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I want to be Enid Blyton

I owe too much to Enid Blyton for making me falling in love with reading & books.

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I still remembered my elder sister well-kept those only 3 Enid Blyton books bought by our father and being the youngest in the family and at the age of preschooler, I did got intimidated by the English language but not to develop the pre-interest to read in that language one day.

My sister told me that one day I can & manage to read it well and yes, she’s right.

I totally enjoyed it and wanted more.

Only after became a mother of two boys, I managed to purchase the above books to be included in my books’ collections.

I was fascinated with the Faraway Tree & Wishing Chair. I did’nt got the chance to keep the book since it belonged to my friend last time and now only I must obtained them not only for the sake of memories.Additionally, I still love having the feeling of sort of being kidnapped to the far away lands!

Long ago I had to save my school’s allowances and only after some time it was enough for me to buy any Enid Blyton books that I fancy for one or two.I could’nt & did’nt dared to ask my dad to buy me a story book. There were seven of us & dad was the only breadwinner of our family and though my mom did few odd jobs to earn extra money, living as simple as we could it’s the way we being brought up.

I have a friend who managed to supply me Enid Blyton books at slightly lower price compared with then current price market.So, what I did when I quite satisfied with the current Enid Blyton books & had read it over & over again, I sold it back.These way, I was able to read more & more & yes, I managed to finish the whole series of Secret Seven, Famous Five, Five Find-Outers & the dog, Mallory Towers series, St Clare series and lots of Fairy Tales in Enid Blyton versions.

I was totally awed with Enid Blyton’s ability on able to capture reader’s heart. Her writings uplifting and you incidentally forget in which world you belongs to. If it is an adventure book you are reading, as you go along you feels as if you are having the adventure as well. If it is a mystery book, as the plot thickens, you found that you could not help yourself to solve the mystery too. If it is just simply a fairy tale with pixies, gnomes, elves, fairies and goblins, you wish this kind of world does exist and you are the part of it.

The famous Famous 5 Series. Secret Seven Series. The Five Find-Outers & the dog Series. Mallory Towers Series. St Clare Series.The Naughtiest Girl Trilogies.Amelia Jane Trilogies.

Those are among the BOOKS written by the late Enid Blyton that I simply never got tired to read & reread.Books that hard to put down once I’m reading it.

I love Enid Blyton.

I love writing. If one day I am going to be an author of published story book, I just hope that I have multiplying abundance of creativity just like her.

Enid Blyton was my childhood heroine.

And, she still is.

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