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Are you Cloth Diapering or going to do so?

Are you Nursing Moms currently or about to be?

Are you Babywearing or soon to do that?

Do you plan to establish Baby Sign to your child?

My parenting journey especially to Baby Hambali is taking the next stage. Talk about Cloth Diapering, slowly and sadly, I will part with his Cloth Diapers bit by bit and only keep those that I refused to let go (auuwww!!). I have been investing for some training pants, saving some CDs that has proven works for nighttime splendidly and been eyeing this new brand of pull-up cloth diaper that suits for potty training. hehehe…..

Babywearing wise, he’s more mobile, refused to forever being carried unless he’s sleepy or just want some cuddling so the SSC is frequently used and those Ring Slings has been neglected.

Baby Sign, he’s far off adding more and more and I’m getting the Potty Training Kit by Baby Sign pretty soon and believe this tool would be useful to other parents and needs a new home rather being neglected. We’re memorized almost all the signs features in this book and besides, I have another book on Baby Sign as well.

And, Breastfeeding, those blouses is too loose for me now and off late, I prefer to use Jacket or Cardigan or Vest when I’m nursing him in public.

All items above are best offer to you at very, very low price. You won’t get this kind of price at others. To see what I meant, hop over to my Blogshop =>TheHoneybunch Marketplace

March 8, 2010 - Posted by | Lifestyle on Parenting, The Honeybunch Marketplace

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