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Buku Inspirasi Contest

Sebagai permulaan, saya cuma nak laungkan…

“Buku itu milik saya!”

“Puan Masayu. Jadikanlah keyakinan saya itu satu kenyataan, ya.
Terima kasih… :D

Seterusnya, berikut adalah sedikit jawapan untuk soalan-soalan yang perlu saya jawab untuk penyertaan ‘contest’ ni…

1.Apakah status anda kini?

Saya wanita bekerjaya sedang menjinak-jinakkan diri dengan pendapatan sampingan supaya sterusnya saya berkemampuan laksanakan dengan sepenuhnya kerjaya yang tidak memerlukan saya berjauhan daripada keluarga.

2.Apakah impian anda pada masa hadapan?

Mahu menjana pendapatan sendiri dan memiliki perniagaan sendiri di mana keluarga tetap menjadi keutamaan. Saya tidak mahu terikat dengan waktu kerja yang tetap dan memaksa saya berjauhan daripada anak-anak. Saya mahu mengoptimumkan kepakaran dan ilmu saya dengan sepenuhnya.

Syarat2 lain:
1) Follow blog (BERES)
2) List blog (BERES. Ada dalam senarai “Hanz take a peek here…” di sebelah sidebar yang kiri)
3) Letakkan buku pilihan di sidebar (BERES. Ada di sebelah sidebar kanan)
4) Tinggalkan link penyertaan ‘contest’ di komen blog Puan Masayu, (BERES)

Buat masa ini, saya pergunakan sepenuhnya masa yang terluang dengan blog saya atau lebih mesra dipanggil Chatterbox yang baru nak masuk setahun ni. Saya pun baru bina satu lagi blog (TheHoneybunch Marketplace) sebagai satu langkah ke arah mencapai matlamat saya seterusnya. Masih banyak yang saya perlu pelajari tentang selok-belok blog dan buku sebegini pasti dapat membantu saya.

Saya suka sangat baca buku dan buku sebegini adalah antara buku yang sememangnya antara yang tersenarai dalam pencarian ilmu saya. Tak percaya cuba tengok under “Hanz chit-chat about…” di sidebar kanan ada label Hanz in Reading. :D Kat sebelah kiri sidebar pulak ada widget antara buku yang saya baca dan miliki juga… :D

Menyertai ‘contest’ sebegini ibarat “Sudah ngantuk disorongkan bantal” lagaknya saya. Terima kasih Puan Masayu!

Hanz’s Note : Chit-chatters, mari meriahkan contest ni. Best tau! Terjah jangan tak terjah blog Puan Masayu. <= click here

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MomBloggersPlanet is not just a blog!

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Do you have what it takes to be just like what the above badge is showing?

And, will you be interested to become one? So what are you waiting for? Just click the above badge and submit your application to littlemama!

And do you aware of the latest features of MomBloggersPlanet (MBP) has offer us, the Malaysian Bloggers Mom?

littlemama has created Asklittlemama whereby you can ask away any question that relates with blogosphere! Here it is located.

Another new addition features available in MBP is Mom’s Forum.

As always , I bet if you are already MBP members, this tiny lil cute badge must be in your blog or site already.

By now you should know the existence of BlogDirectory & MarketPlace as well.

Get your blog to be review if you believe room for improvements for your beloved blog. The first batch of blog review requester had just over and the second batch will be up next. I had my blog review last July and got this cute lil badge!

What else? Oh, do your part to refer MBP and perhaps you could be the Top Referrer of the month and your blog will be featured in MBP with this badge to confirm with! Cool huh?

Well, I had my break being one of the Top 10 Referrer for last February & March 2009. It is great to boost your blog popularity but being featured is greater!
Finally, definitely MBP always come out with cool contest & giveaway and you can even check-out the current giveaway by other bloggers too at MBP. Cutest Baby in Planet is a phenomenal to Malaysian Bloggers Moms!
Well, do I still need to convince you that MBP is not just a blog? Wink!

Hanz’s Note : Just click-click the MBP badge on my left sidebar, ya…Thanks!

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How to be FRUGALicious & maintain FRUGALicious like Hanz

The first time I heard the word ‘Frugalicious’ was from littlemama. Never know back then you can be frugal & delicious at the same time! Ha! Ha! Then, I realized, hey all these time, I am being frugal & maintaining delicious so it became Frugalicious. The word Frugalicious now becomes one of my favourite word.

Love to share with my Chit-chatters how I do my Frugalicious. Do take note though, that it probably applies to people with medium-income like me-lah (makan gaji) & if you can afford more, no need to follow my tips-lah. I might appear stingy & cheapskate to you but to me, I just being Frugalicious! To those who think what I’m about to share is useful, let me know, ya? Love to hear from you too!

DISCLAIMER : Not a paid advertisement or product reviews from any parties. Just my personal usage & sharing.

1. Items and necessities that you frequently used and must need in your life, switch from disposable to reusable. Most common example, tissues and baby wipes can be switch to cloth wipes, sanitary cloth pad to replace disposable pad and cloth diaper is cheaper compared to disposable diaper in the long run!

2. Obtain membership from those shops and stores that you frequent to so that you can collect points and redeem for discount voucher to be use on your next purchase or get discounted items by points deduction.

We always purchase VCDs & DVDs as one form of entertainment & homeschooling tools & Video Ezy help us save. I have redeemed many times for discount voucher & products too fromthe other outlets.

3. Get membership card like Bonuslink where you can collect points at many participating outlets and not only you will be able to redeem voucher and items but enjoy other benefits too.

So far, I bought lots of cheaper stuff using Parkson voucher. I remember there’s one time I only paid RM17 for Lego set for my boys after deduction through RM 50 Parkson voucher & 20% discount offered for RM100 plus off it’s original price. I bought lots of Fisher-Price toys too as I know Fisher Price toys is durable. Also many branded items like clothes and shoes by these way.

Now, after a year plus, having Tesco card, I am enjoying the cash rebate we have accumulated by points collected in using Reusable Bag Campaign. Plus, from time to time, products on offer would be informed to you.

4. Buy in bulk for items that you can’t live without like household cleaning items and toiletries.
You will save some money & spare it for others for your following month grocery trips. Buy refill instead as it is cheaper and you cut down wastage too.

As for us, we always buy refill for shower foam.

5. Use shopping voucher that you obtained from common stores like Parkson and Jaya Jusco to buy branded items.

6. Always do window shopping or online check-out peep-in on your favourite store as they might give offer that you will never know it could be good to you. Subscribe for newsletter for latest updates.

As for me I simply love book-shopping at Acmamall and I am one of their subscribers. They do not only make books that hard to get available but they always have sale and discount ongoing from time to time and rebates that you can obtain as they offer cashdollar deduction.

7. Go for second-best rate products but quality check hardly noticeable. You might fancy Coach handbags, Gucci sunglasses and Hush & Puppy shoes but nowadays many brick & mortar shop & even blogshops can offer lesser price for those branded items.

8. “All is RM 5” shop like Daiso & 100 Yen is a must-visit. You will never know what frugalicious items you might get from there. A visit to Flea Market, Garage Sale and Car Boot sale is a must too!

9.For an event, appointment, gathering or outing, try to wear at least one branded items that is definite an eye-catcher especially watch, shoes and handbag and accessories as well. Cleverly mix & match can camouflage the entire look and people usually will miss knowing you have put on cheap & expensive items together. Afterall, you are not Paris Hilton whom can afford to wear branded items from head to toe, right?

10. Never get tired of participating and entering as many contest as you like. Press your luck, crack your brain and hope for the best. You might win fantastic prizes!

Those are some of my winning prizes for these years!

Happy Frugalicious!

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