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How to manage salary in simple way like Hanz

Another tip from me…he,he…fit for FTWM & maybe WAHM too..

I’ve been managing my money since 16 years old & nobody taught me how..I just figured it out by myself.When I said manage, meaning I jot down Cash In, Cash Out & got special book for it! :> I kept all expenses receipt, then throw it after write down what I spent & write down money earned in any forms. I compared prices & won’t simply buy necessities without re-thinking many times. And, I sell back my books just in case I got bored with it so….I could spend more on books!

It used to be, when obtained pocket money from my dad, I hardly spent it at school as I brought my own mostly it goes to bus fare if I have extra classes or curriculum & won’t take the school bus..and then the rest goes to story books, magazines & cassettes.Some goes to savings..

Once working, tempted by credit cards offers everywhere, at one point of time I had 4 cards & all reaching limits. Luckily, my eldest brother offered to bail me out & soon after that got myself hitched with dear hubby.

We had our time of down for sometimes..we was poor you know, I’m not kidding ya..and we appreciate the value of money more than ever…I learnt my lesson well & for today, I only have one credit card & I’m not keen to add more. Nevertheless, making ridiculous loans to settle debts. Alhamdulillah, not wealthy but at least, we’re more than okay than surviving like those unfortunates ones who could hardly can get one mouth of feed for days…I’m grateful that at least me, hubby & my boys are not in that state. It’s a constant reminder to us to appreciate life more, you see. That’s why I’ve keep on being frugal + delicious = frugalicious at all times. Eventhough you have so much money & can afford that much, try to be more on frugal side as you will never your fate in the future.

Well, back to the main point. How do you manage your money?

My way is very simple. For full time working mother like me, I earned my salary with fixed amount monthly.

And, all I have to do is to distributed my earnings to three parts like this :-

Fixed is strictly for cash expenses that the amount would maintain the same monthly. Like childcare, hire purchase & other installment that tend to be my asset.Duration varies.

Cash is for whatever the remainings I have in hand that I can spend for whatever things I want to spend. It must based on priorities. An example, the need to replace my contact lenses stocks of 6 months plus is more important than spending new pair of pants.

Credit refers to my credit card expenses.Usually I will spend by the same amount that I can afford to pay for the following months.And, I try harder not to use my credit card most of the times.

And, on top of that, I also allocate & distribute my daily expenses for 20 days with fix amount like picture below.

Each packet contains fix money that I must spend per day for food at work or other miscellanious for week days. Weekends excluded because dear hubby will spend for his beloved ones. :>
Meaning, I will try not to spend more than the money allocated everyday & the lesser the better.The balance of expenses money I will keep in there, not thinking about it till end of the month and surprise, surprise! Let’s see how much balance of money I have! This balance it can be used for emergency, savings or splurge for my boys or even for myself definitely!

To some, they tend to reward and pay themselves by saving first and the amount is fixed, right?

Well, confession from me, I don’t fix the amount of my savings yet. Maybe next year? Well, my point is I don’t want to stress out myself of saving too much and don’t enjoy life. To me, as long as I’m not overspending, doing frugalicious & my boys have their saving & insurance plan tuck away, our life is good. And in case I need to get something that I desire with, usually I save some money till it is enough for the purchases.And, usually I tend to find ways of making extra money…he,he…

Life is too short. Make it simple.Don’t stress yourself with financial burden.

December 1, 2009 Posted by | Hanz's Tips, Lifestyle on Money Matters | 23 Comments

Latest Update Caca Marba

Makin nak akhir tahun, makin banyak keroje…korang macam me ker sekarang ni tahap gaban terkejar-kejar sana sini?

Me nak join contest pun tak sempat..sorry Eliss..dah plan nak join yours..tak terbuat!

Kat opis dah hire 3 more staff, today starting 2 orang, on the 15th lagi sorang. New staffs meaning banyak ler tugas for me…ngan part management nyer, ngan training, ngan kan all-rounder kat opis ni cumer part technical jer me tak sentuh..eih dah sumer technical, part biz management & customer relations management, me ler segala….

Then, personal stuff lak banyak gak..aritu sibuk cari classes for Hanafi..dah settle, alhamdulillah..Hanafi suka sangat masuk Kelas Rehal start semalam…Hanafi looks like little Ustaz, comel jer bawak Muqaddam dia masuk kelas…cuma dia penat sikit coz kelas dari kul 9 sampai kul 4 untuk 4 kali seminggu sampailah 17hb ni..meaning dia x gi langsung Nursery till 17..kesian kat Baby Hambali lah coz abang dia takder…

Last Saturday we all gi Sunway Pyramid, mak aiiiihhh..harus sesat kami since dah renovate, pening nak cari kedai yang dalam cari Charles & Keith ..Farah kata ada sales, ooo..memang teruja tengok kasut cun2..50% off you, mau x rambang pun buang tebiat rembat satu…pagi ni dah pakai, rasa nak tergeliat kaki, kih, kih…control ayu sementara, last2 tukar my Scholl heels yang comfy lagi disayangi..

Gladiator Heels, demi menyahut cabaran hubby suruh pakai cenggini, setakat ketinggian heels bukan tak biasa cuma tapak tirus jer yang tak biasa, selalu wedges, pump ngan boot jer sanggup ketinggian cenggitu..dah lama tak melaram cenggini sejak dah jadi mak orang kan, kih, kih..ikutkan dulu2, suka jugak ikut2 trend ngan dressing ikut fashion & style make-up pun ikut trend…hahaha..the real me yang dah lama terpendam keluar balik…itu yang dah create satu buku khas untuk Beauty…

Inilah my Beauty book, ada tempek gambar2 kasut, bags, accessories, make-up, dressing, gaya termasuklah petua kecantikan…actually dulu2 me ada satu buku khas untuk petua2, dari kecantikan sampailah untuk memasak dan apa saja bab2 urusan rumahtangga..tapi buku tu dah terbenam dalam kotak sebab pindah hari tu, kan..itulah create yang barulah..for the new year…

Me dah tukar set facial care yang baru. Ada saper2 pakai produk The Face Shop? Share2lah korang punyer experience ni setia ngan Body Shop tapi sejak akhir ni Body Shop dok naik harga tak masuk akal & nak jadikan cerita Tea Tree Oil Face Care range yang me dok guna nampaknye gagal menahan daripada jerawat batu timbul, jadi alasan tukar face care.

Me try The Face Shop…errr..lupa lak nak amik gambar..tapi my facial wash bahannyer dari kacang hijau, toner ngan moisturiser pulak very the natural..x leh kata ok tak ok lagi sebab baru pakai 4 hari…dapat free gift Bento Bag kaler pink lagi

Spend RM 100 above dapat Bento bag ni..selagi stok masih ada…

Hemm…apalagi nak update? ooohhh, me tengah gigih kumpul setem2 ni nanti boleh redeem barang idaman. Frugalicious tetap keutamaan!

Hanz’s : Later, kita kongsi petua kecantikan okay?

December 1, 2009 Posted by | Hanz on Random Matters, Lifestyle on Beauty and Feminity | 14 Comments