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Toddler Monthly Notes : Your 19 months old

There’s something so darned lovable about the way toddlers talk. Their little mispronunciations, skipped words and unique grammatical constructions can positively melt your heart. If your child isn’t talking yet, or not talking much, bear in mind the acquisition of language varies widely.Typically, between the ages of 18 to 24 months, many toddlers start putting two or even three words together but others seem to put talking on the back burner until they’re ready.

  • How to encourage talking?

No matter what your toddler’s talking ability, take the time to converse with your tot throughout the day & reinforce what your tot hearing & saying. Whether your tot talks back or not, your tot loves & learns from hearing your voice. Read at least 15 minutes a day so that toddler is constantly being exposed to new words. Try to resist correcting your toddler as considering how complex a process talking really is, we should appreciate any words our child form these days & leave the pronunciation lesson for the future.

  • Learning fun: Colours & Counting

Colours : Keep the colour games coming. Encourage use of crayons, markers, water paints so your tot can experiment freely with colours. If your tot get confused over the right names of colours, don’t argue with them. Slowly point it out through games & such.

Counting : Count anything & everything. At home, read counting books. Do toddler-appropriate puzzles together that revolves counting.

Simple activities to do with your 19 months tot are not some kind of academic training, but a form of play & bonding for you & your child, keyed to your toddler’s pace. Perhaps your little guy or gal is destined to be an accomplished artist, mathematician or a star on high school debating team. That remains to be seen far in the future. The great thing is that we have to do today is simply embrace our toddlers.

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Mother grows plenty stuff with 1Superkids

Friends & Chit-Chatters,

I love to share two situations for you to do some self-evaluation. It’s easy-peasy evaluation plus you will gain it’s benefits!


Situation 1

Is any or more of the following items is one of your 2010 Resolutions?

Grow my knowledge

Grow my intellectual capacities

Grow my experiences

Grow my skills

Grow my interest & hobbies

Grow my blogger’s list

Grow my friendships

Yes? Great! Read on….

No? Well, how about if I give you these informations…

Situation 2
Love entering contest? Get the creative juice of your
s flowing and get rewarded with any of these fantastic prizes!

.:1x Grand Prize:.

  • Blog makeover inclusive a header and blog template from worth RM100
  • Petronas Petrol voucher worth RM20 from MySuperKids
  • 1 Handbag Hook from Ayu The Sun worth RM50.
  • 1 Tupperware Lacto Fibre worth RM100 from RealIncomeSMS
  • Shaklee Basic Trial Pack for 30-day worth RM80 from MyShakleeStore
  • Mystery Gift & Free Delivery for every purchase from Ucu E-Shop

.:1x Second Prize:.

.:1x Third Prize:.

  • Petronas Petrol voucher worth RM10 from MySuperKids
  • Accessories from Chantek2 worth RM30
  • Mystery Gift & Free Delivery for every purchase from Ucu E-Shop

.:3x Consolation Prizes:.

.:Exclusive Treats for Lucky Winners:.

  • Live Interview with Selected Columnists at selected location (will be announced later)

Now, did I manage to capture your attention?


If you in either Situation 1 or Situation 2 or both Situations, just do one more step by…..


Now, now you must be wondering what is 1Superkids?

1Super Kids is a portal for Malaysian parents to share articles, tips, experience and other parenting advises. We have regular columnist to share their expertise in vast areas and we also open to any bloggers to contribute articles in there. The latest updates of 1Superkids is the launching of e-Zine that soon will be available.

So, what are you waiting for? Put on your thinking cap and submit your entry to 1Superkids.Not only that, more great offers are waiting for you there. Step forward and open the door of this GREAT PORTAL.

Just click this badge!!

This contest runs till 5th of February 2010.

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Baby Hambali’s Resume

Personal Particulars :

Full name :

Hambali bin Hasrat

Nickname :

Adik, Comel, Bulat, Shippo

Address :
Kota Damansara

Date of birth :
12th of June, 2008

Objective :

To accomplish more milestone for 2010 and give myself a pat on the back for 2009 accomplishments.

Education :

  • Babyhood 101, graduated on 12th of June, 2009
  • Toddlerhood 101, in progress & expected date of graduation, 12th of June 2010

Skills :
  • Baby Sign Rookie
  • So You Think You Can Dance – Toddler Level Rookie

Accomplishments :

  • 2nd Prize Winner of MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby Smiling Contest (Dec 09) and one of the Finalist of Cutest Baby Planet
  • Consolation Prize Winner of HKS Little Bookworm & MOBS Contest
  • Signing for the first time at 7 months old for ‘Milk’ (nenen)
  • At 18 months, total signing made are 18 Signs. They are :Milk (nenen), Papa, Mama, Sleep, Book, More, Lion, Cannot, Bye-bye, Bath, Play, Cat, Butterfly, Fan, Thank You, Eat, Bird, Love (Sayang)
  • At 18 months, spoken words are :Papa, Mama, Nak, Dah (sometimes Done), Baby, Nah, Thank You.
  • At 18 months understand simple instruction like: Sit, Stand, Come, Go, Dance, Cannot, Put back, Sayang (Love), Eat, Read book, Take bath, Play.

Likes :

  • Biting & fondling 2 Soiled Favourite Pillows
  • Going here & there with Best Pal, The Lion
  • All sourish food especially orange
  • All salty food especially peanuts
  • Watching many favourite children’s videos
  • Dance all the time even without the music or just by Mama’s humming
  • Read books or making a mess with books on the bookshelves
  • Comb hair or simply play with comb
  • Playing with Mama’s makeup, toiletries and cloth wipes
  • Playing with Papa’s handphone

Dislikes :

  • Unable to obtain permission to proceed with Make-a-mess Mission
  • Mama is not at sides when waking up from sleep.

Hanz’s Note : Anybody want to hire Hambali for any particular skills?

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OMG!! I won the Loving Minerals Festive Look

Wow! is the way to describe my emotions at this instance!

I was wondering the result status of this contest only to be surprised that I won after my current ‘makeup stock’ order received by them!

Here’s an excerpt of an email received from Illyncia of Loving Minerals….

“….Also, I would like to congratulate you on being our winner for our previous FESTIVE LOOK competition. We have chosen your GOLDEN CHOCOLATE look as our First Place winner 🙂

Please let me apologize on the delay in contacting you. We actually compiled the whole list of shortlisted looks for a freelance webdesigner to make us a ‘Look Book’ page on So sorry again for letting the competition go silent. When we received your order, it reminded us of your win!…”

My Winning Entry “Golden Chocolate” look

Meaning, more makeup shopping soon with the winning RM 180 voucher redemption! Errr…will I be in the ‘Look Book’ to on Loving Minerals website?
Thanks Illyncia & Loving Minerals team!

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SOHO MAMA’s 100th Entry Contest

Firstly, allow me to inform you all the goodies that you can press your luck to gain when you join this splendid contest by my dear blogger sister, SOHO-Mama. (Copy-paste the original content from her blog)

Prizes are:
1) I love simple but pleasant blog layouts..and I love my new layout! So, I’m “sharing the love” and giving away a FREE Blog Makeover by Jiji as the first prize. Worth RM100 and includes;
– 1 Header
– 1 Template

– 1 Blog Badge
– 2 Blog Pins 125×125
– 2 months ad in Triple Colour Life (worth RM50..this is courtesy of Jiji herself!)

2) I still have not fully explored my 37th birthday present from The Hubby, a Canon EOS1000D but I admire those, especially mommies (and daddies) who can really capture awesome moments with their cameras. So, the second prize is a photoshoot package worth RM50 by Deep Blue Lense. Package details:
– 1 to 2 hours
– 100 to 150 shots (+ 50 edited pictures, in CD)
– photoshoot location around Putrajaya or Shah Alam

Tempted enough? Okay to know more about T & C, please hop on to SOHO-Mama blog, ya.

Here is the contest badge that is linkable.

And….this is my presentation…..

Q 1 : Why do I love to read SOHO-Mama’s blog?

The first time that attracts me to take a peek was because her gorgeous array of Gift Basket. I also saw that she’s a Cloth Diaper momma from Diaperswap Forum and as I was getting to get myself familiar with CD-ing world, her posting in Diaperswap Forum was one of that I referred to. I was totally new in blogosphere at that time, and suddenly saw she became my Chit-chatters posse (follower) and she commented on my earlier post. It’s about Personality Plus. Spontaneously, I gave her a blog visit again and we became blogger buddies till now.

Q 2 : Which design of Gift Basket that I like most?

I like most the Gift Basket from ‘Just Because’ category. It’s all year round, cater for many occassions & simply fabulous!

some of Millie’s Creations… :D

Okay, Chit-chatters, this contest runs till this 15th of January, 2010. Hurry! :D

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Do you read dictionary?

Yes or No? As for me, I would answer yes.

Probably you will think there’s something wrong with me somehow to think dictionary is readable…oh yes, dictionary is readable if you fancy language & into language.

Actually the first time I came across people who do read dictionary, I still remembered that I looked at her like she’s an alien from outer space. How could someone read dictionary? As far as I know then, dictionary is only for reference especially for words that you don’t understand so you will look up its meaning in there and simultaneously learn how to use the word.

What else is the use of dictionary?

That friend of mine cum my ex-teacher colleague claimed it is good to read dictionary. I don’t understand exactly how good it is only till I do it. Just so happened, two years back, my sister in law requested me to translate her Marriage Certificate from Malay to English as prerequisite in documents preparation before she’s leaving for UK to further her Doctorates.

Translating English to Malay is not a problem to me but vice versa, that was my very first time & I lack the confidence on able to do it well. Besides, it’s a Marriage Cetificate, you know Sijil Nikah, so few terms you have to be like ensure it is correct and transmit it’s true meaning. Or else, misleading information would get my sister in law into trouble.

Try to look back at your ‘Sijil Nikah’ and try to translate it into English.

I took the ‘challenge’ (ahem), lurve to challenge myself, so in order to do it well, I started to read the dictionary. That’s how I found there are many words that peolpe hardly used and it should be used to express what message or information you want to convey be it in writing or speech.

It is fun! Try it! Perhaps you might consider getting a new hobby for this year and why not dictionary reading?

Take the challenge! Try to make a sentence from the following words…(words that I find it interesting..just up to letter H only…)

abeyance – temporary disuse; suspension

betwixt – between

condone – forgive, overlook

dotage – feeble-minded senility

enigma – puzzling person or thing

flabbergast – overwhelm with astonishment

glee – mirth, lively delight

hauteur – haughtiness

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Layan tag "Anda Berkaca Mata?"

Dah lama tak layan dan pengakuan berani dari adalah blogger yang SANGAT MALAS nak layan tag…nak layan tag nak kena ikut mood & tengok apa jenis tag.

Jadi any of my blogger friend yang pernah tag me sebelum ni & sampai kesudah me tak jawab, jangan marah appreciate sebab tanda ingatan tu cuma me ni jer yang malas.

Ok, layan tag yang ditujukan to me dari Dayah.

1. Sejak bila anda mula berkaca mata ??

Sejak darjah 5…lama tu kan…tapi betul-betul pakai sepenuh masa bila dah Form 4.

2. Bagaimana anda tahu yang anda memerlukan kacamata ketika itu?

Bila disuruh baca tulisan kat tv oleh kakak dah tak nampak dah

3. Berapa ‘power’ pada permulaan anda berkaca mata

err..tak silap dalam 200 power kut..banyak tu..

4. Jenis/bentuk kaca mata and yang pertama

Sangatlah besar sampai bulu kening pun tak nampak, warna pink cair dan sangatlah nerd rupa. My dad yang pilihkan

5. Jenis/bentuk kaca mata anda yang terkini

Me pakai contact lense special jenis toric lense yang ditukar sebulan sekali since me pengidap Astig, jenis yang tak tahan silau. Start pakai contact lense since umur 19 lagi.So outdoor jer mesti pakai spek hitam. Jadi kalau anda jumpa me kat luar ngan gaya cenggitu, ketahuilah bahawasanya itu bukan bergaya semata-mata tapi keperluan yang sangat penting. (ish, skema nyer ayat!)

6. Berapa power terkini anda ?

Err…dalam 500 something, yang kanan tinggi sikit dari yang kiri.

7. Berapa banyak koleksi kaca mata yang anda ada dari dulu hingga kini

Masuk yang sekarang ada 4 jer. Me ni cermat orangnya. Seumur hidup tak pernah hilang spek. Spek terakhir patah sikit tapi hubby modify tukar frame baru. Lagipun pakai kat umah jer jadi tak kisah nak buat spek baru.

8. Jika anda ada sentiment tidak suka berkaca mata sepeti saya, sila nyatakan sebab musabab

Me pakai contact lense sebab tak suka pakai spek-lah.Tertutup mataku yang anggun gitewz (sila muntah). Actually susahlah, nak bersukan, berpeluh-peluh kat area bawah frame spek dan tak best takleh pakai spek hitam yang cun-cun!

9. Yang mana anda lebih gemar. Kaca mata atau contact lens? Kenapa ?

Pastinya contact lense. Expert masa pakai takyah tengok cermin pun boleh on-off gitu2 jer..hemmm….tapi sedang memikirkan limit tahun nak berenti pakai contact lense sebab tahu side-effect in the long run. (Siti Sifir, sila bagi pandangan anda ya.)

10. Opto pilihan?

Me memang buat contact lense kat Focus Point all these years…heheheheh…selalu dapat free gift macam solution & extra lense & boleh tambah point Bonus Link! Lagipun service effisien!

11. Pasangan anda berkaca mata ?

Oh, hubby pun rabun! Hubby pakai spek tak cermat…rasa-rasanyer dia dah kena tukar spek baru tu. Dia jenis takleh pakai contact lense sebab jenis ngadap komputer 24 jam gitewz!

Sekarang tibalah masa me nak tag kengkawan. Mereka yang di-tag ni, sila buat tag ini dengan sesungguhnya. Terima kasih!

Orang yang bertuah di tag adalah :
1. Farah, mama Afif
2. Doc Hanim, mama Arianna
3. Zuhaini, mama Alia
4. Nini, mama Khayra
5. Jiji, mama Anis Manis

Update : Those that I’ve tagged, you can join contest launched by Siti Sifir (Click here)

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Kickstart 2010 with Bloggers Meet & Contest Winning

Finally today manage to update latest news…sigh…my office pc crashed yesterday and only today’s afternoon 90% installation of new hardware completed.

The eve of New Year, Thursday evening was awesome on my side. Pre-informed by Millie & invited by Datin Mamasita, we all finally met! Not only Mamasita turun KL from Kuantan for this gathering in fact, chances to meet Bloggers from Norway, London & South Africa..aahh yess..they still Malaysians! Home Sweet Home to them.. :D

Let’s layan pictures of all this Makcik Bloggers! :D (Makcik2 pun..they all Sifus…lugging around hi-tech cameras, handphones & laptops & IT savvy ya! Moreover from different walks of life such as journalist, lecturer, writer, translator, director, legal counsel, consultants)

Millie & me, we are like sisters & being called budak2 by Mamasita, hehe…There’s one thing we’re definitely related is that we had created our blog about the same month & she came visit me and became my 2nd follower & me returned the visit & became her follower…we’re just clicked since then till now. It’s great to meet her again! :> (Thanks Millie for this pic)

Mamasita requested me to call her Auntie Uda when off-blogging..hehe…I knew her from was a joy to finally meet her as I enjoyed reading her blog. Thanks Mama for holding this gathering.

Blogger ‘Sis’ Kitchen Guardian & ‘Mama’ NanaDJ

Blogger ‘Mama’ Ezza & me…

Bloggers ‘Mama’ Puteri Kama & Millie
Thanks Mama Puteri for belanja all of us. The sandwiches really sedap!!

I was estatic when overheard Blogger Kak Teh will be there too. All this time, I’ve been peeping her blog & finally confessed to her there & then. Must learn from Sifus Blogger! :D

Makan-makan & candid pics…busy!

I did’nt managed to mingle with some thanks to my overwhelmed feelings on that evening. Thanks also for forgetting to check whether I bring enough Social Card…and only have 4 inside my bag. We had to leave early since Baby Hambali already making a fuss..”Mama missing from my sight..must get Nenen!”

Baby Hambali & Mama right after Nenen session.

TheHoneybunch Family (Thanks Mamasita for this lovely pic)
Us sempat posing before we parted goodbye…

Friday, the New Year & Saturday, we just stayed at home…catching up with sleeps, movies & household chores….

Sunday early morning, headed Subang Parade…….

The faces of MBP Ambassadors…
Having our 1st meeting with the founder of MBP, littlemama
(L-R : Jiji, Juan, Nia, Ros, me & Cik Lily)
Busy, busy…& we are looking forward for our duties for MBP the very 1st Anniversary Gathering!

Later on, in the evening, headed Farah’s house to celebrate lil Afif’s 1st Birthday. “Farah, Thanks for this pic!.”

Finally, apart from winning the ‘How Do You Organize Your Bag‘ contest just recently, only few days apart, received another good news.Baby Hambali won 2nd prize for MBP monthly Contest : December – Cutest Baby Smiling…at the same he is entitled to be one of the finalist Cutest Baby of the Planet that soon to be….Check it out HERE

Well,my obligations for this year is increasing & more time consuming…hope I’ll survive! ekekekekek…

Hanz’s Note : Time to update my blog list with more blogger friends made.

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