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I tremble a bit (debar-debar ni) to announce my next step towards fulfilling my WAHM dreams.

Remember this?

Do you remember this chat? => Portrait Sketching Theraphy that I love

(take a peek!)

Well, for a start for my next giveaway & the 1st 2010 Giveaway, one of the prizes that will presented by TheHoneybunch Giveaway is that I will sketch the portrait, chosen by the Grand Prize Winner for free. (of course-lah dah hadiah).

Simultaneously, this portrait sketching is another product, whereby more like a service that is available by my tiny, humbly blogshop, TheHoneybunch Marketplace
. At this moment, there’s only preloved books and educational videos available there. More products and services will be coming soon so stay tune!

February 7, 2010 Posted by | Hanz's Products Reviews, Lifestyle on Arty-Crafty, The Honeybunch Giveaway, The Honeybunch Marketplace | 6 Comments

TheHoneybunch 2010 Giveaway : Looking for Sponsorship

**** STICKY MODE ****

Kalu me nak buat giveaway dalam masa terdekat ni…ada tak saper2 yang mommy2, daddy2 nak sponsor?

Me dah dilamar (eceh => pinjam ayat Farah..) oleh satu sponsor..eih, mana boleh kasi tahu....tapi memang bestlah!

Ni nak cari lagi sponsor ni..Giveway kali ni me nak buat besaq sikit, nak kasi banyak hadiah tapi…nak buat paling senang!

Kalu ada saper2 nk sponsor, please email me ya =>

Thank you!

February 7, 2010 Posted by | The Honeybunch Giveaway | 8 Comments