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I think my tot is…

I think my tot is clever because he is breastfed baby. He feeds according to his needs, he is alert with his natural instinct and his tastebud is at his peak. Thanks to Mama’s breastmilk that came with various flavour, my tot is not a fussy eater.

I think my tot is clever because he is cloth diapered baby. At a very young age, he is already aware whenever the nature’s calling and he asked to be changed when there is too much to be contain in his diaper. He gets to choose fancy print and happy with the soft squishy fabric touching his bum. Nowadays, he chooses his own cloth diaper to be wear. So Mama got extra work. No more plain diapers and have to get the funky prints one instead.

I think my tot is clever because he is signing baby. Crying to get what he wants is not his lingo. He signed for feeding, poopy diapers, watching videos, reading and etcetra..Mama & Papa is happy and yes, he starts to add more vocabulary. So who said signing will slowing down the talking department?

I think my tot is clever because he is babywearing baby. What Mama & Papa seen and done is part of his life experienced too. Never feel left-out and now he is a natural mimick and some lesson are better learnt by observing instead being taught of.

I think my tot is clever because he is homeschool baby. Starting early on exposure of books and lots of constructive play plays an important role in his growing. Ongoing stimulation and never let the day went idle. Ticking to think and he is well-off learning constantly!

Hanz’s Note : A musing by a contented Mama. This keeps me going and I believe on what I’m doing.

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