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What makes me convert to Reusable Sanitary Cloth Pad

I’m just like you! The thinking of needing to wash sanitary pad leaves me YUCKY feeling. Plus, I have doubt whether the cloth pad can hold my flow and contain the power just like the disposable pad. The ABSORPTION POWER, I mean.

That was before. It took a bit of guilty feeling and some courage to switch. Guilty? Of course! I’ve been cloth diapering my lil tot for more than a year but why I did’nt cloth me, myself?

Before, cloth pad was the last thing on my mind because..
* Being a nursing mom, my menses came late and when it finally came, it was so little and last less than 5 days averagely.

* Doubt on cloth pad performance compared to the disposables one.

* Most available cloth pad for a one piece only, the price kinda puts me off. Just like cloth diapers, you need it a lot. As most online shops are selling those imported ones, the price can be pricey.

* I have no idea how it works and don’t bother to search.

* No budget. The budget goes to cloth diaper stashes.

* Just plain lazy thinking of additional loads to wash.

( my list here same like you?)

Hemm…guess blogging done me good and reading posting about the hazardous of using disposable pads & some reviews on cloth pads, made me rethink.

So I accused myself. You there, sudah cloth diapering, bila nak cloth pad yourself? hahahaha.Padan muka sendiri bagi kesedaran. Wake-up call, aye?

So, the initial purchases of my cloth pad were all from our local makers. Support Malaysian-made products. Besides being cheaper, it is easier for you to communicate with the makers. It boost some confidence, right?

Well, I’ve used those cloth pads and I would say that I am one happy user of cloth pad. Even the washing part is not a problem to me at all.Just like the cloth diaper, the sun is the powerful natural bleacher to remove stubborn stain.I was amazed too that wearing one made me feels like I’m wearing none.And, no smell too.Somehow,it cuts the flow days!These are the reasons that contributed to my decision on never to look back to disposable sanitary pad again.

Soon, I will chat on how to care cloth pad & some cloth pad reviews too.


November 4, 2009 Posted by | Beauty and Feminity, Green Living | 15 Comments