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What I have been doing for the remaining working hours before New Year


Bet some is already on Annual leave, probably catching a movie, last-minute school preps shopping or simply haunting the stores…

Anyone else still in the office, slaving away, anxiously looking at the clock & forever wishing that it’s already evening? Same boat like me?

Oh…I would be leaving the office soon, half day today and the clock is ticking!!! So, this remaining hours, what I have been up to? Let’s see…

  • 1. Copying a note on Natural Parenting from my surfing findings.
  • 2. Blog-hopping here & there.
  • 3. Haunting the Facebook but just stare blankly
  • 4. Searching the dictionary for few unique words to be put in my next chat-blog post.
  • 5. Entertaining my eldest boy whom just fetched by hubby from his Opah’s house and still had remaining pain due to his circumcision and about to 100% heal.
  • 6. Brainstorm for 2010 post.
  • 7. Self-taught on blogosphere via the Net surfing.
  • 8. Contemplating more like mental-note checklist for 2010 activities.
  • 9. Daydreaming a bit
  • 10. Looking forward for meet-up with fellow blogger whom I’ve been admiring from far & indeed she is coming from somewhere far & imagining how’s the New Year’s Celebration is going to be around this KL areas.

Sigh…do I sound pathetic or what. OMG, I just realised, none in my list is related with office work. That bad, huh?


December 31, 2009 Posted by | Hanz in Celebrations and Gifts, Hanz on Random Matters | 11 Comments

I win & I’m overjoy!

There is none other that can really make my day but reaching the office, log on to the net, straight to email checking & VOILA! You WIN!

The remaining hours of 2009 going to end tremendously for me (InsyaAllah)with this great news. I am one of the 10 Winners of ‘How do you organize your bag?’ Contest courtesy of MBP & generously sponsored by Gin & Jacqie.

This soon to be mine! MY PRECIOUS…….

Alhamdulillah…thank you very much Organizer!

Update : Thank you everyone for your Congrats wishes!

December 31, 2009 Posted by | Hanz in Celebrations and Gifts, Hanz in Contest, Hanz on Random Matters | 13 Comments