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Review on Antsy Pant Cloth Diaper

Antsy Pants Cloth Diaper is intended to prepare parents to help their child in life transition from eliminating in diapers to using the potty. It’s more like a potty train gear because the ease of it’s usage,looks and function very much like the commercial pull-up training pants, only then it is washable, reusable and naturally good for child’s skin.

Front view with insert

Side view with insert

What I like : The functionality, the look and the fitting definitely.It is a diaper but does’nt have to be a diaper.It can be used either with insert or without an insert. More like AIO & Pocket type of cloth diaper, only then it is pull-up training pants too. And I used it at nighttime, it is amazing!

What I dislike : None. Hemm..on second thoughts, I don’t really fancy their insert as it has to be folded and they make it flat I guess so it can be customised. Quite bulky when put inside. Nevertheless, from what I being informed, you can used Grobaby Soaker which is more trim and still functioning well.

Where to obtained : Up till now, no local retailers carry this cloth diaper though cloth-addicted moms heart this cloth diaper. I got mine from Diaperswap Forum & it is fast selling whenever someone post it up or moms there will go for group buy.

Hanz’s Tip : To get your Antsy Pant, measure your baby first. It is a sized diaper and good fitting is required to obtain the utmost of its functionality.

Let’s take a look on pictures to give you clearer pictures. :D

Inner view of Antsy Pant and the insert
(optional to use with or without insert)

From backside

From side view

Disclaimer : This review is solely based on personal usage to my baby based on his physique & my unique preferences.

For more information, check out the original manufacturer’s website : Antsy Pants.

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Busy Monday

Gosh! How I really want to update this Chatterbox & chat-hop to others but I can’t afford to do so today. We went to Astro Carnival last at Pusat Sains Negara last Saturday & had our 1st meeting for the 1Superkids Club House Launching Day on the 9th of May. Pre-lined task both work & personal. I’m busy as a bee. Guess myblogshop badge truly represent me.

Will try my very best to update late evening or else tomorrow then.

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Perhatian kepada pemenang TheHoneybunch Giveaway #1 2010

Kepada para pemenang yang belum email pada Hanz, your details….silalah berbuat demikian secepat yang mungkin. Terima kasih….

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Ben Ashaari’s Mom’s Blog Exploration (Jelajah Blog Ibu)

When you translate the ‘Jelajah Blog Ibu oleh Ben Ashaari’ to English, it becomes so long-winded and would the translated above title appears correctly? (edited: previously entitled Ben Ashaari’s Blog Exploration to Bloggers’ Mom ‘s Blog.)Anybody wants to comment on that? K.Yani? Doc Hanim? I’ll be happy to correct my mistake. :D (Thanks to Cat)

Alright, straight to the actual segment. It is such a phenomenal this Jelajah Blog Ibu & I’ve seen it everywhere among my bloggers’ friends. Since this humble Chatterbox of mine is totally visited & read by Moms, guess a visit & reviewed by the opposite sex would be interesting.

Here is En Ben Ashaari.

As Mr Ben’s request to state where you get to know about Jelajah Blog Ibu, aaahhh..let me recall, first from Cik Lily Putih, then Nia, Hanie, Pija, Intan, Kakyong, Haiza….hemmm, have this feeling I might missed few more friends.

Anyway, a bit about this Chatterbox. Being influenced by my cousin to create one, cracked brain for quite some time with the Blog lingos, Blog structure & the Blogosphere…and finally, I went on with my passion and interest, VOILA! It became one SPECIFIC blog. Though, i do chat CACA-MARBA (anything under the sun), self-proclaimed at my avatar on the left-sidebar & the topics at the right-sidebar, clearly spells out I chat mostly about Parenting, Early Childhood Education, Women Stuff , Green Living (eco-lover) & not forgotten, the life revolves myself individually which includes my hobby & tips & my family, TheHoneybunch.

I am in the process of layout upgrading (which forever pending, hu,hu) and improving my blogshop as well. Comments, critics, all are welcome & I am deeply, truly hoping En Ben will drop by & have a say on mine ya! En Ben is one of top-noted Blogger and as what they always say “Tunjuk Ajarku Sifu!”

Hanz’s Note : Chit-chatters, you can do the same.Get your details => Jelajah Blog Ibu

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Apa hadiahnya my 6 Lucky Winners?

Kepada 6 Lucky Winners untuk Hadiah Saguhati…. Let’s see apa Anakanda Hanafi dah pick-up hadiahnyer… Silalah layan gambar-gambar tersebut….

Sebelum cabutan dibuat, di sebelah kanan Hanafi ialah nama-nama pemenang dan sebelah kiri pula hadiah-hadiah yang bakal dimenangi.

Inilah keputusannya. Sila semak.

Kepada semua pemenang diharap email to me, nama penuh, nama anak, alamat (alamat tempat yang ada orang untuk terima bungkusan), nombor handphone kat =>


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Tahniah kepada 9 pemenang TheHoneybunch 2010 #1 Giveaway : Best Birthday Ever!

Para juri dah pun memilih 9 pemenang kita. Terima kasih pada juri-juri ini. Nak tahu saper juri yang 4 orang tu? Tunggu my chat akan datang dalam sessi ramah-mesra dengan para juri. :D

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng!

Berikut ialah para pemenang itu!

Grand Prize Winner

First Prize Winner

Adik Nur Hanisah

Second Prize Winner

Adik Sarah

Dan 6 pemenang saguhati yang lain
(tidak mengikut urutan)

Adik Putri Irdina

Adik Sharifah Sumayyah

Adik Muhammad Mirza

Adik Izz Dhani

Adik Nik Haziq

Adik Nurin Assyura Raudhah

Tahniah sekali lagi kepada semua pemenang!!

Grand Prize Winner, First Prize Winner dan Second Prize Winner, bolehlah email nama penuh, nama anak, blog url, alamat dan nombor telefon to me => Masih ingat lagi tak hadiah Grand Prize, First Prize & Second Prize? Boleh check my chat yang lepas kat SINI.

Kepada kesemua 6 pemenang hadiah saguhati pula, harap bersabar tentang hadiah apa yang akan dimenangi kerana kita bersambung sembang Part 2. Anakanda Hanafi dah pun cabut undi kertas untuk tentukan hadiah-hadiahnyer..kita kasi saspen sikit.

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Hanz is ready to take Portrait Sketching Order now

I am pleased to announce that I am ready to accept order on Portrait Sketching as the day I am announcing it today. Good for own memorial collection, gift, home decor or whatever you like. Sketching quality as on image sample.

Your portrait will be drawn up to your selection either on full A4 size drawing paper or on full size A3 drawing paper. Medium is only available in black and white. Finish drawing will also be laminated.

Service charge is as follows :

A3 Size : RM 40
(maximum number of face is 2.
Additional face will be charge RM 3/per face.)

A4 Size : RM 30
(maximum number of face is 2.
Additional face will be charge RM 3/per face.)

Upon order you need to send to me your own photo by email. You’ll be given a copy of portrait by email attachment to finalise. I only allow one time editing and editing more than once will be chargeable accordingly. Final sketch item will be sent by post. Please allow 3 weeks for sketching and delivery (bear with me since I am full-time-working mother).

You can make the payment via bank transfer and delivery can be arrange by post or by hand (subject to location mentioned at the sidebar) Customer has to bare the Postage charge and the cost will be inform later depending on recipient address. If interested please visit my blogshop.

WARNING : Obscene or image that is controversial
will automatically not be entertained.

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Main daun terup tak semestinya berjudi

Selepas menyaksikan sekumpulan tiga anak dara seksi dan seorang jejaka tampan leka main daun terup di celahan pengunjung yang asyik menikmati juadah makan malam di Restoran Vichhuda malam tadi, hati me terdetik, “Apara diaorang ni, tak malu ker..orang datang sini nak makan, korang main daun terup pulak, korang ingat ni kasino ker?” Sejenak tu juga, me cepat-cepat betulkan persepsi, “Diaorang main suka-sukalah, bukannya berjudi pun, ada nampak ker, duit ringgit bertaburan atas meja..mesti diaorang boring tunggu makanan lambat hidang, jadi nak isi masa jer tu…”

Me teringat me ni sebenarnya peminat tegar dan pemain daun terup yang agak terer yang ajar dear hubby main daun terup, masa honeymoon phase… tau! Hubby pun jadi addicted…tapi la ni dah ada dua anak, dah lama tak main daun terup, oh harus mula balik ni, tunggu Baby Hambali besar sikit.

Saper yang ajar me main daun terup? Sapa lagi kalau bukan abang-abang kandung me. Masa tu me punya umur around 10, 11 tahun kut. Diaorang mula-mula ajar game ‘Colek’ pastu ‘Kandang’..tak lama tu ajar main ‘Jerami’ (Gin Rummy). Pelik dan kelakar jer bunyi game tu kan? Nak tahu camner nak main, meh datang berguru ngan me. Takyah risaulah..takder libatkan duit pun, bukan nak berjudi..

Abang ada jugak ajar camner nak buat trick ngan daun terup.Bila me dah mahir buat trick tu..dah sekolah menengah baru me terfikir, camner trick tu menjadi yer? Tak mungkin magik! Pastu, slowly buat analisis, trial-and-error and then finally baru figure out..OH!! IT’S ALL ABOUT MATHEMATICS!!!..hehehe..punyalah rasa diri ini hebat bila discover rahsia trick tu. See? Mathematics is fantastic, kan?

My mom marah jugak kami adik-beradik main daun terup sebab dia kata tak berfaedah. Tapi, my mom ada silap bab faedah tu.Sebenarnya, bila me dah jadi parents, me realize game2 yang me biasa main tu menguji dan mengasah kepintaran otak sebenarnya. Ada dua tiga game lagi me biasa main yang boleh main sorang-sorang dan melibatkan mathematics.

Me dah wariskan pun kat Hanafi satu game yang dipanggil ‘Jam’. Dah namanyer pun jam, berkait ngan jam-lah. Jadi daun terup tak semestinya berjudi…orang dulu-dulu selalu beranggapan begitu. Madam Teoh Po Yew, ahli MENSA dan pakar mathematics kat Malaysia ni pun galakkan guna daun terup untuk pembelajaran mathematics. Nanti me akan chat pasal game ‘jam’ tu di lain masa.

Hanz’s : Alaaaa….korang biasa main ‘Solitaire’ kat komputer kan? Maknanya korang pun biasalah ngan daun terup. Tak judi pun kan? Kan?

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Review on E.nopi Math

Hanz’s Note : When I attended Montessori Math Workshop few years ago, conducted by Ms Ruth Liew, Montessori expertise in Malaysia, I fell in love with the structured way on how Mathematics is taught plus the available tools. Though I must say that Montessori teaching tools won’t come by inexpensive but the methodologies ensure the proper way how Maths being approached. I would say that the way Malaysian mainstream school syllabus on Maths is somehow too many loopholes as no proper tools to aid in learning. I speak from my experience on teaching Math in tuition centre for couple of years.
When the very first time I found about eNopi Math programme, I was delighted that in a way it is quite similar with Montessori Maths. Tools in different category and specific purpose are available for the students. You can have a look here => E.nopi Math Teaching Materials

So without further hesitation and found there are E.nopi centre nearby our house, I sent Hanafi for Assessment Test and he started with Level 3 since last January and currently at Level 5. The class is 30 minutes to one hour per session, depending on how fast a child could accomplished their task, conducted twice a week. At the end of the session, as for Hanafi now, there will be flash card session whereby some sums to solve instantly in example addition and subtraction.

I was glad that after four months enrollment, Hanafi is now able to add and minus quickly without the need of fingers counting as commonly we tend to see among young children. Speaking from my teaching experience, I had few students of mine at Standard Four who still need to count with fingers for simple sums of addition or subtraction. Pretty sad, aye?

And not exaggerating, Math is most dragging and fear subject among school-going children. I strongly believe with the strong foundation and early exposure that Math is easy and fun actually, parents won’t have to face the consequence of children falling out from Math subject. As for us, Hubby and me love Maths and we can already see the likes in both our boys.

Hanafi’s Math Booklets (so far… :>)

Alright, here’s a few brief infos what is E.nopi Math programme is. Source from E.nopi flyer and their respective websites.

E.nopi education originated from Daekyo, one of the world leading companies in the educational service market.E.nopi MATH programme incorporates both Basic Thinking Math (BTM) and Critical Thinking (CTM) to develop a student’s computational skill and critical thinking ability, building strong foundation in education and career prospect. It caters for students from age 4 to secondary level that uses colourful worksheets and English as the medium of instruction.
Benefits from E.nopi MATH

A step-by-step program for all levels

  • Study materials that develop the ability to solve mathematical problem independently
  • Study materials that improve students’ performance and self-confidence in math.
  • An interactive teaching methodoly that incorporates proactive feedback
  • Study materials that develop critical and analytical thinking skills.

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Don’t let this Year of Tiger be the final year for Tiger

Interesting Facts about Tiger

  • Tigers have different stripe patterns, just like humans have their own unique thumb prints. You can never find two tigers having the same stripe pattern
  • Tigers, unlike normal house cats, are not afraid of the water.In fact, they are pretty good swimmers and have been swimming across huge lakes.
  • The night vision of a tiger is six times better than that of a human’s. Combined with its muscular foreleg and long, sharp and retractable claws, it is not surprising that the tiger is an excellent hunter.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners and user believe that tiger parts can be used to cure illnesses. Some of them are:

  • Brain to cure laziness and pimples
  • Skin to treat mental illness
  • Blood for strengthening the constitution and willpower
  • Fat for vomiting, dog bites, bleeding, haemorhoids and scalp ailments
  • Tail for various skin diseases
  • Bite for convulsions in children
  • Whiskers for toothache
  • Teeth for rabies, asthma and sores of penis.

What can you do?
  • Stop buying and consuming tiger parts
  • Do not support illegal trading Support conservation initiatives like the Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers by WWF Malaysia
  • Contact the authorities ie. via SMS to 019-3564194 the Wildlife Crime Hotline if you come across this sort of crime
  • Donate to WWF Malaysia
  • Visit WWF website to learn more about tiger conservation efforts.

Source : World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) Malaysia.

Hanz’s Note : If you are free and willing to joint effort this Saturday on the 17th (morning), why not attend the talk at WWF. You can also find out about Tiger Fest at this BLOG.As a blogger, I truly recommend you to participate in this TIGER FEST.

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