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Baby Ibu Giveaway : Secret Bargains

Let’s oogle something RED…

Owning something made from
Multi-Millionaire Celebrity Fashionista Socialite…
Kimora Lee

can really make my day. Now, I am singing…

“Lady Luck, Lady Luck, pick me, pick me let me be the winner for this
Gorgeous Red Baby Phat Handbag.

That winning handbag is proudly sponsored by Secret Bargain teaming up with Baby Ibu. Always love watching Kimora Lee’s TV Show & always ooh aahh having to see her ‘lifestyle of the rich & famous’, oh rubbing shoulder with Kimora Lee would definitely just in my dream so the least now possessing her inspired style handbag will do.

If you are not Kimora Lee’s fan, perhaps you want to have a mist of fragrance by Victoria Secret’s EDT-Secret Charms.

Otherwise, putting on Liz Clairborne Sunglasses transform yourself for the more sassy and posh looks.

All these are generously sponsored by Secret Bargains! After having surfing their website, I already made a mental note to add more items from there to my Shopping List. Getting a branded items which is a definite burn a hole in your pocket would make anybody reluctance. But, not at Secret Bargain. As the name it carries, many in-trend designer items you can purchase at a very reasonably low price. And, worry about whether it is authentic? Fret no more. Secret Bargain‘s owner has obtained them by carefully selected by her friend. who resides in US from respective Brands Outlet She has put-up some notes on this matter for your assurance.

So hurry friend. This is something you should not be missing! :D Click the Requisite Banner above & get your details from Baby Ibu’s Blog!

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10 Best Thing About Blogging I Discovered

This coming November, marked two solid years of my status as a Blogger. Would I self-professed that I am hard-core Blogger? Nope. I still have long way to go, still learning & still need to patch-up things here and there. Little did I know, maintaining a blog, just one only is not that easy. Definitely thumbs up to those who can man more than one blog and able to keep up with it’s momentum.

I do enjoy my blog despite hiccups along the way like unwanted comments from Annoying Anon & I still received the spamming in my comment box. What the heck! I take it as if my blog is so famous that it did caught the eye of spammers to pay a bit of attention on me.

Here are my Top 10 Reason I personally found why I like to blog :

1. Cracking brain puzzle. Sort of like self-challenge to put up one nice good post daily.

2. Sharing is caring. You think you so smart? After you share your new-found knowledge or your golden-age recipe, another blogger friend came out with much good knowledge or guaranteed-superb dish recipe.

3. Widen your knowledge. Perhaps somehow, you don’t want to sound just like frog under the coconut shell, so you read a lot from Wiki, lend your ears to people’s conversation & whatever means & ways to make yourself knowledgeable.

4. No need Yellow Pages. If you want to find a good masseur, ask around. If you want to purchase something that you are unsure whether it’s worth buying or not, look around for personal blog reviews.

5. Keeping track on yourself. Online diary some more.

6. A place to gossip. Oh, up to this point, I don’t gossip personality or lifestyle of people, at most just make it general views based on my own experience. Not so controversial blogger, am I, I suppose?

7. Learning Curve. People’s experience is greater than textbook’s notes, so do lots of blog-hopping.

8. Stay sane. Got nobody to talk to on your woes? Try share it in your blog and blogger friends will lend sympathetic ears (or maybe sympathetic writings)

9. Who ever thought blog can generate income? A passive income and yet can become active income if you work on your blog harder.

10. Lonely? Hemmm…create a blog and at times virtual friends can be a good friend but as always, do be careful though on sharing your P & C stuff.

How about you? Any other points that differ from mine. Do share! :-)

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