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Becky Bloomwood and Hanz would never become best friends

Are you a die-hard fan of Shopaholic Series? Swear that Becky Bloomwood is like a long-lost sister that you wish to have?

Then, I must apologise to you. You and I are living in two different world, Becky Bloomwood would never become my best friend and now, I’m going to criticize her. A lot. So, stop reading and move on to somewhere else. Or else, I might hurt your feelings.

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Becky Bloomwood and Hanz would never become best friends because….

1. Becky owns more than 10 Credit Cards with over-limit credits while Hanz only own one credit card.

2. Becky has overdraft facility and write too much letters to Bank for overdraft extension and limits while Hanz don’t even have overdraft facilities

3. Becky developed addiction on unspecific items to shop wherelse Hanz only addicted on cloth diapers splurge currently.

4. Becky made silly excuses to buy whatever and persuaded sub-conscious mind to shop while Hanz would set mind and repeatedly self-questioning, “Why do I need this?

5. Becky shop for designer brands for entire clothing and attire even in miscellanous items while Hanz only do brand-conscious shopping for certain items like shoes, electrical appliance, face care and body care because of the quality and long-term satisfaction depending on situation, needs and budgets.

6. Becky lies to herself especially, her husband (ex-boss/fiance), her best friend and procrastinate in facing reality of her bad debts while Hanz face debt with guilty mind and seeks solutions by all ways and means.

7. Becky shops all the time regardless day, night while Hanz will be on shopping spree once in a blue moon after shop-fasting couple of months before that.

8. Becky haunts designer boutiques and online shops everywhere and don’t really have specific favourite shop but Hanz haunts Bazaar, Flea Market and Bargain Site and found preloved items is okay, plus only do Online Shop for specific items like books, makeup, bags, clothes and baby stuff and frequent shopper to those she found satisfying and has few favourite stores.

9. Becky would take word-by-word a recommendation by total stranger at somewhere, nowhere for a big decision while Hanz would never believe a single word from someone she does’nt know without going home first, make a self-inspection before making the big decision after discussed it with her other-half.

10. Becky is good on finding ways on how to dig a hole to cover another hole of debts while Hanz is good on finding funds on rotation for spending did on impulse sometimes.

11. Becky is an impulse-buyer while Hanz is a conscious buyer.

12. Becky never tries her hands on entering contest but Hanz love contest. Who doesn’t love free gifts and save more?

13. Becky is slow to make decision, can’t even decide wisely and go round and round in circle and problem solved usually by chance and for the sake of pleasing everyone she think needs to be please but Hanz is firm on making decision, telling the truth and problem solved by weighing pros and cons not by chance.

14. Becky loves to visualize things she needs to buy in exaggerating manner to the extend being impossible while Hanz visualize the thing she think she needs to buy by wondering whether it can be match with the available attire she has back home or places she can be.

15. Becky is over-confident for wealth or opportunity that is yet within her grasp and never extra-conscious should fate turned the other way while Hanz would only have the confidence for any money-related must be black-and-white writing, testimonials gained before spending unnecessarily.

Sigh..actually there is more than 15 reasons I can list out here but I don’t want to bore you with this Shopaholic thingy. I was curios when this Shopaholic wave hit across Continents and I do admit I am way too late to join in the crowds. Anyway, after gotten 3 of the Shopaholic Series, finished reading Shopaholic Abroad, Shopaholic Ties the knot, watched Confession of A Shopaholic movie and now STRUGGLING to finish Shopaholic and Baby, I don’t want to torture my mind anymore.

Any taker for these 3 books? Gonna get rid of them.

Plastic-wrapped nicely because I always respect book, got it only last March, don’t want to include them in my modest bookshelves. If you are Becky Bloomwood’s fan, then grab those. Of course, lower than bookstore price. Just hop over to my blogshop ya. :>

Hanz’s Note : At least Twillight Series is better though I dragged myself to finish the Finale and somehow it kills my enthusiasm a bit on it.

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  1. not a fan of sophie kinsella either 😛 but i just LOVE the way you put the comparison.i love this post!

    Comment by Syigim | April 29, 2010 | Reply

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