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Why I Wish To Have A PORTRAITURE-SESSION With TripletsplusOne

Dear Munirah aka Mommy of TripletPlusOne,

Thank you for holding this Great Giveaway. Your giveaway is an answer to my inner wish that I’ve been holding back as none suits my needs.

Please make my wish came true. The following are my reasons on..

“Why I wish to have a Portraiture Session with TripletPlusOne”

1. I am one classic example of extreme-case lousy photographer. In the past, at present, perhaps in the future??? (unless I sign-up for photography class but still that would be the least things I want to do)

2. Despite having a digital camera, a gift from dear hubby beginning of this year to support me with my new passion which is blogging, I’m yet to master it’s features. My camera is Olympus 10.0 Mega Pixels. (Sorry Sayang, give me some time, kay…)

3. I don’t envy those having DSLR & what’s-in-the-name-latest gadget in photography because I know it would still be useless to me. But, I do envy those who managed to snap awesome pictures and secretly wishing I possess that TALENT!

4.Our plan to have a Family photo shoot in a studio this year Hari Raya was backfired and I’m crushed that plan still did’nt materialized till now.

5. I desperately needed a BREAKAWAY from this hectic life and my idea of breakaway is to spend time with my family with lots of trees, seas, breeze & sun and have it locked in one session of moment with lots of photos so that I can re-visit!

6. I want to enter many,many,many Contest & Giveaway that revolves around baby & kiddies pictures. Awesome pictures meaning my winning chance is higher! Creative entry is insufficient you see!

7. Did I tell you that I envy you, Munirah a.k.a. Mommy of TripletPlusOne for your talents & skills? Your photos looks as if I am exactly THERE! To you out there, believe what I’m saying as I guarantee you will envy them too. Just give a visit to Munirah’s blog <= Click here.

8. Last but not least, I STRONGLY believe there’s a whole lots more I can do to the quality of these CANDID pictures of MyBoys…

Finally, please accept my participation for your giveaway. Once again, thank you and happy snap2 pictures! Keep it up!

Yours truly,

P/S : Chit-chatters, this great giveaway ends on 21st November. Hurry and don’t miss it! You might win these prizes!


2nd Place: RM150 Voucher

3rd Place: RM100 Voucer

*voucher is not valid for the Special Delivery: Fresh from Oven session

**Those outside KL who wish to participate are most welcome, however portraiture session will be held in KL.

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BabyKidsLove Contest

I love putting on Cloth Diaper & dressing up my Baby Hambali in leggings. Cloth Diaper & legging to me goes together very well. I don’t need to spend on short pants & long pants for him as all I need is cloth diaper & leggings! Plus, I get all the fun trying to find which cloth diaper match with which leggings. :D

If the day is hot, just a cloth diaper & shirt will do. If the day is cold or nighttime or when we are outside from home, I will put on leggings to Baby Hambali. Blogger friends who met me & my bunch will confirmed about Baby Hambali’s attire!

Here are some pictures of Baby Hambali in leggings….

Do you love putting on leggings for your baby too? If so, let’s join this fantastic contest by BabyKidsLove Online Boutique.

Just click the banner below and you will be directed to the contest page definitely!

Hurry! This contest ends on 30th November, 09 and interesting prizes not to be missed!

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Charity & Giveaway goes together by MySunshine2U

Do you like this Bento Starter Kit?
How about another Bento Starter Kit?

This one is likeable Bento Starter Kit as well, right?

Join Mysunshine2u Giveaway & Cloth Diaper fund for Rumah Titian Ashraful Rohaniah & you could be one of the 3 Winners of any of the above Bento Starter Kit!

That is not all. Spread around this giveaway, you are doing charity by creating awareness to others.

It’s about time we remind ourselves that not all people leading a life on Bed of Roses.

For contest details, please click the MySunshine2u banner & background on Rumah Titian Ashhraful Rohaniah, please click its banner.

This Charity Giveaway ends on 20th of November,09
(Friday) at 12 midnite. Hurry!

November 17, 2009 Posted by | Bento, Hanz in Contest, Hanz's Feelings | Leave a comment "Find The White Rabbit" Party

We were there last Saturday at Subang Square around 3.00 pm. AliceWonders had this “Find The White Rabbit” event, whereby 3 Lucky attendees could walk away with Free Bag from Alice Hearts Collection.Loads of AliceWonders’s bags was on sale!

Ming from Malaysian Dream Girl season 2 were there & me had a moment of posing with her.She’s the one who modeled those AliceWonders bags!

“She’s adorable, ain’t she?

As Farah & I had set up our date, we had fun with the ‘Treasure Hunt’ but luck were not on our side. Lepak-ing for some time & while wondering where on earth was Lyna, she arrived finally.

Farah, me & Mommy Lyna

After the three of us parted, initially, me suggested to hubby to head to Subang Parade but then remembered about the WatchShoppe Voucher, so we headed Tropicana City Mall instead.

Baby Hambali was so sleepy….

A new organic product is just entering the Malaysian market and here me showing my support on eco-friendly products.

He, boys were getting grumpy…

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It’s finally ended & time for judging

Chatterbox 1st Anniversary Giveaway has ended. So we have 19 confirmed participants as one participant has been disqualified.

Let’s give it a week for dear hubby of moi to go through each entry before he choose 3 winners!Hopefully I can keep my promise to announce it by 23rd of November.

I will up special chat for this responding to each participant’s reviews & such…

Phew! Thank you for your support Chit-chatters!

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Chatterbox 1st Anniversary GIVEAWAY Updates [STICKY MODE]

Here is some updates of my current giveaway..

List of participants :-

1. Miela77 => Step 3 did’nt done
2. AlohaMolly – Early Bird Winners
3. littlemama – Early Bird Winners
4. adianiezAIDA – Early Bird Winners
5. Sherry
6. Asymiera
7. Jiji
8. nikhazifah
9. Sidratul Muntaha
10. Mama Miya aka Jedi Hopeful
11. anamarza
12. Mommy Lyna
13. Farah
14. Mama Danial and Eva
15. Elissmie
16. Nelcydana
17. Yatie Chomeyl
18. Nadnye
19. Doc Hanim
20. Siti Sifir10

This list will be updated from time to time till giveaway ends.

P/S – Those that I mentioned about Step 3 not yet, please take note. And, Early Bird Winners are still running for the whole giveaway too!

And here is the good news! Your (might be) finally finalize Giveaway Gifts is here!! And, to give some confidence boost to those yet to participate! Wink! Just wait when the winner is announce once Mr Hubby select the 3 winners.Insya-Allah, winners will be announced latest on 23rd Nov, 09.

Hanz’s Note : Countdown to 3 days more! :> Remember deadline is on 15th Nov, 09 by 11:59pm (Malaysian Time)

Psst..postive komen saja ka? Negative takda ka?

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[STICKY MODE] Chatterbox 1st Anniversary Giveaway


I love to announce this blog of mine, or fondly referred as Chatterbox the very 1st Anniversary Giveaway. Soon, my beloved Chatterbox will be having new look so in order to upgrade, I love to hear your say!

How? 3 Simple Steps for you to join this easy-peasy giveaway! Just…

(1) Write a post / entry in your own blog promoting my giveaway. Just 1 post. Please make sure, you include linkable this giveaway link & my Chatterbox link as well.

(2) Visit this Chatterbox as often as you like & by all means, for any post you will find it usefulness, help yourself to it but please let me know. I love to share anything that I know or experienced with others. Do get to know this Chatterbox & me, so…you can provide your opinion, views, ideas or whatever feedbacks, be positive or negative, I’m ok with it. :D

READ : ONLY this Chatterbox CONTENTS. I repeat, just the CONTENT (post/chat). Whether as overall, specific or based in certain subject. Don’t comment any other things like layout, navigation or whatsoever.

EDITED : You have ONE MONTH to leave comment about Chatterbox’s Content. Fair chance to all. :>

I’m open to all feedbacks, but please make it reasonable & reliable. Why? I appreciate the friendships made & love to make more friends & sharing is one thing I love to do for things I love & cherish. Your visits & views is important to me. I believe in lifelong learning & room for improvements.

(3) Leave your (i) blog link entry about this giveaway & (ii) your feedbacks on my Chatterbox’s Content (overall or specific) in this Giveaway entry only at Vis-a-vis.(Comment)

How you will be judged? Dear Hubby of yours truly who is a non-blogger will review each entry. Well, since the existing of this Chatterbox, he’s my biggest Critics! Ha!Ha!

So, who can join? Just any Malaysian Citizenship Female Bloggers either residing in Malaysia or outside of Malaysia.

This giveaway starts on 15th of October & ends on 15th of November, 2009 @ 11:59pm (Malaysian time)

What’s in it for you? We will have 3 winners that might win any of these at about the same value:

Details of prizes as follows:-
1 piece of Linda Linda Enviro-Safe side sling bag

L41cm x D9cm x H37cm
made of polyester water proof foldable into pocket size great for storage of diapers/bottles/clothes/laundry perfect for any leisure occasion : shopping/swimming/picnic…and many more
Brought by Lil Danzell

2 pieces reusable Cloth Pad

  • Panty Liner
  • Measurement: Approximately 2.5″ x 6″
  • Full layers of 100% cotton flannel (without water barrier layer)
  • Reversible so you can flip over for a fresher surface
  • Colors available (Pink/Baby Blue/Light Green/Orange)
  • Brought by Mama Patch

2 pieces funky prints Wahmies Cloth Wipes

Reusable / washable multi cloth diaper (or whatever you see fit) wipes. Great for all ages!! They are the BEST diaper wipes you’ll find. Keep a couple of wet ones in a baggie stashed in your diaper bag for outings, and eating out. Even make great washcloths, burp cloths or “hankies”.Not only for baby and child but for you to replace the tissue.

They are made 1 layer of super soft cotton flannel print and one side of extremely soft cotton sherpa terry. The size is 8″ by 8″, just the perfect size to fold in half and store in a recycled disposable wipe container. Available in variety of unisex prints, girl prints or boy prints.

Brought by MyCheekyBoo

3 early bird winners have been announced! Check it HERE. All are GREEN GIFTS for you!!

Disclaimer : Rules & Regulations is the rights of Chatterbox’s owners. Failure to complete any of the 3 Simple Steps resulted automatic disqualified. Any protest about this giveaway will not be entertained. Thank you!

TIP : Chat-List is available whereby you can click away till the end of this Giveaway.It will be updated from time to time. Click CHAT LIST.

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MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby In Nature Contest

“Reminder for TheHoneybunch Family to live by & share it with others…

Nothing more than


TTerrific to be
UUnleash from the
RRat-race & mesmerize by the
EEarth beneath our feet

* Picture worth a thousand words *

Have you forgotten what is being like to witness the simple & breathtaking greenery lies in front of you?

Have you forgotten what is being like to sniff the warm cool breeze?

Have you forgotten what is being like to hear the chirping of merry birds dangling above your head?

Have you forgotten what is being like to taste the undescribable-taste of leaves?

Have you forgotten what is being like to touch the smooth satin-like grass that you hardly step on it?

Let your child be your reminder on how much you missed all of the above!

Bring them out to the
nature & the nature & your child will interacts without much interference from you.

Your child will be your Best Teacher for you to STOP! and sniff the flowers.

Nature appreciation activity is important to your child as all of your child’s senses will be stimulated & boost up their nature intelligence & promotes healthy well-being in their growing years.

Hanz’s Note : This is my presentation of my participation in MomBloggersPlanet November Cutest Baby in Nature Contest.

Details of picture as follows:

Name of Baby in Picture : Hambali bin Hasrat

Date of Birth : 12th of June, 2008

Picture’s Location : Taman Tasik Seremban

The Story Behind this picture : That was the first ever we brought Baby Hambali along with his 5 years old brother outdoor. First time experience for Baby Hambali but countless time for his big brother.We did’nt do any specific activity just ‘lazing’ around there and let Baby Hambali roaming about, crawled under the watchful eyes of both his parents. Just in case, he put every single thing he found inside his mouth! LOL! It could be dangerous! After that activity we made a mental note to do it often for the benefits of our family.

This Contest is…..

Brought by :


Proudly sponsored by:

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How to wear & care Cloth Pad

1.The first time you got your cloth pad (CP), please wash it first either hand-wash or toss them in the washing machine.

2. Snap the CP just like the pic below.

Picture credits to Mama Patch

3. It is essential to get a Wetbag to chuck soiled CP especially if you are working, out & about or in other words you doesn’t stay at home 24 hours a day.

I got my wetbag from Mum7Kids who produced the Saffa Pad for RM 15.00. It is made from Flannel PUL & the size is 8 inch X 8 inch and can store up to 7 CPs.

Then, by luck I stumbled this Dual Bag which I improvised it to be my very-the-handy-&-small wetbag so that I can put the fresh CP on one side & the soiled CP on the other side. Got it from Guardian for RM 11 & measured 5.5 inch X 4 inch, can store either 3 Regular CP OR 2 Panty Liner & 2 Regular CP. Fits in my handbag nicely.Dual wetbag is also available at Mama Patch.

4. Rinsed soiled CP under running water until water runs clear before chuck them in the wetbag.Make sure you wring them dry enough before temporary storing to bring back for further washing. Fold them up to save storing space.No worries about smell and you will be surprised soiled CP does not smell inside your wetbag.

5. During laundry, you can choose either to soak them for few minutes to remove stubborn stain or wash them immediately. You can either hand wash them together with your undies or toss them in the washing machine.

6. DO NOT SCRUB your CP.This will spoiled your CP durability.Light rubbing by hand is the best with frequent rinsing.You can also add a pinch of salt in the soaked CP in case there’s stubborn stain. NEVER EVER use Softener or Clorox as this can damage the CP fabric.

7. The Sun is the best bleacher just like it does to cloth diaper. Based on CP user’s experience sharing, recommended to wear your CP up to 4 hours on normal flow & less than 4 hours during the heaviest days.So roughly about 5 to 6 CP is needed during the heavy flow & 2-3 CP on the normal days and 1-2 on the lighter days.So no worries about leaking.You know your body best!

Next : Sneak peak on various type of Cloth Pad

Disclaimer : Not a paid review.Information based on personal experiences plus obtained from Mama Patch & Mum7Kids.

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Review on Malaysian-made Cloth Pad (CP)

…..As per Chit-Chatters Request & as promised, here goes! Wink!

[From left to right: Saffa CP, Mama Patch CP & Snexi CP Snuggbaby –
All are Regular(Medium) CP]

Hanz’s Note : I’ve used mostly Panty Liner & Regular (Medium) CP as it based on my needs. Average hours of usage for each brand is 4 hours & on lighter days it will be more but not more than 7 hours before next changing.

I was surprised as previously if I prolonged the duration of wearing disposable pads, sometimes I experienced itchiness but with cloth pad, it is far from that. Don’t talk about stinky smell because with disposables, it does but with CP, it doesn’t.Trust me as I’m not the only users confirming this sort of experiences.Better still, it cut the flow days and many CP users just like me noticed the lesser menses output.No need to worry about the stain because with proper wash, you won’t experience one.

I would suggest that if you are on heavy side, try not to exceed more than 4 hours. Perhaps you would like to read great post especially for those on heavy flow side & those who wants to use it for Post-Partum. Glam Mama had share her experience on these. Click GLAM MAMA.

Allright, here’s my reviews and you can just click each brand name to be link exactly on the page of CP Makers whereby you can obtain all the details.

Mama Patch Cloth Pad

What I like : Thin & slim cut yet absorption withstand amazing. Easy to wash & did’nt leave any stain. I forgot that I’m wearing one during the end days of menses though I was wearing the Panty Liner.

What I dislike : None. Hoping that Chin Nee will come out patterned or yummy print fabrics soon. (he,he..always drool over yummy prints just like what I did with cloth diapers & cloth wipes)

Saffa Cloth Pad (Mum7Kids)

What I like : Thicker a bit & comes in varieties of colours & prints. Contoured nicely over panties. Absorption wise good.

What I dislike : They sell very fast as you can see they are available in some our local Cloth Diapers store & blogshops as well so you tend to miss out some prints you fancy. Hopefully Ummi Zhadami will restock fast or maybe increase the same prints quantity.

What I like : So far as far my search ongoing this is the first unique shape CP that I ever came across. Diamond-cut shape & when it folded it works like any other CP. It comes in 3 bright colours nevertheless the colours did’nt ‘bleed’ when wash-out or damp or wet. Absorption wise good. Liza has upgrade the layers with PUL recently & bet no leaking worries.

What I dislike : I only hope that Liza (as I did highlighted her) will make it curvier & its unique shape can remains so thinking if it is curvier and folded, there’s no remaining fabric around the panties edges so that it will rounded the panties snugly.

Next : How to wear & care Cloth Pad.

Disclaimer : Not a paid review.S olely self-sponsored & personal experiences.

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