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Toddler Monthly Notes : Your 19 months old

There’s something so darned lovable about the way toddlers talk. Their little mispronunciations, skipped words and unique grammatical constructions can positively melt your heart. If your child isn’t talking yet, or not talking much, bear in mind the acquisition of language varies widely.Typically, between the ages of 18 to 24 months, many toddlers start putting two or even three words together but others seem to put talking on the back burner until they’re ready.

  • How to encourage talking?

No matter what your toddler’s talking ability, take the time to converse with your tot throughout the day & reinforce what your tot hearing & saying. Whether your tot talks back or not, your tot loves & learns from hearing your voice. Read at least 15 minutes a day so that toddler is constantly being exposed to new words. Try to resist correcting your toddler as considering how complex a process talking really is, we should appreciate any words our child form these days & leave the pronunciation lesson for the future.

  • Learning fun: Colours & Counting

Colours : Keep the colour games coming. Encourage use of crayons, markers, water paints so your tot can experiment freely with colours. If your tot get confused over the right names of colours, don’t argue with them. Slowly point it out through games & such.

Counting : Count anything & everything. At home, read counting books. Do toddler-appropriate puzzles together that revolves counting.

Simple activities to do with your 19 months tot are not some kind of academic training, but a form of play & bonding for you & your child, keyed to your toddler’s pace. Perhaps your little guy or gal is destined to be an accomplished artist, mathematician or a star on high school debating team. That remains to be seen far in the future. The great thing is that we have to do today is simply embrace our toddlers.

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