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MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby In Nature Contest

“Reminder for TheHoneybunch Family to live by & share it with others…

Nothing more than


TTerrific to be
UUnleash from the
RRat-race & mesmerize by the
EEarth beneath our feet

* Picture worth a thousand words *

Have you forgotten what is being like to witness the simple & breathtaking greenery lies in front of you?

Have you forgotten what is being like to sniff the warm cool breeze?

Have you forgotten what is being like to hear the chirping of merry birds dangling above your head?

Have you forgotten what is being like to taste the undescribable-taste of leaves?

Have you forgotten what is being like to touch the smooth satin-like grass that you hardly step on it?

Let your child be your reminder on how much you missed all of the above!

Bring them out to the
nature & the nature & your child will interacts without much interference from you.

Your child will be your Best Teacher for you to STOP! and sniff the flowers.

Nature appreciation activity is important to your child as all of your child’s senses will be stimulated & boost up their nature intelligence & promotes healthy well-being in their growing years.

Hanz’s Note : This is my presentation of my participation in MomBloggersPlanet November Cutest Baby in Nature Contest.

Details of picture as follows:

Name of Baby in Picture : Hambali bin Hasrat

Date of Birth : 12th of June, 2008

Picture’s Location : Taman Tasik Seremban

The Story Behind this picture : That was the first ever we brought Baby Hambali along with his 5 years old brother outdoor. First time experience for Baby Hambali but countless time for his big brother.We did’nt do any specific activity just ‘lazing’ around there and let Baby Hambali roaming about, crawled under the watchful eyes of both his parents. Just in case, he put every single thing he found inside his mouth! LOL! It could be dangerous! After that activity we made a mental note to do it often for the benefits of our family.

This Contest is…..

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How to wear & care Cloth Pad

1.The first time you got your cloth pad (CP), please wash it first either hand-wash or toss them in the washing machine.

2. Snap the CP just like the pic below.

Picture credits to Mama Patch

3. It is essential to get a Wetbag to chuck soiled CP especially if you are working, out & about or in other words you doesn’t stay at home 24 hours a day.

I got my wetbag from Mum7Kids who produced the Saffa Pad for RM 15.00. It is made from Flannel PUL & the size is 8 inch X 8 inch and can store up to 7 CPs.

Then, by luck I stumbled this Dual Bag which I improvised it to be my very-the-handy-&-small wetbag so that I can put the fresh CP on one side & the soiled CP on the other side. Got it from Guardian for RM 11 & measured 5.5 inch X 4 inch, can store either 3 Regular CP OR 2 Panty Liner & 2 Regular CP. Fits in my handbag nicely.Dual wetbag is also available at Mama Patch.

4. Rinsed soiled CP under running water until water runs clear before chuck them in the wetbag.Make sure you wring them dry enough before temporary storing to bring back for further washing. Fold them up to save storing space.No worries about smell and you will be surprised soiled CP does not smell inside your wetbag.

5. During laundry, you can choose either to soak them for few minutes to remove stubborn stain or wash them immediately. You can either hand wash them together with your undies or toss them in the washing machine.

6. DO NOT SCRUB your CP.This will spoiled your CP durability.Light rubbing by hand is the best with frequent rinsing.You can also add a pinch of salt in the soaked CP in case there’s stubborn stain. NEVER EVER use Softener or Clorox as this can damage the CP fabric.

7. The Sun is the best bleacher just like it does to cloth diaper. Based on CP user’s experience sharing, recommended to wear your CP up to 4 hours on normal flow & less than 4 hours during the heaviest days.So roughly about 5 to 6 CP is needed during the heavy flow & 2-3 CP on the normal days and 1-2 on the lighter days.So no worries about leaking.You know your body best!

Next : Sneak peak on various type of Cloth Pad

Disclaimer : Not a paid review.Information based on personal experiences plus obtained from Mama Patch & Mum7Kids.

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