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Last day for MySuperKids Special Aidilfitri Giveaway

Ehhh…sempat lagi nak join..just make sure, sebelum pukul 11.59pm malam nanti, kay.

Ni my check list penyertaan so peluang nak menang tu bertambah!

1) Banner Contest? Awal2 lagi dah letak kat sidebar. Nampak tak gambar amoi yang cun tu?

2) Add blog MySuperKids kat blog roll? Sudah lama daaa…pengunjung tegarlah katakan

3) Wawarkan kat Facebook? Pun sudah…

4) Buat short entry? Sudah jugak sebelum raya haritu. Tak caya gi tengok older post.

5) Wawar kat Twitter? Baru sat tadi dah wawarkan.

6) Buat entry khas ngan linkback? Anda sedang membacanya pun! :>

So, anda di luar sana, kalau nak join kot2 dapat voucher petrol percuma, silalah pastikan perkara-perkara di atas telah dilakukan. Makin cerahlah peluang anda nak menang.

Nak tahu lebih lanjut, klik MySuperKids <= sini

Ha, tunggu apa lagi? Benda free tak nak ker?

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The Great Reusable Bag Giveaway by Tiny Tapir – Final Entry [SPREAD THE MESSAGE AROUND]

Would you like to win any of the above?

If so, just join this giveaway.
Do click the title below to grab the details.
It’s easy-peasy.
Hurry! Today is the last day, okay!


I did my 1st contest entry here and this is going to be my final entry!

I love collecting & using reusable bags. And, since I loved it so much, the 1st giveaway that I held in this Chatterbox, I have shared my passion with 5 other fellow bloggers who won my giveaway. Each of them received 1 reusable bag as picture below along with other prize.

See the 3 different messages but all carries the same values?

I feel proud whenever I lull around those bags be it for shopping or travelling as I know, indirectly I would ‘capture’ any eyes & transmit the meaningful sub-conscious reminder, I suppose. :>.

These 3 bags is always in my bag & all I need to do is just rolled them up & chuck them inside my bag. They would be available all the time, in case I need to do some shopping or purchasing, so I don’t have to force myself to use those nasty plastic bags!

And, when dear hubby returned home after attending any seminars or trainings, he would pass the goodies bag to me. I got lots but most of them are inside our car boot so these two only I managed to snap picture.

I noticed this ‘awareness’ received tremendous feedback from manufacturers & stores too and I did obtained some like picture below.

Having said that, if luck shall be on my side, winning those prizes as I mentioned above would definitely adds joy to my reusable bag collections & continuosly I spread the message around indirectly as always! 😛

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Toddler Monthly Notes: Your 16-Month-Old

Teaching the rules

* Be clear. Learning social rules, such as “Don’t bite”, “Stop making a mess” is particularly long & ongoing process. Toddlers have a short attention span, they respond best to concise & straightforward language that honestly convey your feeling.

* Let him experience consequences. Let’s say your toddler had just hurled the cereal bowl to you, rather you immediately clean up the mess, handed a napkin to your child & tell him to clean it up. It is best he can feel the effect of any havoc he wrecks.

* Redirect. If your child is making bonkers over some thing, move on to something else.Let your child go on with the tantrum & simply ignore while at the same time, you show he can have another thing or another choice to do something else. Don’t let him get his way all the time because you can’t stand the tantrum.

* Try a time-out. When all the former strategies fail, set time-out for two minutes in any designated time-out spot.Sometimes, you need two minutes away from your child too to cool off & collect yourself.

Building your toddler’s confidence

Your toddler always craves your approval. Here are few constructive ways to give it to him.

* Show him how to help you. An example is like cleaning up. Plenty of praise & positive feedback can influence child’s behaviour. It is also can give confidence boost from the feeling of mastery he achieves.

* Show him how to be resilient. Your toddler learn from how you react to certain situation when emergency or crisis arises. Show him to be quick to administer the hurt & pain like getting help rather than crying of self-pitiness. This builds his character on how to handle difficult situation.

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