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An exhausted yet fulfilling Storyteller : 1SK-Bling Lustre Family Day

I am aching all over. Yesterday, call in sick & today back to routine of 9-6. Another mundane day.
It was great having the opportunity to put me back in action especially on the Mother’s Day itself. The Storyteller in me just awaken!! Pretty nervous okay, I got butterflies in my stomach before the performance, I did’nt even practiced, only the night before the actual event, I managed to prepare my props and voila! I gave my best shot, though I missed my lines, there’s one part where I supposed to tell the sailor boy supposed to take off his shirt and pant as the day was hot and then got to find his ‘origami’ shirt floating nearby but I slotted that to the end, yadda, yadda…

Thanks so much Lyna & the gang for giving me this opportunity to hold my storytelling session. And, best of all thanks to Kak Nur & Dian.. You ladies are rock! Such a great teamwork I had last Sunday. Without them, definitely will put me to tears of panic attack.

From my observation, the kids were enjoying the colouring session, but they were overwhelmed and tempted with the felt craft too….hahaha…and when the Storyteller, yours truly started to tell a story, alhamdulillah, they were in attentive mode though I suspected it’s quite difficult for them to understand. I told a story not in their mother’s tongue, hope the song, the action, the props able to assist the understanding part.

But, to wrap the whole session, I truly enjoyed the origami. Folding a square recycled paper to transform into a fish must have been a great experience for the kids. Hope they will be able to remember the steps as it is actually very easy!

I was unable to visit other session or visit other booths as I have to man the upper floor since indoor activity was under my care together with Kak Nur & Dian. Pretty sad as I look forward for the Bengkel Ikatan Tudung. Anyway, I’m truly glad to meet Coachsha again as I knew she will be there.Make it a point to clear few lingered questions that hubby & me had in mind about homeschooling. After her much assurance, we felt relieved and more motivated ever than before to continue Homeschool our eldest boy.

(L-r)Su, me, Nia, Lily, Anna, Dian, Fid, Sharina & Tifa

It was great to team-up again with MBP team-mates Ambassadors though we manned different tasks like Nia, Lily, and Fid, Tifa, even Juan who dropped by and of course not forgetting K.Ros. And meet again blogger friends like Azza, Shila, Sumi, Isabelle & Fathinz, who came all the way from Seremban. Also, make new friends.

Sue & Me

And, the best part I finally meet my old friends, way back in studies days in UiTM, Sue. Sue was also my ex-roommates. Hehehe..sorry Sue, unable to chit-chat with you.

Isabelle, Nad & me

And oh, finally met Nadnye. I can’t believe she is she. Petite and sweet, thought she was somebody else.

To anyone that I did’nt mentioned here, please forgive me. I was in chaostic of managing my stuff.And, I did’nt stay till the end.Rushed to MIL’s house about 5 something. Of all the day, SILS’s made some eating treat among us, so when we headed there, I was already in sleepy mode and throbbing pain in my head. The heat caught me again.

Hanz’s Note : All in all, thanks for all the parents and the kids for the Storytelling Session though I must admit a bit chaos on the registration part as some just leave their kids behind and did’nt approached us confirming on the attendance. We believe that due to the fact that it was raining and some took a shelter inside or went inside to get some rest and place to lepak-ing. :>

P/S : I’m such a bad blogger. Did’nt pass camera to hubby & unable to snap pictures on my own though I brought it. All pictures above courtesy of my dear blogger posse. Huhu..thanks friends!

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