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Top 10 Job Applicant’s Mistakes

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This is a personal observation by a Human Resource Minister Wannabe.

Okeh, okeh..I’m kidding, I left majority of Human Resource Management, years ago though I love Personnel, Industrial Law, Labour Law and such, it never made to actual career.Knowledge wise I suppose, and I do contented with my current job. It takes an eye for details to quick spot mistakes job applicants made, years in employment, involved in hiring and processing candidates and personal experience of job hunting to list these common mistakes among job applicants.Here we go!

1. Weird email address. What do you think of email address like otai_sempoi@…., hotpinkygirl84@… sounds to you?

Hanz’s Tip : Use your full name or shorter version of your name to create an email address that specific for job application. Do separate email address for leisure and pleasure from formal matters.

2. Unable to contact via mobile numbers. You put up your mobile numbers and in job hunting but potential employers unable to speak to you at all.

Hanz’s Tip : Even if you are employed currently yet still in job hunting and company’s policy stated no personal call during office hour, you can always set up an answering machine. And if you noted, there’s a missed call, have the courtesy to return the call provided you know to differentiate those spam calls that’s been happening a lot nowadays.

3. Endless pages of resume which is more than recommended 3 pages the most.

Hanz’s Tip : It is so funny to find there are few applicants even list which primary school they went! And some, even list the project they did in school’s club or in Uni’s. For fresh grad, yes, with zero working experience, it’s good to list these things but be brief & just highlight what these activities helped you in certain way for your career soon. And experienced ones, no need to list out what job projects you’ve done. Separate projects highlights from resume. Save those project details during the interview where you can bring along with your portfolios. Briefly list the most important ones that is relevant with the job you are applying.

4. Clueless on the jobs applied.

Hanz’s Tip : When I was job hunting, I got a small notebook just for job application. I even cut-up the job advertisement from the newspaper and then paste it in that book or write it down. I put up the date I’ve submitted my job’s application and will have a look from time to time should I did’nt hear any news so the least i know my status and will be prepared when I received the news that I’m shortlisted for interview, I will appear enthusiastic and these leave the impression to the employer’s side that I am the right candidate. You can apply as many as you want but do keep track on what you have applied.

5. Failure to double-check the company’s background before applying.

Hanz’s Tip : It is such annoying to receive an excuse from shortlisted candidates that they are uninterested to be interviewed after they found out the company’s location is far by their standard of distance. So, why you apply in the first place. You waste the employer’s time and resources. Next time, before applying, check the address, job post, requirement and even the salary (if there’s any) so you will favour both parties and save all the trouble.

6. Appear that you’re the BOSS

Hanz’s Tip : When receiving calls that you are shortlisted for interview opportunity, bear in mind, your percentage to be hired increased by 50%. But, when you appear bossy to the informer, in example: “I will be busy that day, can you schedule another time?” “Don’t forget to include job’s requirement in your invitation email.” how that leaves the impression on you? If you unable to make it, rephrase your excuse with valid reason and do stress that you really want to be interviewed.Better still, you suggest another possible date on the spot. And, never instruct your informer to include details that already appear in the job’s advertisement in the first place. Don’t you do your homework?

7. Fickle-minded and sounds immature over the phone calls.

Hanz’s Tip : Gosh! I encountered this attitude many, many times among fresh graduates especially ladies. Aren’t you proud that you are holder of BBA, BAchelor’s Degree, Diplomas and so forth but the way you communicate with lots of aaaaaa, eemmmm, gigglish sound is a really put-off to your potential employers. Please appear professional during telephone conversation. You are not talking to your best friend! You might talking to your future superior or colleagues.

8. Includes personal judgment or observation that is irrelevant.

Hanz’s Tip : Recently, I went through one cover letter that mentioned the current company she’s attached to is a boutique and she mentioned that she has brushed up her PR by serving rich people. Tell me what is wrong here.

9. Resume and cover letter full of intolerable mistakes.

Hanz’s Tip : This shows you are really sloppy in doing your work. Do check spelling, punctuation, font, grammar (some it can be tolerable depending on what industry and job) and resume layout. That is your first impression to your possible employer and check-out the latest format on how resume and cover letter should looks like.

10. Professionalism and courtesy is just not there.

Hanz’s Tip : Say thank you when you received call or email for interviews. Say thank you after the interview session and it’s a plus point if you send an email of thank you note.This make you stand-out from the rest.Reply emails of invitation or even rejection emails professionally. You never know they might think twice of letting you pass by when you appear courteous and professional.Lots of companies KIV resumes should the one they hired does not meet their expectation.

Finally, to be true, more mistakes I’ve encountered but should you avoid doing this Top 10, your chances to be hired is greater. Have faith in yourself and set mind that you are the best candidate that they should be hiring.

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