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Backup Blog "Find The White Rabbit" Party

We were there last Saturday at Subang Square around 3.00 pm. AliceWonders had this “Find The White Rabbit” event, whereby 3 Lucky attendees could walk away with Free Bag from Alice Hearts Collection.Loads of AliceWonders’s bags was on sale!

Ming from Malaysian Dream Girl season 2 were there & me had a moment of posing with her.She’s the one who modeled those AliceWonders bags!

“She’s adorable, ain’t she?

As Farah & I had set up our date, we had fun with the ‘Treasure Hunt’ but luck were not on our side. Lepak-ing for some time & while wondering where on earth was Lyna, she arrived finally.

Farah, me & Mommy Lyna

After the three of us parted, initially, me suggested to hubby to head to Subang Parade but then remembered about the WatchShoppe Voucher, so we headed Tropicana City Mall instead.

Baby Hambali was so sleepy….

A new organic product is just entering the Malaysian market and here me showing my support on eco-friendly products.

He, boys were getting grumpy…

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It’s finally ended & time for judging

Chatterbox 1st Anniversary Giveaway has ended. So we have 19 confirmed participants as one participant has been disqualified.

Let’s give it a week for dear hubby of moi to go through each entry before he choose 3 winners!Hopefully I can keep my promise to announce it by 23rd of November.

I will up special chat for this responding to each participant’s reviews & such…

Phew! Thank you for your support Chit-chatters!

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Chatterbox 1st Anniversary GIVEAWAY Updates [STICKY MODE]

Here is some updates of my current giveaway..

List of participants :-

1. Miela77 => Step 3 did’nt done
2. AlohaMolly – Early Bird Winners
3. littlemama – Early Bird Winners
4. adianiezAIDA – Early Bird Winners
5. Sherry
6. Asymiera
7. Jiji
8. nikhazifah
9. Sidratul Muntaha
10. Mama Miya aka Jedi Hopeful
11. anamarza
12. Mommy Lyna
13. Farah
14. Mama Danial and Eva
15. Elissmie
16. Nelcydana
17. Yatie Chomeyl
18. Nadnye
19. Doc Hanim
20. Siti Sifir10

This list will be updated from time to time till giveaway ends.

P/S – Those that I mentioned about Step 3 not yet, please take note. And, Early Bird Winners are still running for the whole giveaway too!

And here is the good news! Your (might be) finally finalize Giveaway Gifts is here!! And, to give some confidence boost to those yet to participate! Wink! Just wait when the winner is announce once Mr Hubby select the 3 winners.Insya-Allah, winners will be announced latest on 23rd Nov, 09.

Hanz’s Note : Countdown to 3 days more! :> Remember deadline is on 15th Nov, 09 by 11:59pm (Malaysian Time)

Psst..postive komen saja ka? Negative takda ka?

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