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I think my tot is…

I think my tot is clever because he is breastfed baby. He feeds according to his needs, he is alert with his natural instinct and his tastebud is at his peak. Thanks to Mama’s breastmilk that came with various flavour, my tot is not a fussy eater.

I think my tot is clever because he is cloth diapered baby. At a very young age, he is already aware whenever the nature’s calling and he asked to be changed when there is too much to be contain in his diaper. He gets to choose fancy print and happy with the soft squishy fabric touching his bum. Nowadays, he chooses his own cloth diaper to be wear. So Mama got extra work. No more plain diapers and have to get the funky prints one instead.

I think my tot is clever because he is signing baby. Crying to get what he wants is not his lingo. He signed for feeding, poopy diapers, watching videos, reading and etcetra..Mama & Papa is happy and yes, he starts to add more vocabulary. So who said signing will slowing down the talking department?

I think my tot is clever because he is babywearing baby. What Mama & Papa seen and done is part of his life experienced too. Never feel left-out and now he is a natural mimick and some lesson are better learnt by observing instead being taught of.

I think my tot is clever because he is homeschool baby. Starting early on exposure of books and lots of constructive play plays an important role in his growing. Ongoing stimulation and never let the day went idle. Ticking to think and he is well-off learning constantly!

Hanz’s Note : A musing by a contented Mama. This keeps me going and I believe on what I’m doing.

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Free Photobook from Kedai Gambar Kami? I loooikkeess!!!

(STICKY MODE : 31st MAY 2010)

Oh, if you are blogger like me, indeed you lugged around your digital camera or maybe much better DSLR? Keeping those captured moment in picture form somewhere in your notebook doesn’t provide you that ‘feeeelll’ unless having them printed nicely so you can look at them over & again. So, you need Photobook as a solution!

The best thing you can try your luck to get it for FREE!!!

All you need to do is is just be……

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By the way, have I told you before that Kedai Gambar Kami was one of the sponsors of my recent Giveaway? And, see that cute Blogshop Banner and Blogshop Header of mine? That was done by my dear friend, Catlina, co-owner of Kedai Gambar Kami.

Not just that, she was generous volunteering to do the recent giveaway of mine the giveaway banner with no charge at all.

Hanz’s Wish : Mr Google Analytics….please let me be the one you pick! :>

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Awesome CHAMELEON created by HoneyB for Hanz

I knew HoneyB from Diaperswap Forum. She has been crafting paper quilling and has come out many, many awesome designs.

I’ve ordered 3 Chameleons to be as a brooch, magnet deco & another just for deco only (want to paste it at my office desktop somewhere). Also, 1 Butterfly brooch & 1 Cat magnet.

These are ordered designs specially for me.

Take a look on her some other designs

Feels like having these? You can customised order too like what I did with my chameleon.

Just contact HoneyB by sending emails to queenhoneyb at yahoo dot com.

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The joy of nursing a toddler

If a child has celebrated his very first birthday, the child is already a toddler. And, continuing breastfeeding a toddler is different than doing so to a baby. What’s the difference? Let me list it for you.

1. No longer crying to indicate the need for breastfeeding. As for my Baby Hambali, he will signed Nenen. Latest of what he did, he called me when I was washing the dishes, “Come, neh..neh..” (waving hands and signing nenen)

2. Switching of boobs is easier. From right to left & then back to right & stopping is up to him. Either I said, “Tukar” & he quickly moved to the other one or he himself make the switching move.

3. If Mama is sleepy, he helped himself by lifting Mama’s clothes. This occured during nighttime when everyone is sleeping or sometimes inside the car.

4. At times, Mama just asked, “Nak Nenen?. If he wants it, he follows Mama to the bed, making sure his pet-pillow & The Lion is part of the session. If he doesn’t want it, he just shake his head. Come to think it, I found this is hilarious because it’s as if asking whether he wants some biscuit..hahahah

5. During nursing session, he would make funny faces, teased me or I teased him. It’s like we both are exchanging secret messages.

6. No more in one boring lying position. Most of the time, he would kneel like a kitten or rested whole body flat on my body & face down to my chest.

7. Able to wait in case Mama needs to go to the toilet or Mama has some chores to finish.Yeah, he will make quiet whimpering sound for the need to wait sometimes but usually, he can wait the least 5 minutes.

8. If Mama takes too long to start nursing session, he will sulked and it is not easy to coax him. Some reverse psychology is needed.

9. Thirsty? Mama’s nenen is preferable to quench the thirst than the water in the tumbler.

10. Have I told you I don’t need to bring milk bottles when we are out & about? Oh, you must know also that breastfeeding can come to a rescue in for us in case Baby Hambali starts to get cranky.

Hanz’s Note : I have stopped pumping for 2 weeks now. He’s mixed feeding already though I suspected he will refused the formula milk. His babysitter informed they fed him using spoon even EBM last time but I doubt on the quantity managed to be consumed. Anyway, I am not getting all worked up on this coz he’s approaching 2 & he does feeds morning & night during weekdays & all the time over the weekends & hoildays.

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Into Green Living Lifestyle, are you?

(Sticky Mode till 25th May, 2010)

My baby has been cloth diapering for 24 x 7 x 20 months = To date

Both my boys are breastfed babies and this reduce my carbon footprint by reduction of energy consumption cycle throughout formula production.

I have convert myself to cloth for average 6-8 hours x 7 days x 12 months = To date for my menstrual cycle daily

I have been using cloth wipes replacing tissue and toilet roll for 24 x 7 x 12 months = To date

I always put two reusable shopping bag in my handbag for non-planned shopping trip

I bring my own food container and tumbler when I packed food and drink from outside.

I used to use cloth reusable breast pads when away from baby in my breastfeeding journey.

I am a member of WWF & active donor of all eco-related movement & support causes done by WWF.

I blog about any eco-related & green living causes in my blog. Check out some of my past chat HERE, THIS and THAT. Or else just look under Lifestyle on Green Living Category at the Sidebar.

I support in whatever means and ways of eco-related campaign like signing a petition

I promote green living through my blog’s giveaway in the past by giving reusable items to the winners.

The 1st Giveaway..prizes for Consolation Winners
The 2nd Giveaway…prizes for the 3 Winners
We bring our own grocery bags everytime we do our grocery shopping

We used old clothes and rags for our household to wipe and clean replacing kitchen roll and paper wipes.

We served our guest and provide cloth napkins instead disposable paper serviette

We are teaching our boys to be eco-lover and leads a green lifestyle in many ways and means.

And, nowadays…I’m still learning and more to go…

At most, in my plan for next Green Living stuff to add in our lifestyle..

1. Been collecting used boxes and containers and will be used for my boys Art & Craft project.
2. Old & worn-out milk bottles has been tucked away and would be recycled for something Arty Crafty, my own project soon.
3. Switching bit by bit our meals to more organic-produced foods.
4. Switching bit by bit our household cleansing product to more earth-friendly items.
5. Setting up recycle dustbin in the company I’m working now.

Hanz’s Note : This chat is my support towards MyLovelyProgeny’s Earth Day Giveaway and simultaneously hoping to inspire others. Click the banner below to obtain the details.

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Homeschool 201 : Adopting Montessori for toddler’s motor-skill activity (Part 1)

A bit of history on Montessori… Montessori approach in teaching children was founded by Maria Montessori. Initially was meant for the handicapped children but after sometime, she realized it can be good too for any children. Montessori basically & partially stressed on motor-skill in learning & would utilised specially created tools for manipulation on specifically-purposed activity.

I, myself was fascinated by its concept but not really well-trained in this area. Somehow, I managed to get hands-on experienced before by working in Montessori preschool. I made a mental note on few activities they catered for their students and now I adopted some activities as part of my younger boy’s activity.

These two are Baby Hambali’s favourite activities!

Activity #1 : Pouring

Objective : Living Skills on pouring water (spatial skills)

Steps :
1. You just need two small plastic jugs about the size of your child can manage & few balls.
2. Show your child how this activity to be done one time only. Then your child can do the same.
3. After some time, you can replace the balls with smaller objects and finally replace it with water.

The ultimate objective for this skill is to pour water without any drops missed.

Activity #2 : Spooning

Objective : Living Skills on spooning (spatial skills)

Steps :

1. You just need 1 ice-cube containers & marbles (quantity just enough to fit each ice holes), 1 plastic container & small spoon.
2. Place all marbles in the container & show to your child that he or she is required to spoon each marble into each hole of the ice-cube containers. 1 marble is per 1 hole.
3. Ensure your child only using spoon to do this activity & he or she is disallowed to use the finger to slot in the marbles.
4. After all holes filling in, then asked your child to spoon the marble back to the container.
5. This activity can be repeated few times & let your child decide on how many times he or she want to do it.

CAUTION : Be careful on attending small objects. Never leave your child unattended because it can caused choking.

Hanz’s Note : Next, threading & pincer grasp activity plus colour-match

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I am featured Cloth Diaper Mom in Cloth Diaper Malaysia

Just to let you know that Farhana, the founder of Cloth Diaper Malaysia has given me some assignment some time ago…hehehe…no-lah…actually she has advertised to all cloth diaper mommas that if she is interested to be featured in Cloth Diaper Malaysia, initiate that interest to her & the rest would be taken care of.

Well, here are a bit of story-mory of me as a cloth-diaper Momma…

By the way, if you into cloth diapers…do visit & mingle in Cloth Diaper Malaysia, ya. You can also be in the list of Malaysian Cloth Diaper Moms. Just inform Farhana about it.

Cloth Diaper Malaysia was created by Farhana, a new mother after she found there was no place for cloth diaper info specific in Malaysia. You have to agree with her coz for first-timer of cloth diaper, you tend to get overwhelmed of so many terms and facts about CDs & with the do’s & don’ts, you will feel a bit put-off if your patience is running thin.

So here you are, Cloth Diaper Malaysia is like one-stop-centre where you can get infos on cloth diapering, read reviews on certain brands & types of cloth diaper should you up for shopping agenda, get to know with other cloth diaper mommas & you can even refer to the list of all e-store & blogshops selling cloth diapers.

Thanks to Farhana, Cloth diapering journey would be a breeze! :>

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Baby Ibu Giveaway : Secret Bargains

Let’s oogle something RED…

Owning something made from
Multi-Millionaire Celebrity Fashionista Socialite…
Kimora Lee

can really make my day. Now, I am singing…

“Lady Luck, Lady Luck, pick me, pick me let me be the winner for this
Gorgeous Red Baby Phat Handbag.

That winning handbag is proudly sponsored by Secret Bargain teaming up with Baby Ibu. Always love watching Kimora Lee’s TV Show & always ooh aahh having to see her ‘lifestyle of the rich & famous’, oh rubbing shoulder with Kimora Lee would definitely just in my dream so the least now possessing her inspired style handbag will do.

If you are not Kimora Lee’s fan, perhaps you want to have a mist of fragrance by Victoria Secret’s EDT-Secret Charms.

Otherwise, putting on Liz Clairborne Sunglasses transform yourself for the more sassy and posh looks.

All these are generously sponsored by Secret Bargains! After having surfing their website, I already made a mental note to add more items from there to my Shopping List. Getting a branded items which is a definite burn a hole in your pocket would make anybody reluctance. But, not at Secret Bargain. As the name it carries, many in-trend designer items you can purchase at a very reasonably low price. And, worry about whether it is authentic? Fret no more. Secret Bargain‘s owner has obtained them by carefully selected by her friend. who resides in US from respective Brands Outlet She has put-up some notes on this matter for your assurance.

So hurry friend. This is something you should not be missing! :D Click the Requisite Banner above & get your details from Baby Ibu’s Blog!

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10 Best Thing About Blogging I Discovered

This coming November, marked two solid years of my status as a Blogger. Would I self-professed that I am hard-core Blogger? Nope. I still have long way to go, still learning & still need to patch-up things here and there. Little did I know, maintaining a blog, just one only is not that easy. Definitely thumbs up to those who can man more than one blog and able to keep up with it’s momentum.

I do enjoy my blog despite hiccups along the way like unwanted comments from Annoying Anon & I still received the spamming in my comment box. What the heck! I take it as if my blog is so famous that it did caught the eye of spammers to pay a bit of attention on me.

Here are my Top 10 Reason I personally found why I like to blog :

1. Cracking brain puzzle. Sort of like self-challenge to put up one nice good post daily.

2. Sharing is caring. You think you so smart? After you share your new-found knowledge or your golden-age recipe, another blogger friend came out with much good knowledge or guaranteed-superb dish recipe.

3. Widen your knowledge. Perhaps somehow, you don’t want to sound just like frog under the coconut shell, so you read a lot from Wiki, lend your ears to people’s conversation & whatever means & ways to make yourself knowledgeable.

4. No need Yellow Pages. If you want to find a good masseur, ask around. If you want to purchase something that you are unsure whether it’s worth buying or not, look around for personal blog reviews.

5. Keeping track on yourself. Online diary some more.

6. A place to gossip. Oh, up to this point, I don’t gossip personality or lifestyle of people, at most just make it general views based on my own experience. Not so controversial blogger, am I, I suppose?

7. Learning Curve. People’s experience is greater than textbook’s notes, so do lots of blog-hopping.

8. Stay sane. Got nobody to talk to on your woes? Try share it in your blog and blogger friends will lend sympathetic ears (or maybe sympathetic writings)

9. Who ever thought blog can generate income? A passive income and yet can become active income if you work on your blog harder.

10. Lonely? Hemmm…create a blog and at times virtual friends can be a good friend but as always, do be careful though on sharing your P & C stuff.

How about you? Any other points that differ from mine. Do share! :-)

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Time to appreciate few awards

Am so touched when blogger friends remembered me and presented me all these awards. Here they are..

Firstly from new friend, Shareen…Thanks, dear. We are in the same league.I’m a BIG FAN of Sam & Dean too! Their show is hubby & me must watch. Been wishing to get the whole DVD set from Season 1 till Finale.

Next, Cik Lily, fellow MBP Ambassador..great teamwork spirit she has, I tell you. OKay, now let’s complete the tag assignment that comes along with the award.

1. Ape yang bermain di fikiran anda sekarang
Hem…contest apa nak masuk hari ni?

2. Apakah nama samaran korang

3. Berikan 3 orang yang anda sayang
My 3 boys
…Dah lebih 3 tu..

4. Panggilan untuk si dia

5. Hadiah yang korang impikan dari seseorang yang istimewa
Complete set of Supernatural DVD

6. Blog mana yang korang suke visit n yang leh aku follow gak
Those in my blogroll tu, is my frequent visit even just take a peak

7. Tag kan kepada 15 orang rakan blogger anda
You, there, now you read it, now you can take it! :D

Finally from fellow mama whom also passionate on Green Living & Natural Parenting, Nadnye. I love your blog too, Nad! :>

Now, anybody feels free to take any awards here you fancy & pass it along to your friends too!

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