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After some time, it got me thinking…I’m going to make it private this Chatterbox of mine. Just want to chit-chat and share with genuine blogger friends out there. Leave your name & blog url in the comment (vis-a-vis), if you still interested to be my Chatterbox’s Chit-Chatters. Thanks!

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Susu Mama rasa strawberry

Bila tengok nama blog Minah, MyStrawberi, teringat satu perkara…kebetulan pula semalam Farah ada berkongsi, anaknya Afif tak fussy bab-bab makan…

Me percaya, anak yang menyusu daripada susu ibu kebiasaannya memang tidak memilih dalam soal pemakanan. Kajian telah dibuat dan telah terbukti, kandungan susu ibu sentiasa berubah-berubah mengikut masa dalam masa 24 jam (me ada graf tentang kandungan susu ibu ni mengikut waktu..tak dapat nak link kat sini) dan dipengaruhi juga nutrien yang diambil daripada diet si-ibu.

Kalau setin susu tepung, dikategorikan mengikut kesesuaian tahap umur sebagai contoh, bayi baru lahir, bayi dari umur sebulan hingga 6 bulan, kemudian 6 bulan keatas, ada pula setahun hingga tiga tahun, tapi kuasa Yang Maha Esa menjadikan susu ibu itu berubah-ubah mengikut kesesuaian si-anak dan boleh didatangi pelbagai rasa..Maha Agung Ciptaan Tuhan! Si ibu tak perlu risau, sesuai ker susunyer untuk anak dia sekarang sebab pakejnyer dah cukup lengkap dan standard kesesuaian berubah-ubah…

Tak percayakah kata-kata from me?

Anak sulung me, Hanafi suatu hari selepas selesai daripada menyusu, sekitar umur hampir 3 tahun, pernah memberitahu, “SUSU MAMA RASA STRAWBERRY.” Tergamam sekejap Mamanyer, lalu bertanya,”Betul ker rasa strawberry susu Mama?” Dia mengangguk sambil senyum-senyum.

Dan sekarang ni, me perhatikan my boys suka minum kopi! Ooooppsss…jangan ikut contoh teladan me ni yer..Kanak-kanak minum kopi sangat tidak bagus! Salahkan si-ibu, (me-lah tu) yang peminum kopi tegar tahap kronik. Jadi, secara tak langsung, mereka ni macam tak rasa pelik rasa kopi yang pahit tu bila diberi rasa seteguk dua lebih-lebih lagi Hanafi yang berminat sangat-sangat bila memerhatikan kami, Papa dan Mamanyer minum kopi..maybe dah ada sikit-sikit rasa kopi dalam susu ibu?

So, ibu-ibu yang menyusukan anak, sila prihatin pada ambilan pemakanan dan diet. Contohnyer, kalau nak anak suka makan sayur, si ibu pun kenalah suka makan me, me lihat my boys takder masalah bab-bab makan sayur, dan Baby Hambali pula memang makan apa saja, kami nak dia pandai makan, tak nak terlalu memilih…me percaya ada kaitan dengan susu ibu juga.

Sekali lagi me nak berpesan, jangan ikut me bab minum kopi tu yer..tak elok…sekian..

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Becky Bloomwood and Hanz would never become best friends

Are you a die-hard fan of Shopaholic Series? Swear that Becky Bloomwood is like a long-lost sister that you wish to have?

Then, I must apologise to you. You and I are living in two different world, Becky Bloomwood would never become my best friend and now, I’m going to criticize her. A lot. So, stop reading and move on to somewhere else. Or else, I might hurt your feelings.

Source : Google Image

Becky Bloomwood and Hanz would never become best friends because….

1. Becky owns more than 10 Credit Cards with over-limit credits while Hanz only own one credit card.

2. Becky has overdraft facility and write too much letters to Bank for overdraft extension and limits while Hanz don’t even have overdraft facilities

3. Becky developed addiction on unspecific items to shop wherelse Hanz only addicted on cloth diapers splurge currently.

4. Becky made silly excuses to buy whatever and persuaded sub-conscious mind to shop while Hanz would set mind and repeatedly self-questioning, “Why do I need this?

5. Becky shop for designer brands for entire clothing and attire even in miscellanous items while Hanz only do brand-conscious shopping for certain items like shoes, electrical appliance, face care and body care because of the quality and long-term satisfaction depending on situation, needs and budgets.

6. Becky lies to herself especially, her husband (ex-boss/fiance), her best friend and procrastinate in facing reality of her bad debts while Hanz face debt with guilty mind and seeks solutions by all ways and means.

7. Becky shops all the time regardless day, night while Hanz will be on shopping spree once in a blue moon after shop-fasting couple of months before that.

8. Becky haunts designer boutiques and online shops everywhere and don’t really have specific favourite shop but Hanz haunts Bazaar, Flea Market and Bargain Site and found preloved items is okay, plus only do Online Shop for specific items like books, makeup, bags, clothes and baby stuff and frequent shopper to those she found satisfying and has few favourite stores.

9. Becky would take word-by-word a recommendation by total stranger at somewhere, nowhere for a big decision while Hanz would never believe a single word from someone she does’nt know without going home first, make a self-inspection before making the big decision after discussed it with her other-half.

10. Becky is good on finding ways on how to dig a hole to cover another hole of debts while Hanz is good on finding funds on rotation for spending did on impulse sometimes.

11. Becky is an impulse-buyer while Hanz is a conscious buyer.

12. Becky never tries her hands on entering contest but Hanz love contest. Who doesn’t love free gifts and save more?

13. Becky is slow to make decision, can’t even decide wisely and go round and round in circle and problem solved usually by chance and for the sake of pleasing everyone she think needs to be please but Hanz is firm on making decision, telling the truth and problem solved by weighing pros and cons not by chance.

14. Becky loves to visualize things she needs to buy in exaggerating manner to the extend being impossible while Hanz visualize the thing she think she needs to buy by wondering whether it can be match with the available attire she has back home or places she can be.

15. Becky is over-confident for wealth or opportunity that is yet within her grasp and never extra-conscious should fate turned the other way while Hanz would only have the confidence for any money-related must be black-and-white writing, testimonials gained before spending unnecessarily.

Sigh..actually there is more than 15 reasons I can list out here but I don’t want to bore you with this Shopaholic thingy. I was curios when this Shopaholic wave hit across Continents and I do admit I am way too late to join in the crowds. Anyway, after gotten 3 of the Shopaholic Series, finished reading Shopaholic Abroad, Shopaholic Ties the knot, watched Confession of A Shopaholic movie and now STRUGGLING to finish Shopaholic and Baby, I don’t want to torture my mind anymore.

Any taker for these 3 books? Gonna get rid of them.

Plastic-wrapped nicely because I always respect book, got it only last March, don’t want to include them in my modest bookshelves. If you are Becky Bloomwood’s fan, then grab those. Of course, lower than bookstore price. Just hop over to my blogshop ya. :>

Hanz’s Note : At least Twillight Series is better though I dragged myself to finish the Finale and somehow it kills my enthusiasm a bit on it.

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Cloth Diaper, Insert & Leggings for sale!

Hop over to my blogshop and see what I have to offer at bargain price!

Hanz’s : I have few more baby items & toys want to let it go. Baby Food Chopper (never used), Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder (never used) & drink box holder (like Dwinx box) (never used also) and some toys. Anybody interested? Will post picture and details to my blogshop soon.

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Today is Earth Day, but what does it mean to you?

(STICKY MODE from 22nd till 26th April, 2010)

You are welcome to leave your opinion, share your story and suggest anything..

From compiled sharing, I might come up with another project. (InsyaAllah…)Wink!

I love to hear your say. :D

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En Ben Ashaari has paid a visit! :>

En Ben Ashaari was here! Only realized his visitation late Sunday night, after being offline mode whole Saturday and Sunday.

What he has to say about Hanz & the Chatterbox?

Hop over HIS. This is what HIS REVIEW…….. <= click that big-sized phrase..ekekeke

All in all, I want to say….

Myspace Comments

Hanz’s Note : Must learn tips & tricks how to be FOFULAR so that I can sapu semua blog. Right, En Ben? Wink!

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Top 10 Job Applicant’s Mistakes

** Scheduled Post. Off running errands today **

This is a personal observation by a Human Resource Minister Wannabe.

Okeh, okeh..I’m kidding, I left majority of Human Resource Management, years ago though I love Personnel, Industrial Law, Labour Law and such, it never made to actual career.Knowledge wise I suppose, and I do contented with my current job. It takes an eye for details to quick spot mistakes job applicants made, years in employment, involved in hiring and processing candidates and personal experience of job hunting to list these common mistakes among job applicants.Here we go!

1. Weird email address. What do you think of email address like otai_sempoi@…., hotpinkygirl84@… sounds to you?

Hanz’s Tip : Use your full name or shorter version of your name to create an email address that specific for job application. Do separate email address for leisure and pleasure from formal matters.

2. Unable to contact via mobile numbers. You put up your mobile numbers and in job hunting but potential employers unable to speak to you at all.

Hanz’s Tip : Even if you are employed currently yet still in job hunting and company’s policy stated no personal call during office hour, you can always set up an answering machine. And if you noted, there’s a missed call, have the courtesy to return the call provided you know to differentiate those spam calls that’s been happening a lot nowadays.

3. Endless pages of resume which is more than recommended 3 pages the most.

Hanz’s Tip : It is so funny to find there are few applicants even list which primary school they went! And some, even list the project they did in school’s club or in Uni’s. For fresh grad, yes, with zero working experience, it’s good to list these things but be brief & just highlight what these activities helped you in certain way for your career soon. And experienced ones, no need to list out what job projects you’ve done. Separate projects highlights from resume. Save those project details during the interview where you can bring along with your portfolios. Briefly list the most important ones that is relevant with the job you are applying.

4. Clueless on the jobs applied.

Hanz’s Tip : When I was job hunting, I got a small notebook just for job application. I even cut-up the job advertisement from the newspaper and then paste it in that book or write it down. I put up the date I’ve submitted my job’s application and will have a look from time to time should I did’nt hear any news so the least i know my status and will be prepared when I received the news that I’m shortlisted for interview, I will appear enthusiastic and these leave the impression to the employer’s side that I am the right candidate. You can apply as many as you want but do keep track on what you have applied.

5. Failure to double-check the company’s background before applying.

Hanz’s Tip : It is such annoying to receive an excuse from shortlisted candidates that they are uninterested to be interviewed after they found out the company’s location is far by their standard of distance. So, why you apply in the first place. You waste the employer’s time and resources. Next time, before applying, check the address, job post, requirement and even the salary (if there’s any) so you will favour both parties and save all the trouble.

6. Appear that you’re the BOSS

Hanz’s Tip : When receiving calls that you are shortlisted for interview opportunity, bear in mind, your percentage to be hired increased by 50%. But, when you appear bossy to the informer, in example: “I will be busy that day, can you schedule another time?” “Don’t forget to include job’s requirement in your invitation email.” how that leaves the impression on you? If you unable to make it, rephrase your excuse with valid reason and do stress that you really want to be interviewed.Better still, you suggest another possible date on the spot. And, never instruct your informer to include details that already appear in the job’s advertisement in the first place. Don’t you do your homework?

7. Fickle-minded and sounds immature over the phone calls.

Hanz’s Tip : Gosh! I encountered this attitude many, many times among fresh graduates especially ladies. Aren’t you proud that you are holder of BBA, BAchelor’s Degree, Diplomas and so forth but the way you communicate with lots of aaaaaa, eemmmm, gigglish sound is a really put-off to your potential employers. Please appear professional during telephone conversation. You are not talking to your best friend! You might talking to your future superior or colleagues.

8. Includes personal judgment or observation that is irrelevant.

Hanz’s Tip : Recently, I went through one cover letter that mentioned the current company she’s attached to is a boutique and she mentioned that she has brushed up her PR by serving rich people. Tell me what is wrong here.

9. Resume and cover letter full of intolerable mistakes.

Hanz’s Tip : This shows you are really sloppy in doing your work. Do check spelling, punctuation, font, grammar (some it can be tolerable depending on what industry and job) and resume layout. That is your first impression to your possible employer and check-out the latest format on how resume and cover letter should looks like.

10. Professionalism and courtesy is just not there.

Hanz’s Tip : Say thank you when you received call or email for interviews. Say thank you after the interview session and it’s a plus point if you send an email of thank you note.This make you stand-out from the rest.Reply emails of invitation or even rejection emails professionally. You never know they might think twice of letting you pass by when you appear courteous and professional.Lots of companies KIV resumes should the one they hired does not meet their expectation.

Finally, to be true, more mistakes I’ve encountered but should you avoid doing this Top 10, your chances to be hired is greater. Have faith in yourself and set mind that you are the best candidate that they should be hiring.

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Got to know about this from K.Mas Ayu’s blog.
They remind me of my boys, Hanafi & Hambali…

I am now in bucket full of teardrops……

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Hanz of TheHoneybunch is a featured blogger in

I am so happy to be featured in yesterday. Just got the news from Adline, the interviewer and the writer herself via email today.

You can read it under FEATURED BLOGGER. <= click on that word.

Briefly about is like an e-magazine and similar to the glossy women magazine you can find at your local news stand. Only then, it is more info-packed, less advertiser’s page and supports healthier lifestyle and green living. Among the articles you would enjoy are categorised under Glitz and Glam, Home and Health, Pregnancy and Parenting, Love and Life, Society and Support and Gallery too.

I strongly encourage you to list in your blogroll and make it your daily dosage.

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Homeschool 604 : First Science Trip – Pusat Sains Negara

We were at Pusat Sains Negara last Saturday after attended Parent-Teacher’s Day of Hanafi’s Rehal Class, to fully use the celebration of Kidz Month there. Unfortunately, due to ASTRO CARNIVAL, they cancelled the whole activities lined-up of the day. So we just had a tour inside with ongoing explanation to Hanafi on science concept that suits his preschooler’s level. Unable to fit in too much information because of age inappropriateness. So, we treated it as Hanafi’s more exposure with application a bit on Science & Baby Hambali’s first introduction to science.

Let’s just enjoy some of the pictures, shall we?

The Sound Room.
When you step on the light,
different sound of animals could be heard.

Baby Hambali’s concentrating on detecting different pitch.
Lesson on sound, wave & vibration hemm, Hambali?

Hanafi could’nt figured out why
human beings made up partly of bones.

Anyway, he enjoyed being Transformer of the day.

Magnets & voltage lesson.

What were the boys up to?
By that time,
I’m wearing Baby Hambali
& he was fast asleep, his head rested
on my chest.

The Papa was engrossed with this Robotic Game

Graffiti Shoot & Paint & Bike Racing?

This is the pathway and above your head,
a curvy-shaped Aquarium will greet you

History of Nobel Prize and
wall of Nobel Prize Recipients

Care to tickle your wit with IQ Puzzle on the wall?

And then,
there was ASTRO Carnival
specifically Playhouse Disney Channel

See the Ben 10? Since we’re too far,
pretending to be one will do for Hanafi

Some Jigsaw Puzzle game

Captured moment with one of Mama’s
favourite comic strip, Garfield.
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