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TheHoneybunch Marketplace is here for you!!!


Please make way & welcome the launching of my so-called Blogshop! hahaha..

I’ve created this “to-sell-things” blog since August this year but only, finally materialise it almost beginning of November. Lots of books, some maternity wear & nursing wear, some baby items & other stuff as well.

Just go to
or click here =>
TheHoneybunch Marketplace

Please….a lot of hiccups & nitty-gritty stuff is still under the way. Nevertheless, it is ready for you and do take note all items I have posted up to this point is preloved. When I said preloved, meaning that I took care of ‘them’ with tender loving care.

Rest assured, I am letting it go as some I believe needs a new home & can benefit others & as for the clothing..I outgrew them (ahem..I lose weight).

More items even new items will be announce from time to time and in fact I will offered few services that I am capable of (credential & gift from Allah). Just stay tuned, ya!

Psssttt…I offered price as low as RM 3.00. Tak mau ka? :>

October 28, 2009 Posted by | Hanz is up to..., Promotion / Sales, The Honeybunch Marketplace | 9 Comments