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Toddler Monthly Notes: Your 17-Month-Old

Separations & that special blankie

Has your toddler yet chosen a special teddy or blankie to help him weather life’s more stressful moments, like your leaving him with a babysitter or taking him for shots? If it hasn’t already, that special lovey or ‘comfort’ object will become one of the most important, if not the most important items in your household for some time to come.

Somewhere between the ages of 15 & 19 months, a toddler becomes capable of forming a mental image of you that he can conjure up when you’re around. Unfortunately, that mental image may not always be sufficient to sustain him emotionally during even the briefest separation like you need to run upstairs to grab a diaper.

A comfort object won’t magically stop child’s tears or prevent your child from feeling anxiety, but once your’re away, it can make your absence that much more tolerable.If she can’t always rely on you to be next to her at every waking moment, well then your child may as well turn to the comfort object.

To enhance your toddler’s comfort factor when you’re not around, encourage your child to use the object for role-play. Say,”Time for Teddy to go to sleep.” Together, tuck the teddy inside a blanket, read him favourite book & give him a hug & kiss. Then allow him to help you turn off the lights & say good night.

Let your child take the comfort object along with him on those errands & trips that can seem disconcertingly unpredictable to your toddler. If you deprive him of a comfort object, you send a message that he’ll just have to cope when he’s feeling uncomfortable or you’re not around. Your child is unlikely to outgrow his object of affection at any time soon.

More comfort

Sometimes, it can seem as though your 17-month-old is on a roller-coaster ride with his emotions- deliriously happy one moment , cranky & distressed the next. That’s perfectly normal & what he needs is for you to stay close to him on that ride. At 17month, your child obviously has an intense need for a great deal of attention & affection from you. Here are few more ways to achieve that:

* Graduate to hide & seek. The simple peek-a-boo game that your child adored as a baby does’nt mean that it does’nt appreciate it any more.Chase your toddler from one room to the next. Act extremely surprised & delighted to see him.

* If you’re pregnant, feel free to talk about the new baby coming. Your 17 month old may not comprehend the event, there’s no harm in talking casually about it & sharing books with your toddler that may help familiarize the concept of becoming a big brother.

Hanz’s Share : The Lion, the soft cuddly toy & 2 pillows are Baby Hambali’s comfort object. Orang tua2 panggil bantal busuk, kan? The bantal is more towards sleeping & substitute of Lion at his Nursery as we don’t want him to bring the Lion there due to many reasons. But, to other places, yes, we bring the Lion.It does help him to understand as sometimes, we use the The Lion to teach. For example if he is reluctant to sleep, we said out loud,”Lion nak tidur.Adik tak nak tidur dengan Lion?” This gesture, to the extent, he handed his Lion to my boob so the Lion can get fair share of Nenen as well. Hilarious!! But, it does make sense.

October 21, 2009 - Posted by | Hanz's Notes, Just Toddler, Parenting in General


  1. yes ler sis.. kietr pon ada gak brg kesanayngn..kalo tinggal mc tak elngkapmidop..anak kecik lagi..taktaule dah ada brg ksyg ke blom..yg pasti blom lgi ada bantal bucuk…

    Comment by asmieyra | October 21, 2009 | Reply

  2. anak saya tak de istilah bantal busuk or barang kesayangan..tu yg susah skit nk tinggal…kesayangan dia mama dia ni la, pantang hilang bayang / bau..mesti nangis… 🙂

    Comment by anamarza | October 21, 2009 | Reply

  3. Asymiera…budak kecik pun kena treat cam adult jugak in other words, respect hak dia..only responsibility yang lesser..tak semestinya bantal, kalau nak bagi nampak ok untuk dibawa ke mana, macam teddy bear atau blanket saiz sederhana pun boleh…

    Comment by Hanz | October 21, 2009 | Reply

  4. Ana, me dulu pun x suka istilah bantal busuk ni & for my 1st born, tak pernah ader benda2 camni, this 2nd one, Opah dia yg ajar bantal busuk with much reluctance by me so I switched to the Lion.Better in looks I suppose! :>

    Comment by Hanz | October 21, 2009 | Reply

  5. anak akak yg sulung memang tak penah diajar pun ngan bantal busuk n slimut busuk segala…mudah sgt tdo camtu ja…time kakak..ntah macam mana siatok dah hadiahkan bantal cumel…kakak syg sgt bantal tu..kesana sini ngan bantal tu..trus jadi bantal busuk..tak kasi basuh lak tu…tension daku…dia tdo ja cepat2 ku masuk mesin..nampak la sikit kesucian bantal tu…seblom ni dicemari ngan tumpahan susu n air liur..hehehe…adik lak ada slimut..kalo takdak slimut tu susah dia nak zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Comment by MaMaSyAzA | October 21, 2009 | Reply

  6. My son, do not have any preference with hus "bantal busuk". As long as the pillow is blue in colour and its soft, easy for him to "gentel".. 😀

    Comment by SueRosly | October 21, 2009 | Reply

  7. K.Su, ha,ha, lawak bab kesucian tu, boleh bayangkan camner..nak crita happened to my nephew, anak abang yang sulung, ada bantal busuk bentuk pensel berkepala arnab, sekali lalu kat highway terjatuh, gi kutip balik setelah digelek oleh lori balak. Haru!!

    Comment by Hanz | October 21, 2009 | Reply

  8. Sue, same here..naper budak2 suka gentel2 especially boys…he,he..teruk!! Ahaks!

    Comment by Hanz | October 21, 2009 | Reply

  9. Airyll pun ade lembu tompok2 as his bantal busuk. pi mane2 usung. hehe. siap gosok2 hidng dgn tgn lembu time nak tidur..:)

    Comment by azzamoro | October 21, 2009 | Reply

  10. ekekke kelakar la part bawak lion utk nene sekali tu..syg sgguh baby hambali dgn lion nyer ye eheh

    Comment by yatie chomeyl | October 21, 2009 | Reply

  11. Azza, bonding! he,he…

    Comment by Hanz | October 22, 2009 | Reply

  12. Yatie..Hambali rasa Lion dia deserve to nenen too…best friend, kan? wink!

    Comment by Hanz | October 22, 2009 | Reply

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