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Do you read dictionary?

Yes or No? As for me, I would answer yes.

Probably you will think there’s something wrong with me somehow to think dictionary is readable…oh yes, dictionary is readable if you fancy language & into language.

Actually the first time I came across people who do read dictionary, I still remembered that I looked at her like she’s an alien from outer space. How could someone read dictionary? As far as I know then, dictionary is only for reference especially for words that you don’t understand so you will look up its meaning in there and simultaneously learn how to use the word.

What else is the use of dictionary?

That friend of mine cum my ex-teacher colleague claimed it is good to read dictionary. I don’t understand exactly how good it is only till I do it. Just so happened, two years back, my sister in law requested me to translate her Marriage Certificate from Malay to English as prerequisite in documents preparation before she’s leaving for UK to further her Doctorates.

Translating English to Malay is not a problem to me but vice versa, that was my very first time & I lack the confidence on able to do it well. Besides, it’s a Marriage Cetificate, you know Sijil Nikah, so few terms you have to be like ensure it is correct and transmit it’s true meaning. Or else, misleading information would get my sister in law into trouble.

Try to look back at your ‘Sijil Nikah’ and try to translate it into English.

I took the ‘challenge’ (ahem), lurve to challenge myself, so in order to do it well, I started to read the dictionary. That’s how I found there are many words that peolpe hardly used and it should be used to express what message or information you want to convey be it in writing or speech.

It is fun! Try it! Perhaps you might consider getting a new hobby for this year and why not dictionary reading?

Take the challenge! Try to make a sentence from the following words…(words that I find it interesting..just up to letter H only…)

abeyance – temporary disuse; suspension

betwixt – between

condone – forgive, overlook

dotage – feeble-minded senility

enigma – puzzling person or thing

flabbergast – overwhelm with astonishment

glee – mirth, lively delight

hauteur – haughtiness

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