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Babywearing : Getting to know types of Carriers

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Babywearing Definition from Wikipedia:-

Babywearing is the practice of wearing or carrying a baby or child in a sling or other form of carrier. Babywearing is far from new and has been practised for centuries around the world. In the industrialized world, babywearing has gained popularity in recent decades, partly under influence of advocates of attachment parenting; however, not all parents who babywear consider themselves attachment parents. Babywearing is a form of baby transport.

Types of Carriers:-

1. Ring Sling

A ring sling consists of a length of fabric with two rings at one end. The fabric is threaded through the rings to create a loop, and then placed over the wears head and one arm, so that it sits across the body from shoulder to opposite hip. The size of the sling can be adjusted to make a perfect fit for both carrier and baby, giving excellent support and comfort.

Ring slings can be used to carry baby lying down, as in a hammock, sitting facing in or out (in a “froggy” position, with legs crossed inside the fabric of the sling), or on the carrier’s hip. They are suitable from birth, and will usually last until baby is too heavy for your comfort. As they are a one-shouldered carrier, they can cause some discomfort when used with older, heavier babies or toddlers, or for prolonged periods.

2. Pouch

This is very similar to the ring sling, but the pouch sling is a fixed size, and it is very important to take accurate measurements prior to ordering a pouch sling so as to ensure a perfect fit (not usually a sling that mummy and daddy can share). Baby can be worn in the same positions as in a ring sling – lying down, on the hip or upright. There are no buckles or rings to fasten – it’s a case of pop it on and off you go! They are very convenient and usually fold up very small, so are fabulous for taking with you on shopping trips.

3. Mei Tai & Soft Structured Carrier

A mei tai is made from a square panel of fabric with straps are the top and bottom. The bottom straps go around the wearer’s waist and the top ones go over the shoulders, crossing on the back and being tied around the waist (either front, or crossing over again and going back round to the back). With a mei tai, the weight is taken through the hips, and distributed over both shoulders, so it tends to be more comfortable for older or heavier babies and toddlers. They can be used to carry babies on the front, back or hip, and due to the long straps, and lack of buckles, one size fits most. As with wraps and slings, mei tais carry baby in a natural seated position, which is best for their delicate spine and hip development, and also for their comfort.

If the tying sounds a bit fiddly for you, there are now some hybrid slings, known as Soft Structured Carriers, which are like mei tais but with buckles instead of long straps. These are a little easier to put on for a novice, but have the disadvantage of needing to be adjusted for different people. They are often not quite as supportive, or comfortable as some of the mei tais, so are less suitable for younger babies.

Mei Tai

Soft Structured Carrier (SSC)

4. Wraps

Wrap-around slings come in two varieties – stretchy and woven. They are both the same design, which is basically a long length of fabric. This is used to wrap around both you and baby, so as to fasten you together. The simplicity means that they can be used in a great many positions, with one size fitting all. It is generally accepted that woven are longer lasting, and the stretchy wraps can sag once baby becomes heavier. However, woven wraps can take a little more practice to perfect the tying, and stretchy wraps are considered a better option for novice wearers. They both work in a similar way to the mei tai, distributing the baby’s weight through the wearer’s hips and back, with the shoulders being used for support. They can look very daunting to the first time user.

. Baby Carrier

The structured carrier is probably what most new mums automatically think of when they think of a baby carrier. They are more structured than the other types, and therefore les flexible. They fasten using buckles, so need to be adjusted if you intend to share the babywearing, and can be a little fiddly to put on, particularly if they incorporate a harness which the baby sits in. Some of the newer styles can be worn in multiple positions, but most tend to be front-carry only, although baby can be carried facing outwards when they are a little older.

This type of carrier tends not to be as comfortable as other types, either for the wearer or the baby, due to the positioning of the baby – the baby can have a tendency to be supported through the spine, rather than the legs, putting undue pressure on the spine. In addition, many parents find this type becomes uncomfortable once their baby becomes slightly heavier, and puts strain on the wearer’s back, due to the way the weight is distributed.

Imagine yourself dangling with support & pressuring your crotch rather you being hold in sitting position. Other carriers than this type allowing baby & toddler in sitting position which is more natural & comfortable.

Note : Babywearer Moms (even Dads) will say ‘No’ to this type of carriers.

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Today’s Teaser : Say YES to GREEN LIVING

Have you had your lunch?

I’ve just ‘tapau’ (takeaway) an aromatic Chicken Rice from Homst & Ice Blended Caramel Latte from Starbucks. Oh, they just around the corner.

My main point is if you are always take-away your food, do bring your own lunch box (tupperware) & tumbler (water bottle) & reusable bag to carry them. Ditch those yucky styrofoam boxes & cups & plastic bags & cups.

Do it like my way…

REMEMBER : It is HEALTHIER for you &
HEALTHIER for your surrounding.

A frugal tip for you : If you enjoy gourmet coffee such ice blended at Starbucks like I do, purchase any of their nice-looking signature tumbler at one time & anytime you feel like having a drink there, don’t forget to bring this tumbler & fill your drink in it & you’ll get to enjoy RM 2.00 off from your drink purchase. I’m frequent patron of Starbucks & offer like this, is one thing I will ensure that I won’t miss!

By the way, they are doing campaign on bottle recycling. You can grab this as many as you like for free, of course!

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