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Be careful when choosing baby bottles

Getting a bottle for your baby, do look for those BPA free one.

What is BPA & why?

Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical that mimics the action of the human estrogen, can leach from polycarbonate plastic. A lot of studies has been conducted & briefly among the findings of effects of BPA found is as follows:

1. Early onset of puberty & stimulation of mammary gland development in females

2. Changes in gender-specific behaviour

3. Changes in hormones, including decreased testosterone

4. Increased prostrate size

5. Decrease sperm production

6. Altered immune function

7. Behavioral effects including hyperactivity, increased aggresiveness, impaired learning & other changes in behaviour.

8. Linked to impaired female reproductive development

9. May lead to miscarriage

10. May lead to obesity & diabetes.

If you like to read an in-depth about this, you can go to this link:-

Hanz’s Note : Orang dulu2 pakai botol kaca susukan anak. I saw one at Bangi Kopitiam among Kid’s Search Collectibles. It’s your safer bet but inconvenience somehow for out & about. Your child still needs milk eventhough you have stop breastfeeding. So, try train your child to drink milk in a cup as soon as can be.If finding BPA free is not easy, glass-based cup is the best!

Mama to Adik : Adik, Mama dah dapatkan adik botol baru, straw punyer.Nanti mesti minum EBM Mama tau! Jangan takmo2 aa…Mama pening kepala Adik takmo minum EBM tapi nak ‘fresh’ container jugak…Camno dik, Mama kan keje…sedih Mama bekalkan Adik EBM tapi Adik liat nak perabihkan…

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Today’s Teaser : I Love 100Yen & Daiso so much!!

Last Friday evening after attended Open Company (Open House) at Puchong, insisted to dear hubby to drop by 100 Yen. Regretted the other day, when we went there I did’nt bought the cutleries set, so that evening with the 2 boys tagged along, me shopping spree again! Oh…hubby also likewise only him mostly car accessories, not in pics.

The following day, met Chin Nee at The Curve to pick the ordered Cloth Panty Liners (wink!) & coincidentally, The Malaysian Babywearing Forum were having Babywearing Walk in conjunction the former World Babywearing Celebration. I love to join but we were too busy with house moving & I was there alone too & in a hurry but won’t miss the chance to visit Daiso. LOL!!

Just my luck they were restocking on the very same day! I was soooo estatic! Being greedy I grabbed so much but thanks the frugality in me, I had to wisely choose & constantly self-reminding, not more than RM 50 after spent RM 25 at 100 Yen earlier. Okay in total for both places RM 65, those were my recent splurge! I’m glad that I managed to find the Baran (separator) + Stencils just like I’ve been thinking to buy at ebay, the various animals sauce bottles with pump, the mayonnaise case, another bento strap in Penguin look, bigger size insulated tote bag for me, 50 fork-stlye vege picks, 15 flag-style animals picks & Cloth Wipes cases for me.

Next month, Bento-ing must be on!

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