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Review on Baby & Toddler Educational Videos

Baby Hambali is also homeschooling & among age-appropriateness tools we used for his HS are books, toys and educational videos. Initially, he was not so into watching videos as he is more mobile & active than his brother at this age. Plus, Baby Hambali’s attention span is lesser.But, I’m still keen on getting him to sit still (fully focus) for few minutes to enjoy the show & educational purposes in mind.Finally, now he’s addicted! Ha! Ha!

Baby Hambali : Tulah Mama nak sangat Adik tengok VCD, kan? Kang adik dah ketagih. Asal balik rumah vcd adik mesti on..bangun pagi pun vcd adik mesti on. Padan muka Mama tak dapat tengok tv…he,he..

This review is based on Baby Hambali’s preferences & from the eye of certified educator cum mother. :D

Bee Smart Vocabulary Builder

Age range : 2 months to 36months

Duration : 28 minutes

Features : This video series will helps infants begin to categorize objects & to build word meanings by providing multiple & varied examples of examples of each vocabulary word. These cognitive skills will impact your child’s language development for years to come. It is a great intoduction starter pack for setting your child on the road to learning & discovery with wonderful classical music by Mozart, Handel, Haydn & more.

Verdict: Baby Hambali can stay watching those for 5 minutes then off wandering about. I found it bored too as the background music a bit slow & no graphic illustration with bright pictures to pass on. And, I don’t get it why it must be repeated the whole session before the videos end. Baby & toddler must do revision, is it? Gosh! They should know that a very young child’s attention span is very short.

Rating : 2 star out of 5

Brainy Baby

Age range : 6-36 months

Duration : 45 minutes

Features : The Brainy Baby Learning Library is the pioneer in infant development videos. It is the first video series that can help stimulate cognitive development.

Verdict : Though the duration is long, we found it never bored us till the end. We love that it features other babies as we know babies love to watch & learn from other children at play. Also entertining as brightly colored objects help develop cognitive skills & spatial reasoning. Additionally, featuring fascinating animation with real life objects babies recognize.

Very entertaining, simple, straight to the point. I love it that the fact it has range topics chosen age-appropriateness. The background music too is catchy. Baby Hambali will dance when he heard upbeat music is on.

Rating : 4.5 star out of 5

So Smart

Age range : 3 to 36 months

Duration : 30 minutes

Features : Bright, bold animated scenes & an appropriate pace for little ones totally suits young babies. A playful music soundtrack young children & parents will love. Simple stories without any voice / narrator as it needs the parents / child-minder to do the interpretation, interaction & improvise the subject that grow with the child’s age.

Verdict : The first & foremost videos I’ve introduced to both my boys & it never failed to educate & entertain them! Hanafi loves it since the age of 4 months till now at 5 years old & his little brother feels the same way too since 6 months old till now. Feeding time would be less stressful if we just on this videos for Hambali & he seems ‘moved’ by it. I must emphasise it’s the bright illustration that captures any child’s attention span. No interruption of human voice in it!

Rating : 5 star!

Baby Einstein

Age range : Varies according to topics

Duration : 20 minutes

Features : Combined topics with funny puppet shows & sound effects, computer animated clown & captivating real-world visuals & accompanied by the beautiful classical music.

Verdict : I enjoy it too! Simple, catchy, bright illustration & this is the videos that Baby Hambali can stay watching till it ends. Very,very entertaining & educating.Must get more as varieties of topics available & age-appropriateness!

Rating : 5 star!

Hanz’s Note : Previous chat, I have shared on tips to introduce & getting your child to utilise the videos wisely. Click here :=> The Idiot Box Can Babysit Your Child.

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Cloth Diaper for Sale!

Hi All! I am letting go all these diapers as they are in wrong sizing for Baby Hambali. Barely wear on Hambali as I found they looked ‘funny’ on him. Besides, want to make room for new size diapers. Baby Hambali is upsizing most of his CDs now…All prices stated already inclusive shipping price (RM 5.00) Details as follows:-


Original price : RM 75.00
Size : XL
Colour : Light Blue
Letting go at RM 50.00 only
Note : This is trim & fit style of diaper.
If your baby is on L size for other brand either pocket or AIO,
this one will fit nicely.

Mommy’s Touch Easy Clean One-Size Pocket

Original price : RM 67.00
Letting go at RM 40.00 only
Colour : Magenta
Note : Insert not included.

Wonder Works One-Size Pocket

Original price : About RM 50.00 above
Colour : Light soft green
Letting go at RM 30.00 only
Note : Insert is not included.

Special price: Buy all 3, pay only RM 110.00.

Interested buyer, kindly email me at

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