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What I have been doing for the remaining working hours before New Year


Bet some is already on Annual leave, probably catching a movie, last-minute school preps shopping or simply haunting the stores…

Anyone else still in the office, slaving away, anxiously looking at the clock & forever wishing that it’s already evening? Same boat like me?

Oh…I would be leaving the office soon, half day today and the clock is ticking!!! So, this remaining hours, what I have been up to? Let’s see…

  • 1. Copying a note on Natural Parenting from my surfing findings.
  • 2. Blog-hopping here & there.
  • 3. Haunting the Facebook but just stare blankly
  • 4. Searching the dictionary for few unique words to be put in my next chat-blog post.
  • 5. Entertaining my eldest boy whom just fetched by hubby from his Opah’s house and still had remaining pain due to his circumcision and about to 100% heal.
  • 6. Brainstorm for 2010 post.
  • 7. Self-taught on blogosphere via the Net surfing.
  • 8. Contemplating more like mental-note checklist for 2010 activities.
  • 9. Daydreaming a bit
  • 10. Looking forward for meet-up with fellow blogger whom I’ve been admiring from far & indeed she is coming from somewhere far & imagining how’s the New Year’s Celebration is going to be around this KL areas.

Sigh…do I sound pathetic or what. OMG, I just realised, none in my list is related with office work. That bad, huh?


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I win & I’m overjoy!

There is none other that can really make my day but reaching the office, log on to the net, straight to email checking & VOILA! You WIN!

The remaining hours of 2009 going to end tremendously for me (InsyaAllah)with this great news. I am one of the 10 Winners of ‘How do you organize your bag?’ Contest courtesy of MBP & generously sponsored by Gin & Jacqie.

This soon to be mine! MY PRECIOUS…….

Alhamdulillah…thank you very much Organizer!

Update : Thank you everyone for your Congrats wishes!

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Sumbangsaran itu bagus!

Sumbangsaran? Apa tu?

Takyah buka Kamus Dewan..dalam bahasa omputihnyer..Brainstorming!

Brainstorming atau sumbangsaran kalau kena pada caranya sangat bermanfaat pada kita. Kita boleh buat untuk diri sendiri atau masa berbincang.

Seingat me, masa kat sekolah, kat IPT even bila dah bekerja ada masa dan ketika, ada seseorang yang akan galakkan kita untuk buat sumbangsaran ni. Betul tak? Anda sendiri pun pasti ada pengalaman bab-bab sumbangsaran ni..apa kata kita berkongsi tentang pengalaman anda buat sumbangsaran atau Brainstorming?

As for me, me dah amalkan buat Brainstorming untuk diri sendiri khusus untuk blog. Tak dinafikan, ada masa dan ketikanya, kita akan dapat writer’s block atau maksudnya, buntu idea menulis. Jadi, ada blogger dengan rajinnya nak atasi masalah ni, masuk macam-macam contest. Hadiah, mutu persembahan penyertaan tu belakang kira. Janji blog ber-update! Betul tak?

Hehehe, me pun buat camtu jugak..tapi tak selalulah..sebab selalu kalau me masuk contest, me suka peram-peram dulu. But, tak disangkal, entry contest pun boleh jadi menarik untuk orang nak membaca or maybe orang nak intai-intai camner kita buat entry contest kot-kot boleh tiru-tiru sikit idea tu, kan? Kan?

Itu satu cara. Hari ni, MommyLyna ada berkongsi camna cara cetuskan idea nak tulis blog in case dah kebuntuan idea. Boleh tengok SINI.

Me pula guna buka nota ni…ha macam gambar kat bawah ni…

Masa lunch me bawak, sambil2 tunggu makanan sampai, me pun merenung jauh…

Ada masa bila dah takder kerja kat opis ni, me pun mulalah conteng-conteng saja sambil-sambil bloghopping tu…pembacaan dari blog orang lain pun boleh cetuskan idea juga. Asalkan kita tak cuba buat musuh dengan hentam blog orang tu..ish, ish..kalau tak suka blog tu, jangan masuk jer.Hati tak sakit, musuh pun tak dapat.

Masa tengok tv kadang-kadang, me letak tepi buku tu & bila idea mari, me just jot down.

Ada masa dan ketika idea mari tak tentu masa dan tempat, so cepat-cepat me jot down dalam buku tu sebelum idea itu hilang.

Rasanya kalau jadi seorang penulis sepenuh masa pun buat macam ni. Brainstorming banyak-banyak.

Bukan ker J.K. Rowling, pencipta Harry Potter tulis-tulis idea dia atas serviette masa dia jadi waitress dulu-dulu…??? ;D

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Why do I blog

It never occurred to me that one day blogging would be part of my life. Like a daily cup of coffee. An antidote. An avenue. A public diary.

I diligently kept a diary at one point of my life and it’s a channel of my raves, rant & inner thoughts.I even created an imaginary soul-mate & pretended as if I was really chatting with him. It does get lonely being the youngest in the family and some stuff are meant to be unable to share it even with your very best friend. So my diary became my true best friend.

Little did I know that one day I am willingly wants to share my inner thoughts, findings & even plain ramblings with others.Though, not so long ago I shake my head to people who seems always find a way to keep on writing in their blog.But now, here I am. I became those people.Unpredictable!

27th of November, 2008 marked the day of my very first posting. That was my opening post blog.

I jump into the wagon

Being influenced from my cousin, I created this blog and step forward making my existence known plus the ongoing learning all about blogosphere. Then, come to the part of finding my niche. As the learning process grows so is the experience & the friendship made.

There are many things I learnt abut blogging. Not only the technicality aspect but in terms of social aspect & the monetary aspect that somehow you can’t deny it’s temptation.I salute people who can really make money with blogging.It’s not easy & the hard work can really make it all worth it. I respect people who share their knowledge in blog and very discipline in maintaining it’s momentum.

It took quite some time for me to self-discover what I can offer with my blog.I realised that I always passionate with parenting stuff and Early Childhood Education. The education background is the bonus but the passion is the most intact keys. Then, it just grows with new interest such as green living, natural living and off late Bento.

And contest among bloggers done by bloggers and entered by bloggers does make it bittersweet part & parcel of blogging.

How about getting negative comments on your blog? I had my share when my English language fluency was being laughed at (mocked actually) when I announced our decision to homeschool Hanafi fully. I never said that I’m the next Adibah Amin or never stated that I’m Minah Salleh celup with English grasp tahap dewa-dewi. I just love English. That’s all.

And without further resistance, learning will still be on as learning process never ends.

This 2010 may I hope that I can achieve more with this Chatterbox and more that I can utilise it to contribute to others.

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Santai with ex-Coursemates & Hanafi’s Story

Christians celebrated Christmas but us celebrated reunion.

It’s been more than a decade I did’nt meet up with my ex-coursemates during those good old days at UiTM Kelantan. Thanks to Facebook, we are all re-connected.

Last Friday evening, same day of Christmas, was santai & makan!

Food, food, glorious food!!

Me brought Fruit Salad, got Home-made Fruit cake, Baked Macaroni, Rojak, Cheese Cake also right from home….

Suka tengok my friends ni rajin2 masak belaka..sedap pulak tu!

Laksa by Puan Rumah..kuah tak sempat berhidang! hehehe…
Mee goreng lagi, Roti Jala, Potongan nenas pun ada…
Baby Hambali gila kentang sama itu buah oren..I think up to 4 slices he wallop sampai kulit pun gigit2! Terpaksa me tahan dia jangan makan lagi…

And, ayam bakar yang sampai lambat tapi kesedapan tetap tertawan!

Me & the bunch of my ex-Coursemates! Masing2 dah jadi ibu & anak2 pun dah makin membesar…..

Me terpaksa balik awal coz nak jenguk Hanafi yang tengah berpantang sunat…he’s still staying at his Opah’s house..still berpantang..

Inilah muka budak yang dah sunat. Takder rupa orang dah bersunat, kan? Teknologi dah canggih, proses sunat pun senang sekarang ni…cara penjagaan pun senang, tak macam dulu & penyembuhannya pun cepat!

Soon Hanafi pun will start to be more discipline in his lesson & firstsly, his Mama cum Teacher must be discipline. Year 2009 will end soon & 2010 just around the corner!

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HAPPENING at MomBloggersPlanet! Just don’t miss it!

Have you heard?

MomBloggersPlanet is turning 1! And MomBloggersPlanet is going to celebrate its very first ANNIVERSARY!

Though only 1 year old by age, MomBloggersPlanet or shortly known as MBP is definitely hip hip HAPPENING, I tell you!

Do mark your calendar & make 24th January, 2010 to be part of the CELEBRATION. Do confirm your attendance HERE. (Click this, please). And, do chip-in any ideas or contribute whatsoever whereby MBP has created special topic posted under Forum with several sub-topics. MBP Forum-la Yang! he,he..OR simply volunteer yourself to be MBP Committee & flaunt it with this badge!

Among benefits that MBP has promised once you are hired as MBP Committee is as follows;

  • 300 MBP reward points upon hiring
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  • MomBloggersPlanet Committee Badge

Oh, MBP is also searching for SPONSORSHIP (click the word & get the details) for this event. Plenty of generous Chit-Chatters out there willing to sponsor, I bet! Wink! Just log on to MBP ya!

Apart from that, after appointing MBP Contributors, sort of like Columnist for MBP from all walks of life, MBP would never be the same! Miscellanous topics, many learning & overwhelming sharing!

Last but definitely not the least, the phenomenal Cutest Baby of the Year Contest is coming to the end soon yet, you still got your chance to enter again for another one final round. This one is at random. You just need to nominate your child.For more details, just click the banner below!

Oh, just don’t miss all these HAPPENINGS ya!

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How Pre-Reading Skills leads to Reading Success

Ever wonder how I make my boys, Hanafi & Hambali love books?

The keyword is pre-reading skills. Reading is merely a visual representation of the spoken word. And just as we teach our children to talk & the appropriate words for objects & people, we can begin early to teach our children how letters represent certain sounds & when those letter symbols are grouped, they form words.

Pre-reading activities begin early & most parents aren’t even aware they are preparing their young child to read.It’s all about exposing the child to both spoken & written language.Parents can set their children up for success without pushing by making sure that they have the maximum exposure to these activities.

If you are currently doing any, some or all of the 10 Steps as listed below, you are in the right track.

1. Singing the alphabet song to help your cranky baby get to sleep.

2. Your child’s bedroom or playroom plastered with ABC posters or carpeted with ABC mat.

3. Vibrant letter magnets is easily reachable for your child adorn the refrigerator.

4. Parent who talk often with their children long before the child can hold up their own conversation are actually teaching their children pre-reading skills.

5. Exposure through to those well-recognized early reader board books. These books, made from thick cardboard and easy for less-than-nimble fingers to manipulate have simple, colourful pictures and short basic words.

6. Model reading. Children who see their parents reading, often become readers & come to accept that reading is a matter-of-fact activity.

7. Read aloud is one of the best ways to encourage interest in reading.

8. Establish a place in the child’s room for his or her books. A feeling of ownership is important!

9. Schedule regular family visits to the bookstore & library, even if your child doesn’t seem interested in taking out books.

10. Buy book or magazine for yourself & let your children know it!

If you want more tips on reading specifically by age group, have a look on my previous chat as listed below :

Love to read : Reading to baby & toddler

Love to read : Techniques on instill a love of reading

Love to read : Reading to preschooler

Who said BOOK is Booorrriiinggg??!!

How to teach ABC creatively & effectively

Do enjoy quiet time reading with your beloved children!

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I’m wearing the ‘voges’ dress today (consider it vogue-lah, he,he..) in my favourite colour dark chocolate bought by dear hubby but selected by me team it up with pink inner with a new bright pink shawl full of ‘lip-lap’ manik and cream-coloured pants.

I made a mental note to appear cheerful despite the constant aching on my back..

Ya, I’m half recovering from very bad tonsilitis (SP?) & fever. It was just so sudden, on Monday night we tried this 3 layer tea, which was very yummy & in the middle of the night, I woke up suddenly with a very bad sore throat. Felt like a stone stuck in my throat.I whined to dear hubby whom was yet not in bed engrossed with report due for submission the following day.The next morning, I laid flat! Aching all over my body & saliva swallowing was too painful & barely abled to speak. Doctor said I had a really bad tonsilitis & if I delayed the treatment, I probably need a minor surgery.

So, on Medical leave for two days and practically like a zombie. I had to stop the drugged pills since it made me go cuckoo & I hate being in that state.Today, I’m back to work & still enduring the aching all over.My throat felt slightly better.

Well, how old am I now?

Age is just a number. What matters most is the wisdom and happiness.

And, err..please don’t call me Kakak if your age is between 25 to 35 , and by the way, do you really know my age?

Speaking about the panggilan kakak, how one decide to call one woman kakak?

Say you are meeting you immediately always call everyone kakak? Or is is by the look? Or looking at the number of children and the age of the eldest child?

The panggilan kakak is very subjective matter.

As for myself, I prefer to be called Puan instead by total stranger or distant acquaintance but among friends, just call me by my name. I got goosebumps all over when someone call me Kakak. Blame it to the fact, being the youngest sibling & I still refer myself as ‘Adik’ although am a mother of two boys already. And, my parents & my siblings even my relatives still call me Adik.

Hubby said some people call Kakak out of respect like a pangkat or something. I have to agree with that but in my case, it’s not too easy for me.Once I being called Kakak, I would become less friendly to that person automatically.

Sorry but I could not help it to feel this way.You can say that I’m perasan muda or whatsoever, but I like to keep in friendly terms without any sort of faint boundaries with this sort of thing.Respect goes to everyone whatever age & background so why bother with all this panggilan? Well, unless, she herself referred herself as Kakak, then we should respect her by calling her of what she’s comfort with.

As for me, just call me Hanz. Nothing fancy about it.

Err..please bear with my nonsensical ramblings today. The cuckoo head still remains. Sigh..


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I want to be Enid Blyton

I owe too much to Enid Blyton for making me falling in love with reading & books.

Pics source : google

I still remembered my elder sister well-kept those only 3 Enid Blyton books bought by our father and being the youngest in the family and at the age of preschooler, I did got intimidated by the English language but not to develop the pre-interest to read in that language one day.

My sister told me that one day I can & manage to read it well and yes, she’s right.

I totally enjoyed it and wanted more.

Only after became a mother of two boys, I managed to purchase the above books to be included in my books’ collections.

I was fascinated with the Faraway Tree & Wishing Chair. I did’nt got the chance to keep the book since it belonged to my friend last time and now only I must obtained them not only for the sake of memories.Additionally, I still love having the feeling of sort of being kidnapped to the far away lands!

Long ago I had to save my school’s allowances and only after some time it was enough for me to buy any Enid Blyton books that I fancy for one or two.I could’nt & did’nt dared to ask my dad to buy me a story book. There were seven of us & dad was the only breadwinner of our family and though my mom did few odd jobs to earn extra money, living as simple as we could it’s the way we being brought up.

I have a friend who managed to supply me Enid Blyton books at slightly lower price compared with then current price market.So, what I did when I quite satisfied with the current Enid Blyton books & had read it over & over again, I sold it back.These way, I was able to read more & more & yes, I managed to finish the whole series of Secret Seven, Famous Five, Five Find-Outers & the dog, Mallory Towers series, St Clare series and lots of Fairy Tales in Enid Blyton versions.

I was totally awed with Enid Blyton’s ability on able to capture reader’s heart. Her writings uplifting and you incidentally forget in which world you belongs to. If it is an adventure book you are reading, as you go along you feels as if you are having the adventure as well. If it is a mystery book, as the plot thickens, you found that you could not help yourself to solve the mystery too. If it is just simply a fairy tale with pixies, gnomes, elves, fairies and goblins, you wish this kind of world does exist and you are the part of it.

The famous Famous 5 Series. Secret Seven Series. The Five Find-Outers & the dog Series. Mallory Towers Series. St Clare Series.The Naughtiest Girl Trilogies.Amelia Jane Trilogies.

Those are among the BOOKS written by the late Enid Blyton that I simply never got tired to read & reread.Books that hard to put down once I’m reading it.

I love Enid Blyton.

I love writing. If one day I am going to be an author of published story book, I just hope that I have multiplying abundance of creativity just like her.

Enid Blyton was my childhood heroine.

And, she still is.

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MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby Smiling Contest


Why Mama love to see you smile

I might dealing with a problem
I might having a bad day
But once I fetch you to go home
Your smiling face shoos all that away

Your smile is purely sincere

No hidden motives to curl your lips like that
Unlike adult’s bright flashy smile

You wonder why and what

Smile, smile, smile my baby
I love to see your dimple smile
Please brighten up my day, my baby
Your cheeky dimple smile makes Mama’s life worthwhile

Mama & Papa’s Prayers for Baby Hambali

H – Hambali, the name we had chosen for you
A – After the name of Imam Hambali so may you follow his character being
M – May you be a good son, good Muslim & good human being in whole
B – Brotherhood spirit with your eldest brother may you keep it
A – Always we will be here for you, Insya-Allah
L – Lead a wonderful life & great journey is what we want you to have
I – In brave smile shall you step forward when the going gets tough

Name of Baby : Hambali bin Hasrat
Date of birth : 12th of June, 2008

My presentation for the ‘final’ monthly contest from
MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby Contest for December :
Cutest Baby Smiling.

Proudly sponsored (as always) by :

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