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TheHoneybunch 2010 Giveaway #1 : Best Birthday Ever!

(STICKY MODE till 28th Feb, 2010)


Proudly sponsored by:

Sebagai pembuka tirai 2010, me & family dengan sukacitanya merasmikan satu lagi giveaway dari TheHoneybunch.Sempena nak menyambut ulangtahun ke-6, anak sulung Hanz & hubby, nak buat giveaway bergambar lak kali ni. Tapi sebelum terus ke giveaway, me like to say thanks a bunch to these friends yang sudi nak sponsor my giveaway kali ni. They are Mommy Lyna, Catlina, Zie, Sue, Elyn, Ummi Khayra & Maryaaa

Alright, let’s get to the Giveaway T & C:
1. Giveaway ini hanya dibuka pada semua Malaysian Mummy or Daddy yang ada blog sendiri. Tak kiralah duduk kat oversea ker dalam Malaysia ker, janji warganegara Malaysia.

2. Buat entry berkenaan giveaway ni dalam blog & upkan satu saja gambar yang paling unik berkaitan birthday anak. Had umur anak antara 1 tahun ke 6 tahun saja.Kalau ada anak lebih dari seorang, boleh sertai lebih dari sekali, janji umur anak tu dalam skala tu yer. Mesti cerita serba sedikit bagaimana birthday tu disambut, nama anak, tarikh lahir dan bila sambutan birthday tu dibuat. Lagi unik dan menarik gambar dan cerita, lagi cerahlah peluang nak menarik hati para juri nanti.

3. Dalam post tu, jangan lupa letak semua banner atau badge semua sponsor my giveaway ni & link back pada kedai mereka ya. Tak ada link-back, automatik terbatal penyertaan.

4. Kat sidebar blog, silalah letak banner giveaway ni & link back pada posting giveaway ni.

5. Sangatlah penting tinggalkan link posting penyertaan pada ruang komen di posting giveaway ni (yang vis-a-vis).

6 Giveaway ni berlangsung sehingga 15 Mac, 2010, tepat jam lima petang (5:00pm) waktu Malaysia.

7. Antara hadiah ialah vitamin kanak-kanak, supplement untuk kaum ibu, lampin kain moden (cloth diaper), voucher sessi fotografi, baju ‘inner’ khas untuk ibu-ibu yang menyusukan anak-anak, voucher restoran, wet bag, laundry cleanser, body scrub dan lakaran potret dari me.

Updated : Inilah hadiah-hadiahnya!

8. Me dah lantik juri-juri khas dan bila dah ada pemenang-pemenang, my anakanda, Hanafi akan buat undian kertas, untuk tentukan setiap pemenang apa hadiah yang bakal diterima. Updated : Grand Prize, 1st Prize & 2nd Prize jer tak akan diundi.
9. Setiap peraturan hendaklah dipatuhi. Me tak akan ingatkan saper-saper pun bila me terjumpa ada syarat yang tak dipenuhi dan penyertaan terus automatik terbatal. <= REMINDER

10. Keputusan para juri dan pemilihan hadiah berdasarkan undian kertas oleh anakanda Hanafi adalah muktamad. Sebarang kemusykilan dan ketidakpuashatian tidak akan dilayan.

Itu sahaja. Senangkan giveaway kali ni? So, tunggu apa lagi, pergi cari satu gambar birthday yang paling best!

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Krochetshop 1st Giveaway

Looking at the above picture really brings back memories. It reminds me of my elder sister who loves to knit and crochet during her pastime when she was very young. She made me a knitted toy that looks like a rabbit just by covering an empty container of vitagen and made me a sweater and a hat too.

Am pressing my luck for Krochetshop 1st Giveaway. My lil tot could have a nice knitted cardi for a gift. This contest ends on 11th March, so hurry friends!

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ZiziToT’s Collection

ZiziToT’s Collection‘s owner sure knows how to select well-recommended Cloth Diaper to be available in her online store. Brands name like Knickernappies, Itti Bitti, Fuzzi Bunz, Bum Genius, Happy Heinys are brands that most sought by cloth diaper mummies. Available as well the most current brands that has been a hit among cloth diaper mummies recently as it is far lower price yet still quality being talk about, the Moo Moo Kow. Its also carries popular mostly affordable brands of cloth diaper like Coolababy and Babyland.

Although quite new the birth of ZiziToT’s Collection, the owner is not new to the world of cloth diapering, having been happily cloth diapering her baby for quite some time. Also available there is Diaper Stacker to stash your cloth diaper neatly.

Supporting Green Living at one go, besides cloth diaper, at ZiziToT’s, you can obtain Malaysian-made cloth pad too by brands name like Mama Patch and Saffa.

In case, you are still have many questions in your mind about cloth diaper, you can always request from ZiziToT’s Collection‘s owner to hold a Cloth Diaper Party.

Give ZiziToT’s Collection a visit today!

Disclaimer : An advertorial post as a token of appreciation to ZiziToT’s Collection as one of the sponsors of TheHoneybunch 2010 #1 Giveaway : Best Birthday Ever!

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How to store scarf and shawl so they stay in shape

Do you fold your tudung / scarf / shawl like this?

Do you roll-it up like this?

Well, some ‘tudung’ especially Tudung Ariani, Tudung Munawarah, long scarf or shawl, there is better way to store it so that it can maintain its shapes and contour. Besides, save space in storing especially if you are like me having a small wardrobe.

This is how I done it!

Obtained from IKEA Store.

Anyway, if you other ideas or alternatives for this, do share with me and others. I love to know how you do it! :>

Disclaimer : Not a paid advertisement or product review. Simply sharing with others on things I found effective.

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Homeschool 601 : Teaching English as a second language at your home

To be honest, I did not use any specific syllabus or using any specific programs on educating my eldest boy, Hanafi, the English language. Neither do we send him to any English class. Basically, it dawned back to self-research, the available resources and the knowledge and experiences that I possess.

My objective on how I approach my son to meet the needs of fluency of this language is very simple. As long, he can read, be able to pronounce the words correctly, understand what he read and write and able to communicate in that language, it is good enough for his age for the time being.

I started of the exposure on English by repetition of read-aloud to him, educational videos and simple sentences and common action words in our daily conversation. These went on since babyhood to toddlerhood and by the age of 3 and a half, the lesson became structured and routine. Here’s a little bit sharing on how it went and still an ongoing process.


English is a funny language. You have Phonics and the Whole Word approach to teach reading. There is many debates ongoing on which is the best approach to teach child to read in English.

After much debates going around, many education experts agree it is essential to use both approaches. Most teachers or parents and many centers that provides English lesson, a lot of phonics has been emphasises. And some concentrate on the Whole Word approach. Actually you need to do both. Tthe difference between them is that Phonics is based on sounds and identifying common syllables which is great for spelling. While Whole Word approach is more on memorizing and emphasizing and widening your vocabulary.

Click here to understand more what is Whole Word Approach.

Click here to understand more what is Phonics Approach.

For a structured reading lesson, I begun with Whole Word approach for Hanafi for two years and only last year, I started Phonics. I did this because I do not want him to get confuse and since Hanafi has a great memory, he speeds up his reading. I used Keywords With Ladybird or famously known as Peter and Jane. Currently, Hanafi almost finishing his 5A book and going for 5B very soon. For your information, the Peter and Jane comes in 3 parts of Series. The A series is for introduction, the B series is for drilling and the C series is for emphasizing by writing practice.

I make it a point to possess the whole sets which I don’t buy it at one go. Bit by bit and getting them by best deal several times from several major bookstores. I am a bargain hunter!

Then, add on with Phonics and as I had attended Phonics method training, I created the Phonics system on my own and utilised these Phonic books that comes in set of 12 books.

2) Writing

I believe in Copy Writing for a beginner is a must. Started off with common words like objects, verbs and nouns and explained the meaning as he go along copying the words.

Then, move on to sentence writing. Again, common sentence which is part of common conversation too.

3) Comprehension and Composition

I used Read With Ladybird series which is very good for the way its upgrading its level of difficulties based on child’s capabilities. After reading each story, I would asked Hanafi to copy the short story. By this, he is not reading again, but simultaneously, familiarise himself with sentence structure and spelling.

As Hanafi ongoing his reading, I did’n stop to explain what he is reading at. I emphasised the sound and the familar words beforehand. Only after he has finished each book, I would jot down seveal words that can be found in his Peter and Jane book and write down the meaning by translating it to Malay language. I call this Vocabulary Book.From time to time, I asked him to read this book.

4) Speaking and Interacting

At most now, we mixed languages when interacting and conversing. This part needs lots of improvement since Hanafi could understand but sometimes he’s a bit reluctant to converse back in English. We are planning getting a hold of Classic Indoor Games like Scrabble, Monopoly, Happy Family, Old Maid and plenty more whereby the conversing English would be on role.

Apart from that, currently, Hanafi is doing lots of spelling for common words which we did spontaneously anywhere and anytime.

Hanz’s Note : This sharing chat is dedicated to Pija for her inquiry the other day. Sorry for this delayance, dear. It’s been ages I did’nt up chat on our Homeschool routines.And sorry folks for this chat contain lots of grammatical errors.

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Does it really worth it to Cloth Diapering?

Cloth Diaper Mummies everywhere swear on the most benefits you can gain from cloth diapering. COST SAVING!

Really? If you ask me, I would say it all depends! Ahaks! Not meant to burst the bubbles ya but, all it takes is….you, being the Cloth Diaper Mummies how smart are you to reach your goal on saving cost and so you decided to become one cloth diaper mommas? Think about it!

It can be very motivational or it can demotivate you. I guess same goes to breastfeed. It’s knowledge and the initiative to search around. Be wise. Don’t get tempted easily with the best offer. Don’t get tempted with the oohs and aahs of other CD mommas relating their latest Cloth Diaper indulgences. Don’t think, because this brand well-recommended by many Cloth Diaper Mummies it must be good for my baby too! Likewise, this brand is easily available everywhere, so I must purchase lots! Don’t take the risk ya.

I do get few moms telling me their frustration in their cloth diapering endeavour.I’m unable to assist that much since I receive less information on what the frustration is all about. Well, let me tell you the most complains I heard is the sizing issue and the leaking issue. Then, my advise on these issues solutions : Learn more and willing to compromise to be adventurous.

Why I stress on that? One, there’s no standard size of cloth diaper out there. Each brand is unique and cloth diaper comes in many types. So, your best bet is to see what brand received most good reviews and if it is within your budget, get a piece or two only for a start. If you happy with it, you can get it more soon. As for me, not all times, each time I obtain new CD, it works magic to my baby. I had tried fitted diaper by two brands, Snugglehugs Fitted Sherpa and Kissaluv Fitted Diaper. Both I got it as preloved as I want to try another type of CD since I was so into pocket diaper before this. Well, it is not the diaper that went wrong but I’ve decided not to use fitted. That’s all. Since thise two brands are popular, I manage to resell. I got nothing to lose being a little bit adventurous. Same goes to another brand that I used to love and heart by many Cloth Diaper Mummies. The Grobaby. Grobaby is good but it won’t stay long for usage for baby with thunder tights! Chunky and big tight, for Grobaby the size would not be so generous. But absorption wise, you can be at peace to use at nighttime for 12 hours straight for medium-wetter like my baby.I only got one and I’ve sold that only piece to other moms half-heartedly.

Two, you must learn how to take care your cloth diaper well to achieve maximum satisfaction. Knows why CD can leak, smell and so on. Involve yourself with other Cloth Diaper Mummies. Don’t give up yet, just mingle in cloth diaper communities.

I was inspired by one of Kaklong Nuzula, owner of Happy Cloth Diapering posting about Cheap Cloth Diaper versus Expensive Cloth Diaper. I agreed with her. For now, the lowest price of CD you can buy is RM29 per piece provided it does’nt come in bulk. And, the expensive one can go up to RM100 to RM 120 like Berry Plush and Blueberry Minky (oh don’t start with the Goodmama and Muttaqin ones). I believe it is good to mix your CD stash with the low price ones and the high price ones. Then, you can make the comparison. Quoted Kaklong Nuzula, “there’s no such thing as cheap CD and expensive CD”.So, it is better to lable them and differentiate them by these terms. Cheap CD = Mostly Affordable and Expensive CD = Slightly Affordable.

Do the calculation yourself. How much you spend per month of disposable diapers then times it with a year and estimated it to prolong to three years the most. Then, compared the price of total 15 to 20 Cloth Diapers the least, which average one say, RM 60 per piece and times it like how you did with disposables I chose RM 60, as you can mix your stash with mostly affordable and slightly affordable, and oh don’t forget preloved too.

See? Cloth diaper is so valuable even preloved especially the Slightly Affordable do possess it’s resale value.

So, the next time you still doubt whether your decision to cloth diapering or about to purchase your very first cloth diaper, ponder of what I have highlighted in here.

Hanz’s Note : If cost saving is not really a factor to you, think about the health benefits and the environment benefits it provides.

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Cardigan is not a sweater

Ooppss…my mistake. Cardigan IS a sweater.

But, come to think of it, we tend to define sweater is a piece of clothing to keep us warm especially during the winter and autumn. Not something suitable to wear for people living in zero existence of the four seasons, right?

Somehow, cardigan is the ín trend since beginning of last autumn and our country is one of the land its landed! Anyhow, what is actually cardigan? According to an excerpt from Wikipedia,

A cardigan is a type of sweater (or jumper) that ties, buttons or zips down the front; by contrast, a pullover does not open in front, but forms a solid tube around the torso. The cardigan was named after James Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan, a British military commander, following his service in the Crimean War[citation needed]. It is usually machine- or hand-knitted from wool or cotton although cheaper ones may be partially acrylic. Cardigans are available for both genders. Plain cardigans are nowadays often worn over shirts and inside suit jackets as a kind of less formal waistcoat that keeps neckties out of the way when the jacket has been removed.

Oh how I love wearing Cardigan so much and I am glad, this piece of clothing is back in trend. Used to own several cardigan waaaayy back then, too bad I pass-it-down to my nieces when I think I’m too óld’to wear one. Silly me! Now, just two pictures I kept to look back those good old days..

Why I like cardigan so much? It is because, it’s comfy, doesn’t feel warm at all but just nicely feel snug & tuck covering your body, easily mix and match and comes in many shapes and sizes.

See how many fashionable cardigan available nowadays?

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Organizing your makeup systematically

My way of organizing makeup.

The ‘Makeup’ Drawer,
specifically belongs on the dresser

I categorized them by Eyes, Lip and Face.

When I’m out and about, this is how I organize my makeup.
Amazingly, can fit the whole total items
for the look of the day

plus other items like cloth wipes,
my contact lenses solution,
facial wash and moisturizer too.
Thanks to Gin & Jacqi,
inside my handbag seems clean and
gratefully manageable.
Switching handbag is not a problem anymore
since I just have to transfer this from here to there.

How about you?
ow do you organize your makeup?

What most important,
keep messy and disarray makeup at bay!

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Midnight Birthday Celebration

The Birthday Boy

The Birthday Cake

The guest had a special posed with the Birthday Boy

Cake cutting moment

The guest is truly enjoying the cake! Yum! Yum!

And so to the Birthday Boy.
Nice combination of CHEESE and CHOCOLATE,
two favourite food of the Birthday Boy

The much anticipated moment: Unwrapped presents!
It was so special even the guest received present as well!
(err..please pardon the guest manner, he wallop the cake too much till soiled his pyjama.)

Yeay…wish has been fulfilled, yo-yo is now in my possession,
said the Birthday Boy.

Afi : More books?

Mama : Afi, if you really don’t want those new book gifts, save it for your little brother. See? He’s already enjoying his new colouring book! :>

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Kedai Gambar Kami

KedaiGambarKami is one living proof that your passion can generate another source of income as long as the dedication is there.

Begun in the middle of year 2009, this couple deep interest in photography has lead to the birth of their blogshop, KedaiGambarKami. Mainly offering photography and photobook services, they provided blog design too specifically blog header and blog badge.

Offering at a very affordable prices, it is a product and services that you probably would highly consider hiring them to fulfill your relevant needs.

  • Photography packages as low as rm120++ to Rm 399++
  • Photobook as low as RM139 to Rm289++
  • Header design as low as Rm15 to Rm 30++

(depends on design difficulty and customer request)

  • Blog logo as low as RM10 – RM20++

  • Contest badge as low as RM10 only!

TheHoneybunch, both the Chatterbox and Marketplace has the chance of obtaining their services for the first time, generously sponsored for the ongoing giveaway.

Happy with its fast and reliable services, TheHoneybunch requested more services specially for the Marketplace.

(Note : blogshop header still in processing stage)

Visit KedaiGambarKami and take your tour should you having thoughts on some image boost-up be it in photos form or for your blog!

Disclaimer : An advertorial post as
a token of appreciatio
n to
as one of the sponsors of
TheHoneybunch 2010 #1 Giveaway : Best Birthday Ever!

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