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How Hanz reduces stress in 10 ways

Arranged randomly as handy as needed.

1. Exercise. My Smart-Shop Strider comes to its rescue.

2. Heat-up in Sauna. My portable sauna plays its part on 2010 Mission for skinny legs. Ask Aida about this sauna.

3. Chocolate indulgences. Lots of it. Sugar is good for brainstorming.

4. Coffee. Caffeine-dose. Perks me up anytime.

5. Good novel. Just dive in. Even fairy tales by Enid Blyton will do.

6. Sleep.

7. Back to Square One. Back to the Creator. Self-reflection.

8. Dance. Any music will do and with good partner like Baby Hambali & Hanafi sure works magic.

9. Cuddle. Lots of it with dear hubby while watching favourite tv show or movie.

10. Hanging-out and do something with my boys. As long as out of the house.

Hanz’s Note : How about you? How you de-stress?

Disclaimer : Picture 4 to Picture 10 obtained from Google image.

January 30, 2010 Posted by | Hanz's Tips, Lifestyle on Beauty and Feminity, Lifestyle on Parenting | 10 Comments