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TGIF & these was what we did two days ago

Both hubby & me took 2 days leave, yesterday and last Wednesday.Family errands to run and give ourselves a short break. The tasks went on nevertheless like this…

Wednesday :

  • Hanafi’s follow-up appointment for further diagnosed of his special case from early morning till noon.
  • Fetched Baby Hambali’s Muttaqin CD bought from Aunty Mei Hooi at Shah Alam Post Office.
  • Collected our very first Family Photobook, redeeming the recent Baby Hambali’s MBP 2009 Monthly Cutest Baby Winning
  • Haunting 100Yen Shop at Kota Kemuning upon chances & grabbed few things. By luck, managed to find small-sized (suits for Kiddies) floor mop. Specially bought for Baby Hambali’s usage to be used soon.


  • Searched few mainstream & private school for Hanafi’s Year 1 schooling session next year should our plan to continue homeschooling unsuccessful. We are waiting for full report and recommendation from Hanafi’s Child Psychologist and Paeditrician.That would be used for backup when we apply relief of mainstream school and submit homeschool proposal to the Ministry of Education.
  • Original plan after that we supposed to head to Pusat Sains Negara but hubby suggested movie. Went to The Curve, I was totally crushed when Alice In Wonderland is no longer showing. As two plans backfired, the next best thing to do was haunting the MPH Bookstore. Finally got MPH Kidz Card for Hanafi and as always I can’t resist not to grab few books. Was in jumping joy finally found The EcoKids Books written by our dear Malaysian writer & famous hostess, Asha Gill.Shall review on these EcoKids books soon.

Since Hanafi can read very well in Bahasa Malaysia now, I made a promise to him to get him more BM books. But, unfortunately, there’s very limited choices so got him 2 books on Story of Nabi-Nabi. For Baby Hambali, I made such a great deal to get him book on Potty Story and after searched high and low for couple of hours, managed to find one. The book itself looks like potty seat, right? hahaha and, for both boys, more exposure on animals that lived in the jungle.

Later, late evening, after had our dinner, as usual Hanafi will attend his e-Nopi Maths Class and to fill in the 1 hour gap, we brought Baby Hambali to Sunway Giza.

Papa could not resist to buy both boys identical Pyjamas with embossed lettering splashed across the chest “I Love Dad”. As for myself, as I wanted to show dear hubby The Art Workshop store, we headed there and as always, I would found myself lost in the world of Art & Craft, second-best after world of Books. Did I buy something? Hehehe..never leave Bookstore or Art & Craft store with empty hands. That’s Hanz alright!

Just coincidentally, different place and different time, but still on the same, day both boys of mine chose to ride the very same type of vehicle. The tractor!

Hanz’s : TGIF! I got loads and loads of obligations to accomplish.

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