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Why would I want my children to breastfeed (from dad’s point of view)

They come in different sizes and shapes; creating quite a stir for some men but they actually serve the most important function to human being that is to breastfeed babies and if possible toddlers. Nowadays, they are more seen in magazines and television promoting any kind of merchandising including cars, perfume and more that people forget the whole purpose of them. People sometimes refuse to call them their real name but prefer to use their nicknames such as tits, boobs, etc, I thought this was the time that we, men should realize the real purpose and potential of them and acknowledge them by their faces rather than their assets. Although ‘they’ can look very delicious during breastfeeding.

When my wife got pregnant for the first time, I knew I was going to ask her fully breastfeed our child. I am lactose intolerant. The smell and the sight of artificial milk can easily make my stomach upset. I do not want children to even have a sip of those artificial milk. I read a lot about breastfeeding and have experienced most of it if not all. Let me share with you the advantages of being a dad to breastfed children.

  • Breastfeeding helps women get back to their pre-pregnancy state.It contracts the uterus and helps to expedite the healing process after delivery. Advantage to dad; within one week to two weeks my wife was already well enough to cook for the family and look after all of us. Save money for eating out.
  • Breastfeeding helps women to lose weight faster. Yes, less money to spend on slimming products or classes or treatment.
  • The babes sucking, vital for the production of milk stimulates the release of milky hormones, prolactin and oxytocin.These hormones also help a woman relax.Therefore less arguing and confrontation with me.
  • One VERY IMPORTANT fat for working dads or maybe for some who is being controlled by the queen.We don’t have to wake up at night to prepare milk.Mom’s supply is ready anytime.And while they are at it, they can simply continue changing the baby diaper’s as well. I’m sure most of us men will gladly agree.
  • Travelling is easy.No need to bring all the bottles and milk.As long as we bring the ‘queen’ along, we will be hassle free. We only have to worry about those pesky diaper bag.
  • We can save a lot of time and money on buying artificial milk.Breast milk is free.To some, it doesn’t seem to bother a lot, but try to think about the free time that you can have by not going to the store every now and then to get those artificial milk, and imagine if you accidentally got the wrong milk instead!I’m sure most of you have faced the wrath of the queen.
  • A breastfed child will be less likely to suffer from asthma, eczema and a whole host of other little goodies;saving yet more money, this time on medical bills.More money for us to buy our toys.
  • Breastfeeding satisfies baby’s emotional needs.All babies need to be hold regularly.It is much easier to console a crying baby with breastfeeding.Less crying means less emotional pressure for moms and dads and more time for us to spend reading the newspaper.
As you can begin to see and appreciate, anything to do with breasts should’nt be rushed or underestimated.Breastfeeding isn’t just about feeding babies.Breastfeeding should be a normal picture to our society at any time, anywhere.A baby sucking is an urge of great magnitude, rather like you.Babies need to suck.With breastfeeding babies expend energy;derive comfort, security, love and warmth.It’s their first social exchange.It exercises their jaw and aids the growth of teeth.Demand feeding as we call it in the trade, is instinctive and should’nt be messed with.We should promote this fact and be in tune with it. Sadly this is a lost art.

One controversial issue with men and breastfeeding is feeding in public.Husbands should not be ashamed of their wives who opt for public breastfeeding (although I can get very fiery when someones tries to look closer).They know what they are doing.Do not expect your wife to breastfeed your child in the restroom.Would you like to have your lunch or snack in the toilet?If you are ok with it, then there must be something wrong with you.There are a lot of ways to actually breastfeed discreetly.In the market right now, we have plenty of choices of nursing clothes.There are also ways to cover their assets and women usually know about it.And guys…please mind your eyesight;the mother is trying to feed her baby.You can have plenty of time at home.

Nature at it’s best and most beautiful.Breastfeeding for many women is a passionate affair.Place this somewhere safe in your mind and when the time comes to share your life with the woman you adore and you both decide to have children, give her all the encouragement you can. She’ll love you even more for it.Passionately, together you can watch your child grow, oh and her breasts too…..

Breasts are beautiful;they also produce milk, the best pre-packed convenience food out there, now that’s and advertisement well worth remembering…

Written by : Shazly Khan
Originally obtained from Moms Little Ones. Thanks to Pn Rita Rahayu Omar of Moms Little Ones

Hanz’s Note : Forward this to Daddies out there or soon-t0-be-daddies even Senior Daddies. :> And, please mention the original writer and credit Momslittleones.

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