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The joy of nursing a toddler

If a child has celebrated his very first birthday, the child is already a toddler. And, continuing breastfeeding a toddler is different than doing so to a baby. What’s the difference? Let me list it for you.

1. No longer crying to indicate the need for breastfeeding. As for my Baby Hambali, he will signed Nenen. Latest of what he did, he called me when I was washing the dishes, “Come, neh..neh..” (waving hands and signing nenen)

2. Switching of boobs is easier. From right to left & then back to right & stopping is up to him. Either I said, “Tukar” & he quickly moved to the other one or he himself make the switching move.

3. If Mama is sleepy, he helped himself by lifting Mama’s clothes. This occured during nighttime when everyone is sleeping or sometimes inside the car.

4. At times, Mama just asked, “Nak Nenen?. If he wants it, he follows Mama to the bed, making sure his pet-pillow & The Lion is part of the session. If he doesn’t want it, he just shake his head. Come to think it, I found this is hilarious because it’s as if asking whether he wants some biscuit..hahahah

5. During nursing session, he would make funny faces, teased me or I teased him. It’s like we both are exchanging secret messages.

6. No more in one boring lying position. Most of the time, he would kneel like a kitten or rested whole body flat on my body & face down to my chest.

7. Able to wait in case Mama needs to go to the toilet or Mama has some chores to finish.Yeah, he will make quiet whimpering sound for the need to wait sometimes but usually, he can wait the least 5 minutes.

8. If Mama takes too long to start nursing session, he will sulked and it is not easy to coax him. Some reverse psychology is needed.

9. Thirsty? Mama’s nenen is preferable to quench the thirst than the water in the tumbler.

10. Have I told you I don’t need to bring milk bottles when we are out & about? Oh, you must know also that breastfeeding can come to a rescue in for us in case Baby Hambali starts to get cranky.

Hanz’s Note : I have stopped pumping for 2 weeks now. He’s mixed feeding already though I suspected he will refused the formula milk. His babysitter informed they fed him using spoon even EBM last time but I doubt on the quantity managed to be consumed. Anyway, I am not getting all worked up on this coz he’s approaching 2 & he does feeds morning & night during weekdays & all the time over the weekends & hoildays.

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May 26, 2010 - Posted by | Adore BREASTFEEDING, Adore NATURAL PARENTING, Hanz on Random Matters, Lifestyle on Parenting


  1. memang lebih senang menyusukan toddler sebab die dah tahu mcm mane nak selak sendiri..kalau afif..die siap naik atas badan i kalau kite tgh syok2 duduk atas sofa skang ni part tak tahan sikit ialah berlaga dengan gigi taring die.

    Comment by Farah | May 26, 2010 | Reply

  2. Probably the best thing about nursing my toddlers is the fact that I can end the session peacefully. Once I feel like they are quite done nursing, I start counting down 5-4-3-2-1 cheerfully, and they latch off with a smile on their face 😀 Its magnificent! Very useful during times where I need to pick up the phone or need to do something urgently.I have been nursing non-stop for almost 3 years…I will be lost on the day that there is nobody on my breast!

    Comment by glam.mama | May 26, 2010 | Reply

  3. i ajar my boy utk sebut milk everytime since small, tetibe one day the father say, "bukan susu lah, tetek." terus lekat sampai harini.. im tandem nursing now. its best to see the toddler mengalah everytime i need to nurse his little sister. yups, part tukar2 breast tuh pun best. ehh rayyan sini lah pulak. left. hehe. and if tgh nurse sebelah lagi keluar.. "mama tetek tumpah.." heee.

    Comment by fathinz md nor | May 26, 2010 | Reply

  4. "mama tetek tumpah.." fathinz, that really made me LOL!

    Comment by glam.mama | May 26, 2010 | Reply

  5. kneel like a kitten? comelnya..bila dah jadi toddler, mmg senang sikit kan?

    Comment by isabelle | May 26, 2010 | Reply

  6. seronoknya kalo dpt mlalu keadaan itu.^__^

    Comment by Suhana Shahril | May 26, 2010 | Reply

  7. Farah : bab gigit & tarik tu yang x best tu..hehe..Adriana : Wow! Siap counting countdown lagi..maybe i can try too. Fathinz : LOL..memang funny bab susu tumpah tu..Belle : Senang sikit…macam dia lagi appreciate jer kita nenenkan dia..Suhana : :>

    Comment by Hanz | May 26, 2010 | Reply

  8. hanz…sama lah..dah besor ni tak yah susah2 nak offer2 dah.. tunggu dia demand sendiri..aliya kalo di rumah, dia akan jerit kuat2 .. "nak tetek!!!"… tp kalo kat rumah org/opahnya, pandai pulak malu.. siap bisik2 lagi…

    Comment by kakyong | May 26, 2010 | Reply

  9. another best thing, anak dah reti cakap so dia puji "shushu mama yummy". ah…heaven aje dgr anak puji.

    Comment by Confession of a Coffeeholic Mama-Miya | May 27, 2010 | Reply

  10. Kakyong : ekekekeke…pandai Aliya bezakan suasana.. MamaMiya : Like my eldest, susu mama rasa strawberry..tengah menuggu apa pulak komen si Hambali ni…

    Comment by Hanz | May 27, 2010 | Reply

  11. hehehhe memang best kalau dapat BF.. g memana yang paling seronok sebab tak payah nak pikir bak kene bawak susu/air panas bla-bla bla.. Rindu masa-masa tu…. 😦

    Comment by Sharini aka Ummi Khayra | May 27, 2010 | Reply

  12. heee. the best part kadang2 help ambik kain wipe kan. such a great boy..! he'll turn 2 next week. mama dia plak nak nangis nih. mamamiya, wahh bestnye anak puji susu yummy.. i pun nak tanya lah nanti.. ;p

    Comment by fathinz md nor | May 30, 2010 | Reply

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