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Alhamdulillah…our baby, Hambali was selected as one of the 20 Finalist to compete in the ultimate Cutest Baby of the Planet 2009 among the rest 19 tough competitors. To do so, me, the Mama must accomplish the Final Challenges! The details can be found by clicking the below badge. :D

Here is my baby picture…..

Name : Hambali bin Hasrat
D.O.B : 12th of June, 2008

Caption : “…eating peanuts while reading book inside a box is shiookk!!”

To sum it up all the questions featured in this challenges, I presented it here in story. Enjoy!

TheHoneybunch Family as I fondly referred to my family bunch has one thing in common. Our names started with the letter ‘H’. So as what will be expected when knowing that I had conceived for the second time, the name must starts with ‘H’. We wished for little girl for the second round so the name that we kept in case our eldest child could be girl, the girl’s name was passed down again. Meaning, we’re a little bit clueless for boy’s name. And the name Hambali popped out almost one day after Baby Hambali borned!

Hambali was named after one of the Islam’s Great Imam; Imam Hambali, just like his elder brother, Hanafi. So we have two Imam, Imam Hanafi and Imam Hambali. Pray the name they carries do gives significant impact of greatness to their path. InsyaAllah…..

On sharing about the most memorable moment about Baby Hambali, there are too many actually. But definitely, this year, we are focusing more on his signing progress and milestones and it is definitely worth effort and cheers all of us for everytime Baby Hambali adding more ‘vocabulary’ signing to his signing record.

The first time that Baby Hambali signed was ‘Milk’ sign and to us is ‘Nenen’, a magic breastfeeding session. He did that first signed at the age of seven months by opened-closed his palm just exactly how I’ve shown to him few weeks before that with the adorable panting and cuddled close to my bosom. That was one of the MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT to us. That encourage us to keep on signing to him and our support and believe on Baby Signing were rewarded somehow. We were featured in My Child Magazine! Click here to see the once upon a time features in the limelight! => Baby Hambali and Mama in MyChild Magazine.

By the time I’m typing this, he has add two more signs which is ‘Baby’ and ‘Car’ totalling 20 signing so far. :> And yes, we are living proof that signing speeds up baby’s vocabulary.

Being a mother to two boys within 4 years gap can gives me funny headaches.Having to create a blog, sort of like keeping a diary to keep on track of their genius endeavours, simultaneously keep me sane! Ahaks! Thanks to MomBloggersPlanet, blogging means more to us as a whole family.Dear Hubby gives 100 percent support and he too agreed that the existence of MomBloggersPlanet helps me a lot in blogging.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe MomBloggersPlanet is the first ever, a networking platform specially created by littlemama specifically to all Malaysian Bloggers Mother to share one common thing. “We blog!” a unison echo could be heard literaly all across Malaysia from our dearest Malaysian Bloggers Moms.

Regardless you are ‘sifus’ in blogging or just a self-proclaimed rookie in blogosphere, MomBloggersPlanet is for you and from you to others. 1 year can be considered young to many situations but not to MomBloggersPlanet. Oh, I can go on and on about MomBloggersPlanet but a bit information on those features available there support what I aforementioned.

Some of them that might fancy our eyes and mind are as follows:

* Blog Directory – list your blog and connect with other moms

* Marketplace – sell your stuff or find stuff in there

* Forum – discuss issues and share your passion with others

* Blog Tips, Blog Tools, Blog Tutorial – all about the world of blogging.

Just all that? Nope. There’s plenty more. So the next time you see the below button at my left sidebar, do click it! :>

Where Moms Unite

I end this Final Challenge ‘Assignment’ with prayers may Baby Hambali emerged the ultimate #1 out of the 20 Greatest! Aamiiinn…good luck too to the rest 19 Cute Babies…

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