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What’s in your bag?

Yesterday, we chatted about tudung. Today, let’s chat about bag.

(Nak raya ni…dah beli beg raya ker belum? :> Me dah awal2 sambar satu from Alice Wonders!)

This is my bag. The bag that I bring to work & even to certain outing. Got it from Alice Wonders. That design is no longer available in Alice Wonders.

It is roomy enough for me to dump many, many, things inside.

Those are ‘things’ that you can find in my bag. Hemm…let’s see..what are those..

Wallet (purse), coin purse, glasses + case + contact lense case, solution, camera (not in pic coz i’m using it-lah), camera battery charger, pendrive, small powerful torchlight, small umbrella, old Nokia phone, phone charger, few make-up (a must), cloth wipes + case, small black notebook, pen, rolled-up reusable shopping bags (two of them in medium sized is a must), name card holder, sunglasses, sweets (munchies), keys, pursehook, blotter, balm, book or novel (me left the current reads at home so the mag is substitute & mask! (H1N punyer penangan da…)

If me out with the boys for short trip, that bag can even hold additional 1 to 2 Baby Hambali’s CD & 1 extra clothing, just in case.

Hemmm…currently Alice Wonders is having Unbirthday Party! Woo-hoo! And, I’m eyeing these bags…..

Me been thinking to get a lighter shade rather maintaining black, brown & red for a bag! (But the 3s are my favourite colours for my appearance attire!)

Nak ubah image, kan? Ahaks!

So, what’s in your bag?


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Raya Vogue (Is it?) Preps : Tudung Raya

Me tengah belek-belek, selak-selak majalah di atas tu. Majalah ni dah beli bertahun-tahun yang lepas tapi gaya tudung & jenis-jenis tudung masih tak outdated. Nak cari idea nak melaram raya nanti & lately terfikir nak ubah penampilan.

Semalam sepatutnya nak cari masker Mustika Ratu, ganti masker yang hilang, alih2 ter-‘jumpa’ baju raya. Oh, me dah bertahun tak tempah baju raya & kain ela pemberian orang dah membukit tapi tetap me tak pegi hantar tempah. So, kebiasannya me akan cari baju raya last-minute-lah.

Seronok sangat boleh maintan ‘frugalicious’ di pagi raya & my baju raya tak sampai pun RM 150, lengkap ngan tudung matching lagi! Siap dapat shawl as free gift ngan sampul duit raya. Tak sabar nak bergaya ngan kebaya ‘Perempuan Melayu Terakhir’ di pagi raya nanti..Voila! Oh, tak boleh snap pic itu baju raya skarang kena, tunggu raya, yer!

Di bawah ini adalah antara wajah-wajah me ngan stail pemakaian tudung atau selendang. Me rasa bosan dok menggayakan tudung cam gitu jer.

Nanti, nak buat makeover sikit. Ahaks!

Anda pula bagaimana gaya tudung menjadi pilihan hati?

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Good news early in the morning!

Remember this contest?

Well, we win 4th place! Soon, me can ‘smell awesome’ & Baby Hambali can pose with his new kopiah. Wink!

Thanks Kakyong for holding this contest & chosen me as one of the winners. 😛

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