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2 ‘BEAUTIES’ were used to be can’t live without & still do

Do you know what is that ‘thing’ above?

It is called
Celak Mekah. Works like an eyeliner.

I’m pretty sure that some of you do know that and probably has been using it. Anyone wants to confess that you have been using Celak Mekah too?

Believe it or not that Celak Mekah ‘has been’ with me since I think I was 11 years old. The content always refillable once it finished of course but the container up till today, roughly almost 20 years old! Ha,ha, now you know my age, huh? Nope. That is not exactly my age you’re guessing because I could’nt recall when I’m actually got it from my mom.

My mom actually obtained that from a friend whom went to Mecca (Mekah) to perform haj & as she got more than one, she gave one to me. When mom told me that applying Celak Mekah can brightened up eyes & cure ‘rabun’ (farsighted), I got all excited. Used to think that I can stop wearing my first and ugly spectacles back then.

Sigh…yeah, been using it every single day right after it became my possession till I learnt applying the commercial eyeliner after graduated from UiTM.

That long, huh? And my eyes? I’m still rabun okay. Ha!Ha!

It’s funny though how I could get away with the Celak Mekah during those school days but me, myself would caught few girls wearing ‘cutex’ (nail colours), jewelleries & make-up whenever we the school’s prefect did spot-check. Ha!Ha! I guess the possible explanation of my escapade, the Celak just ‘blend-in’ to my eyes!

Hemmm…such a nostalgic. Though, nowadays I wear my beloved celak once in a while when I ‘feel’ the longing & sometimes at home, it always be my favourite BEAUTIES.

Let’s move on to another BEAUTIES.


Still can’t figure it out what it is?

😛 It is….home-made face powder or famously known as BEDAK SEJUK.

The credit should goes to my mom. She is an expert making BEDAK SEJUK and me yet to learn how to make it from her. Planned to really learn it from her during the next long Raya holidays. That’s my wish. Not just observing but totally hands-on training. The process took some time, I mean up to one year, you know & the smell of half-finished production can be quiet nasty. Ah! What the heck. As long as I know how to make it before regretted not having the lesson.

You know, my 2 elder sisters never looked high on that BEDAK SEJUK but me as always think it is such a wonderful creation! It’s a very fine powder, smooth & silky to your skin plus the cooling effect. I stongly believe that over the years being a faithful user of it, it does help combat those nasty acne away. About being fairer? Yup. Strongly believe must be because of BEDAK SEJUK too.

Hemm….guess that the tradition never fades in me though how modernised I lead my life now. Some things remains special & true to my heart.

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