my check list penyertaan so peluang nak menang tu bertambah!

1) Banner Contest? Awal2 lagi dah letak kat sidebar. Nampak tak gambar amoi yang cun tu?

2) Add blog MySuperKids kat blog roll? Sudah lama daaa…pengunjung tegarlah katakan

3) Wawarkan kat Facebook? Pun sudah…

4) Buat short entry? Sudah jugak sebelum raya haritu. Tak caya gi tengok older post.

5) Wawar kat Twitter? Baru sat tadi dah wawarkan.

6) Buat entry khas ngan linkback? Anda sedang membacanya pun! :>

So, anda di luar sana, kalau nak join kot2 dapat voucher petrol percuma, silalah pastikan perkara-perkara di atas telah dilakukan. Makin cerahlah peluang anda nak menang.

Nak tahu lebih lanjut, klik MySuperKids <= sini

Ha, tunggu apa lagi? Benda free tak nak ker?

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The Great Reusable Bag Giveaway by Tiny Tapir – Final Entry [SPREAD THE MESSAGE AROUND]

Would you like to win any of the above?

If so, just join this giveaway.
Do click the title below to grab the details.
It’s easy-peasy.
Hurry! Today is the last day, okay!


I did my 1st contest entry here and this is going to be my final entry!

I love collecting & using reusable bags. And, since I loved it so much, the 1st giveaway that I held in this Chatterbox, I have shared my passion with 5 other fellow bloggers who won my giveaway. Each of them received 1 reusable bag as picture below along with other prize.

See the 3 different messages but all carries the same values?

I feel proud whenever I lull around those bags be it for shopping or travelling as I know, indirectly I would ‘capture’ any eyes & transmit the meaningful sub-conscious reminder, I suppose. :>.

These 3 bags is always in my bag & all I need to do is just rolled them up & chuck them inside my bag. They would be available all the time, in case I need to do some shopping or purchasing, so I don’t have to force myself to use those nasty plastic bags!

And, when dear hubby returned home after attending any seminars or trainings, he would pass the goodies bag to me. I got lots but most of them are inside our car boot so these two only I managed to snap picture.

I noticed this ‘awareness’ received tremendous feedback from manufacturers & stores too and I did obtained some like picture below.

Having said that, if luck shall be on my side, winning those prizes as I mentioned above would definitely adds joy to my reusable bag collections & continuosly I spread the message around indirectly as always! πŸ˜›

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Toddler Monthly Notes: Your 16-Month-Old

Teaching the rules

* Be clear. Learning social rules, such as “Don’t bite”, “Stop making a mess” is particularly long & ongoing process. Toddlers have a short attention span, they respond best to concise & straightforward language that honestly convey your feeling.

* Let him experience consequences. Let’s say your toddler had just hurled the cereal bowl to you, rather you immediately clean up the mess, handed a napkin to your child & tell him to clean it up. It is best he can feel the effect of any havoc he wrecks.

* Redirect. If your child is making bonkers over some thing, move on to something else.Let your child go on with the tantrum & simply ignore while at the same time, you show he can have another thing or another choice to do something else. Don’t let him get his way all the time because you can’t stand the tantrum.

* Try a time-out. When all the former strategies fail, set time-out for two minutes in any designated time-out spot.Sometimes, you need two minutes away from your child too to cool off & collect yourself.

Building your toddler’s confidence

Your toddler always craves your approval. Here are few constructive ways to give it to him.

* Show him how to help you. An example is like cleaning up. Plenty of praise & positive feedback can influence child’s behaviour. It is also can give confidence boost from the feeling of mastery he achieves.

* Show him how to be resilient. Your toddler learn from how you react to certain situation when emergency or crisis arises. Show him to be quick to administer the hurt & pain like getting help rather than crying of self-pitiness. This builds his character on how to handle difficult situation.

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For your eyes only

As per your request (ahaks!) & as I mentioned in previous CHAT (click the word), I’m done with my eye makeup experimenting & have achieved several ‘looks’ for this festive mood. Makeup was all done by Loving Minerals. Theme : For Your Eyes Only. Reason being : I’ve just want the eye to highlight the overall outlook.

Have your say, will ya? (wink!) πŸ˜›

1st Look

Eye : Base – Pink Pearl, Highlight – Champagne & Liner : Cocoa

Face : Lumiere Cashmere Foundation – Light Golden, Lumiere Silk Powder – Sand Silk, Blusher – Poppy

Lip : Monave Lip Gloss – Watermelon

2nd Look

Eye : Base – Pink Pearl, Shimmer – Wave & Liner – Foil

Face : Lumiere Cashmere Foundation – Light Golden, Lumiere Silk Powder – Sand Silk, Blusher – Poppy

Lip : Monave Lip Gloss– Bordeaux

3rd Look

Eye : Base – Coral Gold, Highlight -Neutral Plum & Liner -Foil

Face : Lumiere Cashmere Foundation – Light Golden, Lumiere Silk Powder – Sand Silk, Blusher – Poppy

Lip : Monave Lip GlossPeach Pout

4th Look

Eye : Base – Pink Pearl, Highlight – Coral Gold, Liner – Cocoa, Deep Liner – Peach Plum

Face : Monave Concealer-Foundation – Caroline, Lumiere Silk Powder – Sand Silk, Radiance – Winter Silk & Blusher – Poppy

Lip : Sheer Kisses Lipgloss – Strawberry

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What I have been doing for ONE week after Hari Raya

Our Family Posing on Raya Day. Theme : Cream & Brown

Then, the following day onwards, dear hubby & me made a list individually, combined it to see where deem fit so we could carry on planned activities either inclusive or exclusive My Boys.

We took 3 days Annual Leave so in total, we’ve been away of hustle-bustle rat race for one whole week. The list of what I (we) have been doing went on like this….

1. Finishing off reading Parenting Toddler & Parenting Preschooler books

2. Brought the boys out so Mama can get to do more shopping while the boys enjoyed the indoor playground.

3. Camwhored inside a moving car received shaking head from dear hubby & had fun with several looks especially the eye, experimenting the new Loving Minerals eyeshadows.

4. Went to EPF managed to snap the Raya deco at their lobby.

5. Went to many, many banks & finally Baby Hambali has his own Life-Education Insurance Policy.

6. The boys looked adorable with their similar matching pyjamas & their Mama could’t resist to freeze their antics in photo moments.

7. Shopping for Bento Gadgets at 100 Yen, Puchong & Daiso, The Curve promised them another return customer. ME! πŸ˜›

From L to R(clockwise) : Separator Container for Lunchbox, 2-way Egg Slicer, Plastic Bag Clipper => all obtained from 100 Yen for RM 4.90 per piece only!

From L to R (clockwise) : Drink Holder (pemegang air kotak), 3-tier Lunch Box stackable, Thermal Lunch Tote Bag, Silicon Dish Cup, Lunch Box Strap, Varieties Bread/Pancake/Rice/Cookies Cutter, Tiny Tweezer => all obtained from Daiso for RM 5 per piece only!

8. More contest filling & submissions!

9. Took pictures of discarded items for Sale soon!

10. SPRING CLEANING (hijacked!) but our HOMESCHOOL went on diligently!

So, what have you been doing over the long Raya holiday?

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My Little Bookworm :HKS Little Bookworm & MOBS Contest

How can I convince you if I emphasises that my lil tot, Baby Hambali is a little bookworm?

Perhaps some pictures & some ‘story’ might convince you….

Every nook & crannies, you can catch him reading….

He has a Book Box which he prefer more than his Toy Box.

Scene like this is a pretty norm to us. πŸ˜›

Still not enough so he intend to get more from than higher shelf!

He demanded to be read every morning in the car
so it is part of his Mama’s daily routine.

And, these are some of his books’ collections
that only
would be read to him
every single day & it is kept in the car.

Our family outing shall be incomplete
unless we visit the Bookstore

& allocate some time reading
at the children’s corner for a while

Though any books still would be pick by my lil tot,
he comes to prefer one particular book

& it became his FAVOURITE BOOK.

My Quiet Book is Baby Hambali’s Favourite Book.

Let’s take a peek inside the book…

This book is made from cloth so it is safe & durable. Bright colours & special features in each page would surely captivate any child & motivate little hands to go busy manipulating each fine-motor skills features.

Less words is good to avoid confusion for very young child who simply unable to read yet. Merely to encourage reading for baby & toddler to be familiar on books & how to handle books.

This book is zipped along it’s edge & there’s a handle on the upper middle so it can be hang in a craddle, stroller & such.

Now, let’s see how much Baby Hambali love this book…

Hanz’s Note : Apart from sharing a story of my little bookworm, this is also my submission on this contest. : MOBS & Huiwearn Kids Store (HKS) Little Bookworm Contest

Just click either the contest title or the banner below to obtain all the contest details. Interesting prizes to be win. Contest ends on 1st of October 2009. So, hurry!

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Cloth Diaper Model In Action (pics mode)

In Starbunz ‘Lion’ AIO

In Chunkibunz ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ OS AIO

In GAD ‘Embroidered Lion’ Pocket

In Happy Heinys ‘Cow’ OS Pocket

In Happy Heinys ‘Peace Bear’ OS Pocket

In Blueberry Minky H&L ‘Blue Latte’ OS Pocket

In Itti Bitti ‘Red’ SIO AI2

In Cushies Tushies Couture ‘Blue Camo’ OS AIO

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[STICKY MODE] Talking about Hari thing I won’t failed to do every year is….

……adding my HUGE collections of
Hari Raya Money Package (sampul duit Hari Raya)

You are allowed to drool over my collections now!
WINK! πŸ˜›

Maybank & EON Bank

RHB & Public Bank

Standard Chartered Bank & Perodua



Some no longer exist like Kwong Yik Bank

And, I also have like Bank Bumiputra, Sabah Bank & more no longer existing bank after merging between banks took place.

More miscelannous collections…..

I have been seriously collecting sampul duit raya way back when I was about 15 years old. I found that I love to oogled on the designs of sampul duit raya & looked forward the upcoming design each year especially those from banks that I already had aplenty.

For this year, I’ve obtained some in advance & looked forward for more. My niece tried to followsuit but her passion runs dry quickly. Well, if you suddenly after seeing my collection, develop a feeling of taking it as a new pastimes, let me know. I posses lots of extra sampul duit raya that I kept over the years and I graciously willing to let it go as long you promise to stay passionate in this new hobby. In fact, dear hubby knowing how much I love collecting these, joining in too by asking around from customers, friends & relatives. Both sides of family knows about this too & they will collect on behalf of me & passed it to me after collections done.

Will I ever stop? I can’t decide it yet as the passion on this still high & it’s addictive! Oh, I stop counting too how many I have for years but I’m definitely sure my collection is in hundreds!

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What I have been doing for the remaining working days before Hari Raya

~Sticky Mode till Hari Raya day!~

People especially Muslim mostly by today has started their long holidays & some might be on the road heading hometown, some in home sweet home must be preparing foods & such & some might be doing last-minute shopping.


Stuck here in the office.

I don’t mind actually but I’m just a little bit bored. So to kill the time, these is what I have been doing….

1) Getting triple joy receiving my makeup purchase yesterday & started to experimenting with eye colour to get the ‘right’ festive look!

2) Fill-up contest forms & they are ready this noon for submission

3) Haunting facebook more than usual

4) Peeping everywhere for latest contest & currently cracking my brain to decide which one to enter & to make entries

5) House-hunting yesterday had ensured 50% successful so the long holidays means spring cleaning to us. Sigh!

6) Browse online stores

7) Ongoing mental checklist what posts should be up for the following week or should this Chatterbox take vacation too?

8) Trying very hard to get myself to do Raya checklist latest by tonight

9) Oogling at Bento blog & more notes taking on Bentos (relates with point No. 6 too)

10) Getting BORED again…

Me envy those (you there) whose looking forward for the long journey Balik Kampung…unlike us…the longest journey we get to have is going back to Seremban! And, you see we did’nt get to feel the ‘Kampung’ atmosphere…my hubby’s side remains in Shah Alam & though his family origin from Perak, they hardly went back. My side then origins from Negeri Sembilan but my parents only moved to Seremban from KL in year 2003, few months after my wedding. And, in Seremban, they lived in town as well.

Since it is very nearby, we will only going back to Seremban on the Raya day itself after stay awhile at my hubby’s side. We won’t be staying long too since we need to accomplish our Spring Cleaning Mission!

Hari Raya to us means just another family gathering for both sides of family with extra special delicacies & fulfilling Muslim obligations definitely. Just let our boys enjoy the celebration like once we used to feel back in childhood days…

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The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt Giveaway

Do it like Hanz way. Killed boredom by entering lotsa contest! LOL….

Another fantastic contest & coincidentally relates to Greener Life Campaign I suppose. And, as for me one of Addicted Cloth Diaper Mommas surely won’t let this offer slips away.

This Giveway is launched by Bumwear jointly organised with Kitty Cat of A Pregnant Pause Blog.

The Goodies that might luckily be yours are 7 of them! They are :

  • 2 petite or newborn Bumwear pocket diapers+ inserts (worth SGD$34 each set)
  • 2 β€œS” size Bumwear fitted cloth diapers (for SGD$20 each)
  • 2 Bumwear wetbags (worth SGD$19.90 each)
  • 1 Bumwear special edition printed one size pocket diaper + insert (worth a lot of money as it is not even available for sale

To join this fantastic great giveaway, please click the link below & follow all the instructions stated there!

The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt

Closing date for β€œThe Great Cloth Diaper Hunt” is 2 October (Friday) at 8.00 pm (GMT+8)

And, this is my choice of Prize should luck be on my baby & my side. Aamiinn!! πŸ˜›

Edited : I love to win the 1 Bumwear special edition printed one size pocket diaper + insert (worth a lot of money as it is not even available for sale)

Why? My Baby Hambali is just at the right milestone & physique build to wear OS Pocket & let it be unique to his CD collections.Special edition, right?

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